AHA Moment

anxiety mental health Nov 28, 2018

I had this little AHA moment....
Aria was waiting for me at the door. I wasn’t ready yet, and she was rushing me. She was constantly repeating to me... “Mommy... lets go”. “MOM”... “hurry up”..... She was excited to get to a birthday party and she was rushing me.
I was annoyed. Like really annoyed. I was frazzled. I snapped and told her to wait. My anxiety of trying to get myself together was taking longer than what it would have had she just sat quietly. 
Then a thought popped into my head. If I feel like this when I’m being RUSHED... Am I creating unnecessary anxiety in my kids when rushing THEM out the door in the morning????
I can’t help but think that YES... Maybe in my moments of MOM crazy... I was making my kids anxious and annoyed, frazzled and upset.

So that’s when my self control needed to shift.

I can choose to remain calm in moments of busy.

I can choose to breathe deeply and not panic.

I can choose...

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Too Blessed to be Stressed

Moms do you find this time your stress level is super high? Like a big juicy pimple that just comes to surface and eventually EXPLODES.

Ya.. Me too, and yesterday that totally happened.

I don’t want you feel like you’re failing. You’re not. Life is BUSY!

Between kids, work, birthday parties, basketball, dance, a toddler, Christmas shopping, the homework, play dates, the permission slips.. There are seasons where I find the stress high and my anxiety increases.

THEN... Oh wait for it.

I had someone with no kids tell me they were “too busy” for a 30 minute workout. and I legit wanted to punch her in the face. Walk away Lindsay. Walk away before someone gets hurt here.

NO joke, How Do you do it all?

Well Moms I’m just going to tell you what works for me. The coles not version is I REFUSE to let this MOTHER SHIP SINK, and I have huge WHY that keeps me going!

1 I REFUSE to let being busy be an excuse to neglect my own self care. Tried that once....

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Mom Guilt

Do you suffer from mom guilt?? The struggle is real isn’t it?

This morning I was thinking... Brain was going a million miles a minute...

Little babe will be ONE soon, and this year has flown by. Makes me sad a little..

I started feeling guilty....

Guilty for taking some extra time during my workout this morning..

Guilty for saying “THANK GOD”, it’s back to school today kids! ... now hurry along

Guilty for not planning a big 1st birthday party.. (she’s getting shafted)..

Guilty for not keeping up on her baby book.. (working on it)

Guilty for giving the kids Kraft Dinner..

Guilty for keeping her in her Jammie’s all day..

Guilty for not being more “Present”... Shit... With 3 kids is they even a thing???

Guilty for working a little extra this weekend

Guilty for not showering..

Then I snapped out of it. Thinking of all the good things.. The important things like how much my heart explodes with LOVE even though there are days I’m...

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Love is the Answer

Slow down mama.... Easier said than done some days..

I remember when I was a single mom..

Seeing those types of posts made me feel like a big sac of crap.

Then came the ones where if you had a clean house...it insinuated you spent less time with your kids... or a messy house meant you were lazy...and should be doing more.

Or how breast was “best”, and so on... and so forth. The homemade baby food...the swimming classes...and finger painting...the baby wearing...the co-sleeping...the fancy birthday parities.... or working moms vs. Stay at home moms...

One could go mental and feel so unworthy trying to keep up.

What I have learned over the years is this:

Trying to compare our lives to everyone’s highlights is exhausting. The judgments, the criticism, the high demands and expectations and motherhood is tough, and parenting is hard.

As I sat here with Elliott this morning, my eyes flooded with tears, and my heart hurt with LOVE.... There is absolutely NO question about...

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