When it's Time to Leave

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There will come a time in your life where you wake up and a powerful truth comes over you.


It's a thought, a feeling and a knowing that "I AM better than this"...


You will know and feel deep down that what you are doing and what you are currently tolerating in your life is no longer working and that it's below what you are truly capable of in your life.


This feeling will not come from a space of lack, not good enough, or unworthiness, but rather from a space of complete self-worth and value of ones own self. 


So if you get that feeling of "I AM better than this" then you might be wondering what is "this"?


Well it could be a long list of things.

It could be your marriage or a relationship in your life.


It could be your current house or location.


It could be your current job, career, or the way your boss treats you.


It could be your capped salary and how much vacation time you are allowed off with your family.


It could be your weight or current state of your health.


It could be a business that is not exactly you anymore, or that is no longer filling you up on the inside.


It could be your current wardrobe, stains on your clothes, or the car you drive.


It could be where you buy your groceries, or the fact that everything you buy is cheap and on sale. 


It could be your circle of friends or how much time you waste on social media.


It could be food or beverages that you eat and drink and leave you feeling like crap afterwards.


It could be your emotions and how you are feeling every single day.


It could be where you do your grocery shopping or the fact that you no longer want to bag your own groceries.


It could be where you buy your children's clothing from, or how clean their daycare centre is.


Whatever "this" is for you, if you are are not leaving something or someone that is not serving your highest good, then it will be very difficult for you to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

So here's how to tell when it's time to leave.


1.  When you've given too much of yourself away at the expense of your own inner happiness, health and peace of mind.


2.  When you look in the mirror and don't recognize the person you've become.


3.  When what you are doing is causing you to be too exhausted to spend time with your family.


4.  When all you think about, worry about, and stress about is money.


5.  When you've allowed yourself to be so miserable for far too long and can't relax, be bored, do nothing and enjoy life.


6.  When you're showing up to produce a result and not because you have something to give but rather are always trying to get.


7.  When you're not enjoying life anymore.


8. When you're no longer happy and are in constant pain and are negative all the time.


9.  When you've tried everything and you're still not happy or where you want to be in life.


10.  When you know deep down there is more for you to do in this world. 


11.  When your friends and family are not growing and are not supportive of you.


12.  When you've done the same things over and over again and you still have nothing exciting to look forward to.


13.  When the things you used to love no longer light you up.


14.  When you're tired and exhausted all the time, and just want to be alone.


15.  When you no longer want to get out of bed in the morning.


16.  When your nights are boring and mundane.


17.  When you're annoyed, judging, or thinking bad about other people.  


18.  When you're lashing out in anger at your close friends or family members.


19.  When you are the smartest person in the room and those you spend the most time with aren't people you'd ever have over for dinner.


20.  When you feel empty on the inside.


And where do you move to after you leave?


You move to the centre of your being, for if you can't find love, and joy in the mundane you'll surely never find love and joy when you move onto the next big home, job, or location either.


Stop, sit with yourself and breathe.


Whether you choose to believe me or not you are exactly were you are meant to be.


Breathe in, breathe out.  


Embody the love that you are right now and live your life happily ever after, for when you can be happy right where you are in the present moment then that's when the magic truly happens. 


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