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Meet Lindsay Rose Martin

As an author and spiritual teacher, she is dedicated and committed to helping people from all around the world return home to their true authentic self.  Her books, programs, online teachings, and events all serve one common purpose.  To teach people who they really are, to help people return to a space of pure unconditional love, and to help them rise to the next level in their life.

Born and raised in a small town by two very hard-working parents, she learned very quickly about the importance of love, family, faith, honesty, hard work, sacrifice and honouring your roots and all those warriors that have paved the way to true personal freedom and liberation.

Lindsay's mother was told that she would never have children, so she is a living testimony that if God planted a dream on your heart, it will come to pass if you always keep believing.

She is happily married, a mom of 3, a dog mom, and she loves country music, reading books, shopping, meditation, laying in the sunshine, pretty pink things, flowers, rainbows, butterflies, and spending as much time with God as humanly possible.

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