Feminine Energy and Goddess Power

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Your body is magic, and deep within your body is an intelligence that knows every answer to any of your problems.


You don’t need to go very far to seek this wisdom from your higher self.  


Surely you don't need to phone a friend, or check Facebook, or scroll Instagram for the answers either.


You just need to be still long enough, and quiet the chatter of the mind so that you can connect to your heart and listen.


Very few people these days are connected to that deeper part of themselves. 


Rather, most are disconnected, stressed, busier than ever, and simply wake up day after day on auto pilot as they go through the motions in their life. 


They are often filled with pain and negativity, and without realizing, project that pain onto everyone they come into contact with.  Even by thought alone.


Unfortunately for them, that is all coming right back to them, and as a result their life will not be pretty.


That is WHY you must master your mind, and gain control over your thoughts.


The left side of your body represents feminine energy. 


This means that if this side of your body is out of balance and you are not in tune with the softer side of yourself, you will not feel like your best self.


Both sides of the body must be in balance energetically for you to feel fully aligned and thriving in your life.


If you are carrying any negative energy towards another female in your life, your mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, a friend, a random girl on social media, or even if you were a mother who lost a child you will not only be in emotional pain but you will also be in physical pain as well.


Tight hips, low back pain, sciatica, depression, fertility issues, anxiety, anger, rage, deep emotional despair, constant worry and stress over finances to name a few.


Releasing any stored up negative energy will be your key to well-being, liberation, peace, love, joy, and personal freedom. 


It’s not enough to just work on yourself when you “feel” like it. 


Internal energy work, and maintenance on yourself is a daily thing. 


It’s not something that you start, and stop. 


It’s not something you only do come January 1st and stop because you’re going on vacation. 


It's not accomplished my popping pills or drinking some magical shake.

Meditation, deep breathing, and connecting with yourself is a daily thing for the rest of your life.


So a few things you can do today to check in.


Spend 15-20 minutes alone with yourself either sitting or laying down.


Do a body scan and breathe into any tension in your body to see if you have any aches and pains in the left side of your body.


Breathe into any pain or tension and ask yourself... "What am I holding on to?"


Ask any pain "What are you here to teach me?"



Various things and life events may come up from your past.


People you have judged (or are currently judging) harshly...


Heartaches and traumas from your past...


Moments in your life that you just brushed under the rug and didn’t properly feel, grieve, or mourn...


Hate or resentment in your heart towards someone...


People you lost, or loved ones you are constantly worried about...


Women in your life you need to forgive....


Love, forgiveness, and grace that you need to accept for yourself... 



As you breathe and listen for anything coming up, you may find yourself crying, or your heart racing faster.


You may feel the urge to move your body or wiggle around. 


Pay no attention to how silly you look, for true healing and transformation is never pretty or perfect.


You must find a way to release and get any negative energy moving and out of your system.


Returning back to love, finding forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others,  letting go of what is too heavy for you to carry, moving forward with your life, trusting in yourself, loving everyone, and knowing that you are fully supported in this life is paramount to your success in life.


In fact, it's the only way to achieve true lasting happiness, health and success.


After you have cleansed and released any negative energy you are currently carrying with you, then reconnect to that softer more feminine side.


Practice your I AM affirmations daily!


Demand more of yourself.  Shower, take a bubble bath, go for a massage, get your nails done, put on some nice clothes, make yourself feel beautiful, buy yourself something sexy, reinvent what the best version of you would look like and feel like and then align with that version starting today.  


Do whatever is necessary and required of yourself to find peace, love and harmony within that beautiful body of yours and you will be set free.









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