Bullies Suck

bully bullyssuck confidence topcoach Oct 01, 2017

It's kind of ironic isn't??

For years of my life I was bullied, picked on, told I was fat, you name it... Even had my pants pulled down at a park once, and chased home after school.

25 years later, I still get it... Only this time... Not from school aged children, but from grown adults. Scrolling... We call those people Trolls.

What's wrong with this picture? Since when is this acceptable by any means??

You're too skinny... Eat a burger... Gain some weight... Where did your boobs go??

One thing that I have zero tolerance for is negativity, or judgment. I have no tolerance for allowing other peoples opinions of me to bother me. I'm too busy doing good in this world, and trying to build people up instead of tearing them down.

You see my friends. I've learned something very valuable over the years.

When you are 100% healthy and HAPPY with your own life, and you fully LOVE and accept the person staring back at you in the mirror, you really don't feel the need to cast your judgments on others. You're at peace. A higher state of being. It's pure bliss!

Moral of the story. I think the world would be a much prettier place if people understood this VERY important lesson.

Do not judge others stories by the chapter you just happened to walk in on. Be kind to everyone for you have no idea about anything unless you've walked a mile in their shoes.

If you're scrolling... trolling... hating... and judging... you've got some major inside work to do.

Peace out  ✌️

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