Nothing will ever be good enough...

body image self love Jan 02, 2019

Nothing will EVER be good enough for you. Words that’s someone said to me... Words that stung... but it was the truth. Words I keep close to my heart, any time I catch myself. When will it be ENOUGH? When will you STOP striving? Inner Peace, Wholeness, and Acceptance is a tough goal to achieve.

One of the biggest transformations this past year in 2018 that I learned the most about... BODY IMAGE ... Please keep reading as our greatest task in life is getting OVER ourselves so we can become our TRUE highest self. The soul. The higher self that is NOT attached to a body, a number, a status. Releasing our EGO so we can LIVE HAPPY and WHOLE 

I’m going to be VERY real here. I lost a pound of skin in 2018. Felt like a million pounds of BAGGAGE. This loose skin made me feel like I had to keep doing MORE. Had to keep striving. Had MORE work to do. I hated it.

My stomach was fixed, but then I became instantly fixated on the OTHER parts of my body that I hated. I...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey