Resting in Peace.... While you're still alive

My mom decided to end her life on December 12, 2020.
5 days later she had a medically assisted death, and during the whole time of her cancer battle, she called herself a Covid Miracle... She was.
That Saturday I will never forget...
She had moved into my home during the last stages of her life so that we could care for her.
During that time we were also slammed with 3 kids being home full-time, home-schooling, caring for my mom, cooking, cleaning, appointments, running 2 businesses from home... and my Wake up and Live book deadline.
I felt like I was getting slammed in every direction possible, but I also knew God would never give me more than I could personally handle.
She had kept asking me..... "How long before your books edits are done"...
Earlier that week I told her that I was hoping to be finished by Saturday.
Saturday came, and she called me into the room..... and that's when I knew....
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Rock Bottom to Rebirth

There she was...
Such a beautiful person. A hard worker. Always showing up for others with a smile on her face. Always going above and beyond putting her best foot forward for bosses, co-workers, and strangers.
Underneath the mask, and at home was a different story.
She'd come home, walk in the door, and go back to the real world. Her reality. The dream life she planned for herself was far from perfect.
But nobody knew.
At night she'd cry herself to sleep.
While she was out shopping alone she'd look at couples in love and say to herself, "I want that".
Jealousy and envy sometimes consumed her.
She couldn't stand to see happy families together.
Every day she'd try hard to love, support and be kind, but she too was broken.
She too was hurt.
She too was tired of no support and doing it all by herself.
She too had dreams and hopes squashed.
She too was angry, and felt ripped off.
She too wanted more.
Deep within she...
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Change Your Life by Letting Go!

Right now someone is out there in the world building a case against you.
Why you don’t deserve it, why they don’t like you, what’s wrong with you, and they are failing to see their own actions as the common denominator of their own life sucking.
So who’s side are you on?
Well, I sure hope to God you’re on your own side, for those who truly get it only show up to give love, spread love and be love, because that’s all they’ve got left inside to give.
Are you on the darkside of life building a case against others, are you in the winning side and building a case as to WHY you freaking deserve a happy, healthy and abundant life?
Today’s Challenge: Cut the crap.
It’s a new day today and you have an opportunity to make it anything you want it to be right here. Right now in this present moment.
What if you accepted that where you are right now is exactly where God wanted you to be,...
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How to be Happy 101

mindset self love Nov 28, 2020
Without VISION you my beautiful friend will be stuck, sliding backwards with no hope in hell until you start to see a better future for yourself, know it can be yours and live into what you’ve been called to.
💫What happens when you’ve only ever received your validation from external situations and others?
💫What happens when your self-worth, your value, your definition of success is given to you by others?
It’s easy to be happy when things are going right, but what happens when they aren’t?
You’re happy when you’re making more money, the phone is ringing and you’re feeling extra important and special.
You’re happy when the bills are paid, there is money left over, and you’re getting the results in life you want.
But what happens to you when all that goes away and you’re left alone in the dark?
You lose the job. The finances crumble. Your friends leave you. You get sick. No one is calling you anymore.
You suddenly hit...
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Winners Find a Way to Win. Losers Don't.

mindset self love Nov 10, 2020
Now you’re getting “older”, and you will never get to see what you could have been because the cost of getting to see it is a commitment that you’ve NEVER been willing to pay.
You’re trying to get someone to fall in love with a you, you’ve never actually discovered for yourself.
So beauty, who are you betting your life on?
Yourself or the needs of others?
✨Who will you trust with it comes to providing for your family? Your own work ethic or the work ethic of others who might show up only when they “feel” like it.
✨Who will you blame when the person you need to help you has something more important to do and you placed your livelihood in the hands of another human just showing up for a paycheque?
✨Who will you turn to when the company you’ve lost yourself for closes, the money runs out and all hell breaks loose and you’ve got food to put on the table?
✨Who will you...
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Wake Up Tired?

mindset self love Nov 03, 2020
Waking up tired no matter how much sleep you get?
Well you could be weighed down by more than you think, and that heaviness and lack of spark could be because you’re not living your own life, but rather comparing yourself to others.
So how does one get over jealousy, envy, comparison and get started on their own path to unlocking their own purpose in life and ultimately finding true personal freedom?
Emotional intelligence is so important so the first step is witnessing it, and I bet your happiness meter is lower than you think it is if you find yourself tired.
Life should feel better, and you should be fulfilled, so let’s give you some tips today so you can start to manage your emotions, but let me start off with the FACTS first.
There is only 1 you on this planet.
You are different. Your story is unique, and you came here for a purpose, but if your’e not allowing your struggle to grow you, you’ll be...
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There Must be Something in the Water

Fresh out of the water, and you know what... it was a perfect little COVID celebration and baptism and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

For many years... I would listen to the lyrics of @carrieunderwoods song.. as a country fan and all’s

There must be something in the water

He said, "I've been where you've been before.

Down every hallway's a slamming door.

No way out, no one to come and save me.
Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me.

Couldn't fight back the tears so I fell on my knees.

Saying, "God, if you're there come and rescue me."

Felt love pouring down from above

Got washed in the water, washed in the blood and now I'm changed.

And now I'm stronger.

And now I'm singing along to amazing grace
Can't nobody wipe this smile off my face
Got joy in my heart, angels on my side
Thank God almighty, I saw the light

Gonna look ahead, no turning back

Live every day, give it all that I have
Trust in someone bigger than me

Ever since the day that I believed I am changed


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Inspired Action

motivation self love Aug 13, 2020

Things are not as they appear, and fear is an illusion of the mind, which means you are in control of your thoughts and actions. Isn’t that refreshing to know you can be your own hero?


There are a lot of people who will wake up today and choose not to believe.  They will hear those whispers of greatness within, yet they will continue to go in the opposite direction.

They will hear and receive inspired ideas and then choose not to take inspired action but rather sit there and complain, mope, whine and wonder why their life sucks.  They will lose themselves to distraction and mediocrity.

But not you. Not ever.

Hear those whispers and those inspired ideas for what comes in, must go out.  So why when a new idea or inspired action move comes into your space would you ever want to keep it bottled up inside?

Eventually if you do, you’ll die a little more each day from living an uninspired life.

Will those ideas make your life worse by taking...

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Stress Free Living

mindset self love Aug 11, 2020

Ready to live stress free and full of life?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up and know that you don’t have to get anything, be anywhere, or do anything, but rather show up to be yourself, and give more of yourself than ever before?


You lack nothing. You need nothing.  You essentially are nothing but rather an energy source from within that you can’t see.


I took 2 stress leaves before the age of 30.  I would say a decade of stress, that kept compounding, and at the time you don’t realize how much you place upon yourself, but it all adds up.  Eventually you crack, for failing health doesn’t just happen.


Eventually you hit a brick wall, and you’ve got no other option but to change your ways and do life differently.


Everything outside of yourself won’t make you happy or make you feel secure, but rather it’s an illusion and a game the rest of the world can play, for players of that game will...

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What you DO NOT see in this picture.

self love Aug 06, 2020

What you DO NOT see in this picture.


I called myself fat that day.

I was insecure because I only paid $10 for this dress, and thought people would notice.

I was complaining about how bloated I was, and so worried that my thong lines were visible from the back of my dress.

I went to a party and felt completely out of place, and couldn’t wait to leave, but stayed longer just for fear of missing out.

I saw some random chick posing.... and omg... I thought I had to pose to, and in the back of my head the entire time I thought to myself.... THIS is so fucking stupid.

If you feel out of place, if you are doing things that you think are so fucking stupid...

Yup, you’re probably right.

Total health and freedom is actually transcending your old lame self and rebirthing a new version of yourself. The most divine AUTHENTIC version.

One that’s not insecure.

One that knows her worth.

One that never feels the need to copy someone else.

One that never conforms or follows...

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