The Truth Will Set Your Free

There was a study done recently of nearly 50,000 patients who tested positive with COVID-19, and the research confirmed that those infected already had inflammation in their body.
The research also confirmed that if you did not exercise prior to getting COVID-19 you were 2.5 times more likely to die.
This is the stuff you do not hear about on the news.
Major news networks receive billions of dollars in funding from pharmaceutical companies and what's interesting is Harvard researchers reported that over 200,000 people die at the hands of pharmaceutical drug companies each year.
It’s why you’ll see commercials about pizza and greasy fast food, then shortly there after a commercial about an anti-depressant, and new anxiety medication.
It’s likely why the McDonald’s near my home stopped serving salads once the pandemic hit, liquor and drug stores remained opened, a “passport” is now required to eat in...
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Trust, Listen, and Honour Yourself

No boss, politician, or government official should be telling you what you should be doing with your health, your time, your body, or your business….
And IF you are sitting there scared, fearful, angry, and allowing it to happen, I’d like to shed some light ✨ Keep reading.
I have always used my platform for good, and I feel as if right now more than ever the world needs leadership, fresh perspective, and a heck of a lot of love.
Perhaps more leadership from people who are not so stiff just reading from teleprompters and “policy and procedures” manuals because at the end of the day, no politician will be calling you to check in on your mental health and checking in to ask if you can pay your bills on time.
Chances are they are just as sick and miserable as the guy next to him.
✨Today I’ll take the stand and speak up for the minority✨
Last time I spoke my truth, I was fired. Last time I didn’t...
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Resting in Peace.... While you're still alive

My mom decided to end her life on December 12, 2020.
5 days later she had a medically assisted death, and during the whole time of her cancer battle, she called herself a Covid Miracle... She was.
That Saturday I will never forget...
She had moved into my home during the last stages of her life so that we could care for her.
During that time we were also slammed with 3 kids being home full-time, home-schooling, caring for my mom, cooking, cleaning, appointments, running 2 businesses from home... and my Wake up and Live book deadline.
I felt like I was getting slammed in every direction possible, but I also knew God would never give me more than I could personally handle.
She had kept asking me..... "How long before your books edits are done"...
Earlier that week I told her that I was hoping to be finished by Saturday.
Saturday came, and she called me into the room..... and that's when I knew....
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Healing from Anxiety, PTSD, Fear and Stress

Fun fact. For over 2 years I couldn’t hold a knife, walk down the stairs in my home, drive over a bridge, hold a cell phone charger or be alone with my kids without thinking I’d do something to them, or to myself.
My husband couldn’t leave me alone. I was like a scared little child, terrified of my own self.
I will say I didn’t get much help or relief through the “traditional” route of going to my doctor or to a therapist.
I was still alone with myself every day, so I took control.
Why am I sharing this?
Because FEAR, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and PTSD is a b*tch and it can ruin your life, your health, your relationships, your finances if you don’t handle it and do the work to learn HOW transcend it.
It was the darkest season of my life, and there’s no real reason WHY it happened to me, but what I learned along my healing journey is it was meant to happen, and it gave me a tool...
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Always Take the Leap

If you can DREAM it. You can do it. We took a LEAP this week. I’ve been taking A LOT of scary leaps lately... and as scary as they are. I love it.

My book is currently in the works, as I’m working closely with the publisher... and we registered our business name which took me YEARS to come to a place in my heart that felt right.

The Personal Development and Wellness Empire I’ve been waking up EARLY to build for years. Online courses.... Online Life and Wellness Coaching.... and another book soon to be added to the library. That book I started writing over 3 years ago... in the wee hours of the morning.

But that’s the STUFF and years of dedication and consistency that you don’t see. The late nights. The early mornings. The sacrifices. The relentless action day in.. and day out. EVERY damn day to build my dreams.

More to come from me in 2020 including a new Podcast and some other top secret things 

MIND over Matter. It really is a beautiful journey...

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We did it,  days. Done. After my divorce I made a list of what I was looking for in a partner.

Someone who showed up. On time. Who did what they said they were going to do.

Someone who didn’t do drugs of any kind and didn’t prioritize drinking with his buddies and coming home late over his family.

