Change Your Life by Letting Go!

Right now someone is out there in the world building a case against you.
Why you don’t deserve it, why they don’t like you, what’s wrong with you, and they are failing to see their own actions as the common denominator of their own life sucking.
So who’s side are you on?
Well, I sure hope to God you’re on your own side, for those who truly get it only show up to give love, spread love and be love, because that’s all they’ve got left inside to give.
Are you on the darkside of life building a case against others, are you in the winning side and building a case as to WHY you freaking deserve a happy, healthy and abundant life?
Today’s Challenge: Cut the crap.
It’s a new day today and you have an opportunity to make it anything you want it to be right here. Right now in this present moment.
What if you accepted that where you are right now is exactly where God wanted you to be,...
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My Morning Practice

How I set myself up to win, and what I’ve been doing for years now.
How has a 5 am morning practice changed my life?
Well I can tell you that it’s not only changed my outside but most importantly it changed the inside.
Here’s what I do. Every damn day. Even on the weekend.
1. Alarm goes off. I get up. I always get minimum 7 hours sleep.
2. I go pee, I get dressed, I grab my clothes for the day, and head down to my kitchen.
3. I grab a piece of fruit, usually an orange, and maybe some cashew butter on a spoon, mix up my pre-workout and head down to my studio.  
4. I write out I AM affirmations while I sit in my sauna. Years ago when I was struggling with life, and pretending to be “good”, I was reciting, “I am tired, I am broke, I am busy”.... that kinda language does not look sexy on any grown woman.
5. I set an Intention for the day, which is always grounded...
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Trust Your Own Inner Power

faith meditation motivation Dec 25, 2018

 Do you trust in your inner power? Are you willing to wait out the storm and remain dormant of growth knowing that neither good or bad fortune will alter WHO you are meant to be?

Sometimes we have plans, but the universe has other plans for us. We have setbacks, harsh situations, and challenges in life.

 Instead of fighting setbacks, I embrace them and just go with the flow. I ask this question now.... ”What are you trying to teach me??” “Why have you thrown this in my path??”... “What have I yet to learn that needs to be dealt with?”...

I’ve been doing a lot of personal studying lately, as I’ve got something EXCITING coming up in 2019 and I heard this amazing quote by Deng Ming Do.... It was perfect and maybe you can use this in your life too.

Trees  ... Think of the hash winds, the snow and the cold temperatures. The periods with no water, no rain. No sunshine.


“They stand and they...

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Mom Guilt

Do you suffer from mom guilt?? The struggle is real isn’t it?

This morning I was thinking... Brain was going a million miles a minute...

Little babe will be ONE soon, and this year has flown by. Makes me sad a little..

I started feeling guilty....

Guilty for taking some extra time during my workout this morning..

Guilty for saying “THANK GOD”, it’s back to school today kids! ... now hurry along

Guilty for not planning a big 1st birthday party.. (she’s getting shafted)..

Guilty for not keeping up on her baby book.. (working on it)

Guilty for giving the kids Kraft Dinner..

Guilty for keeping her in her Jammie’s all day..

Guilty for not being more “Present”... Shit... With 3 kids is they even a thing???

Guilty for working a little extra this weekend

Guilty for not showering..

Then I snapped out of it. Thinking of all the good things.. The important things like how much my heart explodes with LOVE even though there are days I’m...

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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey