An Epic Life

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Your life is going to be EPIC!.. and you are not going to waste one more hot  minute of your life thinking otherwise!

Do not fear, or worry for everything happened for a reason and it will all make sense when you’ve crossed over from the dark and see it on the flip side.

But maybe you’re still stuck in the dark, and that’s okay. Might be YEARS stuck there, but you’re gonna choose to love it anyways!

Maybe you’re still looking at all of the mistakes, challenges, road blocks, setbacks in life as EXPENSES rather than investments.

Maybe you’re still hanging on to something, storing all of the negative energy up inside and you need to let it go.

Something new was birthed from those setbacks.

Something amazing came out of that failure.

Something incredible surfaced after that conflict.

Perhaps it was a new sense of belief or greater meaning about life. Perhaps it got you to trust and believe in yourself a little more.

Perhaps it gave you the...

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The Better Half

love mindset Jul 10, 2020

I remember the day clearly.

It was a Thursday night, and I opened my laptop to go onto a dating site. Where else was I going to meet someone being a single mom with an 18 month old ??

I found him and reached out first, as I didn’t actually have a profile picture up.

I chuckled a little when he told me his name was Dennis... he told me that I could call him Den, but I’ve never called him that.

We met for the first time in a beer store parking lot, and I had a screwdriver in my purse... “just incase” he was some nut job.

I went to shake his hand, he laughed and gave me a hug instead.

From that moment forward when I got into his dusty car that he couldn’t be bothered to clean before our date....I KNEW that he was someone I’d want in my life for a long time.

When I told him my plans of building a business, he said do whatever you wanna do.. (Cause he knew I’d do it anyways)

Never once have I heard him complain.

Never once have I heard him yell or...

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Home Sweet Home

mindset motivation Jul 10, 2020

There comes a time in every grown woman’s life where she walks up the stairs in her home, and asks herself... What do I WANT for my life.

What would a perfect day look like?

Why am I doing STILL this of it doesn’t make me happy?

What’s the point really if I am always so busy, to not even enjoy the little things in life?

What must I do to make this life of mine exactly how I want it.

Then that ONE days comes where she turns In toward, says fuck it all, makes up her mind, and then gets busy creating the kind of life we wants.

Not the one she was conditioned to, or believed she had to live to make others happy.

A life all of her own.

A life she loves to wake up to.

A life that makes sense to her.

A life of meaning and contribution, and that feels good within despite what the critics think you should do.

I’ve walked up the stairs in MY HOME many times. That home of yours isn’t the one you pay a mortgage on... or are sooooo busy working for, to not even sit down to...

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Find a WHY. Find a Way.

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

Feeling so overwhelmed and so grateful from all of the love, comments, and congratulations that have been sent my way.

My eyes were puffy from all the good tears yesterday, and I felt beyond grateful as my head hit the pillow.

Writing a book intended to change as many lives as possible, is no easy feat.

When you wanna change your life, make a difference, reach a goal, you WILL be met with resistance, and it WILL take 5 times longer with kids .

You will wanna quit, but in the end, you will dig deep to find that bigger WHY power...

And JUST when you’re about to reach that goal... something else will be thrown in the mix to throw you off course, when you understand this, you keep going!!

The WHY power that will get you out of bed at 4am, wake up in the middle of the night, and put in those long days of work, even when you’re tired.

My WHY for finishing what I started?

I didn’t want these girls to ever have to read that book.

But I know that ONE day,...

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July 3, 2020 - They Day I opened the Mail...

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

July 3, 2020

This will be the day and a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Truth is, I opened up the mail and got my hands on my very first copy of my own book.

I was instantly overcome with so much emotion.

Tears.... lots and lots of tears!

I think what was coming out of me, is just knowing that we can put all of those failures, the pain, the suffering.... and turn it into PURPOSE. You can turn it all into GOODNESS , and that really is a beautiful thing!

You can’t ever let it go to waste, but rather it can be used for a greater sense of meaning and contribution to the world.

Every morning for over 5 years I have gotten up early before the rest of the family to put my heart on a page, and now it’s in print!

Every morning I sit, I pray, I meditate, I ask for guidance and I surrender over my own needs, and asked to be used for a greater purpose.