In the 8 years we’ve been together, Dennis has ALWAYS shown up. He’s NEVER disappointed me. Not once.

During our last workout together I couldn’t help but think about WHY I do what I do.

Why I keep showing up even on the days I don’t FEEL like it, and why I have no plans to ever retire.

Drugs. Addiction. Lack of Love. Ruined my family once, and I know it’s NEVER too late for a HAPPY ENDING. But it’s going to require YOUR PARTICIPATION to make your life better.

It’s hard work to change your life.

I thought long and hard about the ripple effect.

How LACK OF LOVE turns into addiction. Turns into drugs. Turns into abuse. Turns...

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Mental Health Awareness Day

mental health stress Oct 12, 2019

I took 2 stress leaves when I worked in the corporate world.

I was stuck many times. Now it’s my mission to help women change their lives, and become UNSTUCK.

One leave after I became a single mom, and spent my entire maternity leave in free legal aid clinics, moving homes, and counselling appointments.

The other stress leave was when my sons father passed away from cancer and I was left to handle the estate. I don’t know if you know this, but when someone dies without a life insurance policy, magic funds just don’t fall from the sky.

Child support payments stopped. Tomb stone went on my credit card. I was paying for 2 homes and all the bills. Oh.. and I was served court papers, all at the same time.

I needed help from the government just to pay for daycare while I worked, barely scraping by.

I could have kept going to work. But I needed time.

Sleeping medication, anti depressants. Those too.

When I went back to work, I felt judged.

Maybe it was all in my head, but...

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Not a Morning Person? Nah.. Me either!

mental health motherhood Aug 26, 2019

I didn’t set an alarm this morning. It’s not often that I do that. I wasn’t always a morning person, in fact I’m still not.

I love starting my day with strength, motivation, movement and power. This morning I didn’t.

As I slept in, I heard the girls, and instantly was annoyed. Why are they being so loud? Can’t Dennis tell them to be quit? Annoyed. .
Then I did something I try not to ever do. I teach my team the same. I opened up Instagram, and was instantly in a space of unworthiness and comparison. I recognized it, and shut it down.

I went downstairs and was bombarded with kids, asking me to paint nails, to get drinks. Again. In a space of “cant they just wait 2 seconds”? The frustration was mounting as the bickering started.

Then I spilled a bag of frozen blueberries. I complained to Dennis.

I’m not a morning person, that is WHY I actually get up early to have space and time to myself so I’m not in a state of annoyance,...

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Mental Health and GUT Health

mental health Aug 26, 2019

My mental health is worse when I eat shit.

Pizza. Wings. Bags of chips. Binging on junk...sure. YES. I can eat it all. Some days I still do, but my mental health is worse afterwards if I go down the rabbit hole of binging and eating whatever the hell I want. Not to mention my energy levels tank too.

It’s no secret that the GUT and BRAIN are connected. It’s no secret that we are in fact in an obesity and MENTAL HEALTH epidemic here. And it’s NO wonder WHY. The two are linked!

Nutrition and movement matters. Mental health wise. It does.

The gut is the largest organ in the human body. It contains billions of organisms.

A healthy balance of microorganisms is essential for BOTH mental and physical health. Unfortunately today, modern life such as high stress, diets high in processed food, quick and easy meals, too many pizza orders, antibiotics, pesticides, have decreased both the amount and richness of healthy gut microbiota, while increasing the level of unhealthy...

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Personal Power

Yesterday I told him to fuck off. I also lost my patience and got annoyed with the kids. They were whining and bugging each other all day.

He came into our room all chipper, and I honestly just needed space. I needed 13 seconds alone. I attacked. We didn’t kiss goodnight.

As I went to bed, I felt guilt, and shame. Why? Because when you don’t feel joy within it’s because you personally have reacted with a LACK of LOVE towards another person.

The decision to react in this way is always YOURS. I lost self control, and I don’t want to be that person that treats her loved ones like shit, then puts on a happy face for strangers.

I could have blamed it on the fact that it’s PMS week. I’ve been tracking and monitoring my cycle for a while now and right around this time of the month I’m basically a raging psychopath. I’m pretty sure it’s hormonal and I’m fairly certain I have awful PMS or worse..PMDD.

I’m charting it....

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