The 5 Seasons of Life Transformation

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The 5 Seasons of Life Transformation! 





There are a few seasons in ones life where we must turn inward and reflect.



The first season is the achieving season. 




You are wanting to change something in your life and you are actively working towards that goal every single day.




Whether that is getting healthier, becoming happier, changing your body, improving your relationship with your spouse, being more present with your kids, building that dream business, or increasing your wealth, this is a season where work is involved.




This season can be the most exciting, but also can be the most frustrating because while we are excited to make a change, it can sometimes take a little too long to see the results we truly want.  Then we must learn the art of commitment, trust, resilience, consistency, and patience.




The next season is the maintenance season.  We’ve done our climb, we've reached the summit and now we are sitting pretty at the top just admiring what we’ve actually made happen. 




But this season can be the most difficult because the feeling of the "reward" is often short lived.  We also can’t sit still for too long or else we become bored, depressed, weak, and useless.



Then we ask ourselves the next big question...


What’s next for me?




The unknown season can often be the most dark, depressing and lonely because no one wants to stay in the exact same place forever when there are bigger mountains to climb and bigger dreams to achieve.  We must embrace this season for here is where we gain the most clarity about ourselves and what we truly want most in life.



It's here where we realize that the things we thought would bring us the most happiness (a better body, more money, a bigger home, more friends, a new car, a better job title) actually didn't bring us true happiness or joy in the end.  




Then there is the season of true purpose and passion.  This season is full of clarity, ease, simplicity, flow, fun, magic, excitement, abundance, trust and divine guidance.




This is the best season of all because it is the "do whatever the heck you want with YOUR LIFE season!"  It involves all 3 of the other seasons except it encompasses an element of total relaxation, harmony, inner peace, service to the world, confidence, joy, love, and contentment.




It’s the season where you know exactly who you are, you know what you are capable of, you know when to go, you know what your purpose in life is, you know when to stop, and you know that whatever you want for your life you can have because you’re the ultimate creator and manifester of your life, your future, and your reality.




That season is pure magic.




So whatever season you’re in I just want you to know that the greatest season of any season is the winning season.




Winning is fun and contagious.  Winning is infectious and when you are winning your life feels incredible, and that is what anyone is truly after. 




They want to feel incredible every single day of their life while not only being happy in the present moment, but also while they are joyfully pursuing those next big goals and dreams.



Notice how there is not a losing season listed?  That's because there is absolutely no such thing as losing or failure when it comes to your journey through life and discovering who you truly are.  On the other side there is only love.  Everything was needed and necessary and each failure taught you something!




So a few things today...



1.  Don’t forget to be proud of any season of your life that you’re in.  Each season is necessary for your growth and we can't win every single time.  Be proud of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown and keep going!




2.  Keep working hard towards those big goals and dreams but also know that hard work does not necessarily produce all the results you are truly after.  Sometimes we achieve more when we are able to do less, relax and simply go with the flow.




3,  Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously.  Life is short and the more fun you have, the happier and healthier you will be.




4.  Get your spot here in my Life Worth Living Challenge if you’ve yet to sign up.  If you are serious about winning in your own life this is the place to be!








Have the most beautiful day!









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