I commit my spirit, and I let some higher calling do all the “work”.

I write, I speak, I create...

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3 Things to Say to Yourself!

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2020

3 things you must say to yourself when you look in the mirror.

1Thank you! I know you don’t hear it very often. You’re doing an amazing job and I want to say thank you for all that you do to care for others and all of your hard work each day. You are valued so much, and I appreciate you so much.

2I am proud of you! You’re an incredible person and I am so beyond proud of you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

3You’re amazing! No, you really are. I bet sometimes you don’t believe it, but you are amazing simply because you exist, and I love you so much.

Today look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself those 3 things.

THEN repeat those 3 things to your loved ones around you too.

Too good to be true you say?


The true goodness within you is too good to be a LIE! You’ve just lost your way a little.

It’s time to start believing and loving yourself again.

Why is this kind of homework so important?

The work...

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Pick Yourself First

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2020

Can I share a secret with you?

 I was never picked…

I was never picked first for sports teams, in fact as an obese kid placed in the most athletic grade 8 class, I was always last.

I was never asked out on dates or to the prom.

...In fact, I wasn’t picked in my adult life either.

I wasn’t picked for the job.

I wasn’t picked for a photoshoot.

I wasn’t picked for first prize.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that NEED to be picked, or validated was the very thing that kept me unhappy, unhealthy and distanced from real love.

Guess what happens when you put your OWN VALIDATION or HAPPINESS to rest in the hands of someone else who is doing the picking and choosing?

Oh.....You lose.

You will lose EVERY time you give your power away.

Little did I know that desperate need to be ‘liked”.. or ‘loved”… or “picked” held me hostage and caged, and what happens to a caged animal who just wants to be free?



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A happy pill????

Today I want to talk about HAPPINESS, and your NEW story.

The story where you are happy, healthy, passionate, energized, free, full of LIFE and that spark again.

... 2 Years ago my story was PTSD, anxiety medication and complete burnout.

....5 Years ago my story was a tired, flabby, miserable corporate mom of 2 with a shift working husband who fought, and screamed a lot over scheduled and money.

... 6 Year ago my story was a boss telling me I made too much and put my salary on a freeze.

...9 years ago my story was burying my sons father who we lost at the age of 35 to cancer and taking my second stress leave.

...11 years ago my story was taking my first stress leave as I was going through a divorce and becoming a single mom.

... 12 years ago my story was a real life intervention episode, but walked around pretending to be "good".

...15 years ago my story was dieting, skipping meals, hopping on the scale, measuring my worth by numbers

...20+ years ago my story was obesity, bad back,...

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Do you see it??

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

11 years separate these two pictures and here is what you don’t SEE.


You don’t see the trauma from previous miscarriages.

 You don’t see the the changing Anxiety from a head on car accident.

You don’t see the hours and hours of marriage counselling.

 You don’t see the hate in my heart for those who broke into my home.

Hours and hours sitting in free legal aid clinics to get help.

Hours and hours in therapy sessions utilizing my free Employee Assistance program.

Hours and hours in bank appointments, therapy sessions and sleepless nights.

You don’t see the punching of walls.... the addiction.... the millions of tears

You don’t see the anger, the rage, the yelling.... the screaming.

You don’t see the packing up boxes and starting over.

 The feelings of unworthiness when my boss told me I made too much and put my salary on freeze.

 You don’t see the lonely days and nights being a single mom.


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Victim or Victorious

But HOW do you do it with kids?

One would need to ask themselves this question...

If you can’t stop THINKING about it, deep down at your core of who you are truly CAPABLE of becoming  is a heck of a lot better than how you are choosing to SETTLE.

Maybe if you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s because it was planted on your heart for a reason.... That maybe it’s possible!!

Ain’t nothing worse than settling for less than you deserve and that you’re currently tolerating in your life right??

I found myself asking how I can achieve all of these big dreams and goals I have sewed in my heart , as I laid on the floor in tears struggling to find balance and time.

A gentle whisper from within came over me. You just do it Lindsay.

That’s it.

End of story.

It was the same question I asked myself when I was commuting to a job 10 years ago.... looking for a way out to balance it all.

But the cool part? When I had that idea in my mind...

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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey