Hope - A spiritual solution to health

Often times when we are looking for an outside transformation or solution we come to the breaking point of asking for help from a "greater power'...
We’ve lied to ourselves. We keep going around in circles. We are out of options...
Rock bottom is a beautiful place to build a solid life upon.
We are horrified by what we are doing to ourselves with food and become obsessed with diets. Some so terrified to gain weight they went to great lengths to restrict what they ate.
Our weight went down, sometimes to a dangerous level, but we still felt fat.
We lost control, overate again, put the weight back on, and often gain more.
We’ve spent money on weight loss schemes, quick fixes, appetite suppressants, the latest trend, we join clubs, gyms, groups, contemplated surgery, have gotten drastic bypass surgery that alters the way you eat for life.... and we’ve gone to the doctor for some magical cure to our misery.
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Resting in Peace.... While you're still alive

My mom decided to end her life on December 12, 2020.
5 days later she had a medically assisted death, and during the whole time of her cancer battle, she called herself a Covid Miracle... She was.
That Saturday I will never forget...
She had moved into my home during the last stages of her life so that we could care for her.
During that time we were also slammed with 3 kids being home full-time, home-schooling, caring for my mom, cooking, cleaning, appointments, running 2 businesses from home... and my Wake up and Live book deadline.
I felt like I was getting slammed in every direction possible, but I also knew God would never give me more than I could personally handle.
She had kept asking me..... "How long before your books edits are done"...
Earlier that week I told her that I was hoping to be finished by Saturday.
Saturday came, and she called me into the room..... and that's when I knew....
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Healing from Anxiety, PTSD, Fear and Stress

Fun fact. For over 2 years I couldn’t hold a knife, walk down the stairs in my home, drive over a bridge, hold a cell phone charger or be alone with my kids without thinking I’d do something to them, or to myself.
My husband couldn’t leave me alone. I was like a scared little child, terrified of my own self.
I will say I didn’t get much help or relief through the “traditional” route of going to my doctor or to a therapist.
I was still alone with myself every day, so I took control.
Why am I sharing this?
Because FEAR, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and PTSD is a b*tch and it can ruin your life, your health, your relationships, your finances if you don’t handle it and do the work to learn HOW transcend it.
It was the darkest season of my life, and there’s no real reason WHY it happened to me, but what I learned along my healing journey is it was meant to happen, and it gave me a tool...
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GOOD Friday

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

It was last year during COVID that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The first trip to the hospital, the doctor said 2 months to live.


She never actually told me that until nearly 9 months later.


She had reached the point in her journey where she needed oxygen full time and one morning she came downstairs and said to me “Notice anything different?”…


Her oxygen was gone.  


She didn’t need it that day.  She was up.  She was laughing.  She was energized.  She was walking faster.  She said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.


“I crossed over last night”…


This isn’t new, weird, creepy or different to me.  I’ve been hearing  stories of the spirit world since I was a little girl.  


I asked her questions, and she said, that she saw her mom, and her 2 bothers, and had a good talk with them all.  


But she told me,...

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Why You're Stuck.. and broke...

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021
Your life challenge today and every day after this one. UNFOLLOW the herd. 🐑 🐑
I don’t believe God ever expected you to prosper in your job, I bet he expected your job to give you money so that you could invest in your gift.
Your gift makes room for you, and I hope your gift becomes your job because I know many corporate moms making 100k and they still waste their time in buy and sell sites, and there’s something very wrong with the fact that you’re trading so much of your time to not even afford to live.
So, today I’m busting some myths that you might thought were normal”, but are actually keeping you STUCK in lack.
✨How do you sort? When shopping online do you sort lowest to highest? Did it ever occur to you that you could sort the other way around and start focusing on what you WANT versus what you can “afford”? - Try in and start thinking bigger.
✨Buy and Sell sites will keep you broke. There is a time...
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From Failure to Success

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2021

It's easier to go from failure to success than it is to go from excuses to success.  


Every Thursday like clockwork I’d come home from working in the office, clean the floors, and check out the weekly flyers. That was the most exciting part of my week.


On Friday’s I’d check the job postings around 2pm to see what new opportunities there were for more money and a more important sounding job title.


Saturday’s, I played catch up. Grocery day.


Then Sunday’s around 2pm the dread would sink in.  When I took the stage to speak and teach at a business conference in an arena that held 25,000 people, I was just shy of 12 weeks pregnant and was about to retire my husband after I built and scaled a multiple 6 figure business I started from home.


What if your life could be amazing?


What if you did believe in yourself?


What if you just decided to do something extraordinary with your one life you were...

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Rock Bottom to Rebirth

There she was...
Such a beautiful person. A hard worker. Always showing up for others with a smile on her face. Always going above and beyond putting her best foot forward for bosses, co-workers, and strangers.
Underneath the mask, and at home was a different story.
She'd come home, walk in the door, and go back to the real world. Her reality. The dream life she planned for herself was far from perfect.
But nobody knew.
At night she'd cry herself to sleep.
While she was out shopping alone she'd look at couples in love and say to herself, "I want that".
Jealousy and envy sometimes consumed her.
She couldn't stand to see happy families together.
Every day she'd try hard to love, support and be kind, but she too was broken.
She too was hurt.
She too was tired of no support and doing it all by herself.
She too had dreams and hopes squashed.
She too was angry, and felt ripped off.
She too wanted more.
Deep within she...
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Bleeding Love

grief Feb 02, 2021
One of my most favourite pictures of my mom during her cancer journey.
Despite being pricked, poked, tested to the max with far too many trips to the hospital to count, she called her self a Covid Miracle, and was still bleeding LOVE/
Before she died she told me that if ever I needed to have a good heart to heart with her, she’d be sitting on my left shoulder.
So every morning, I rise. I give thanks for life. I put my hand on my heart, and say...
Hi Mom. I love you. Without fail, I can hear her whispers in my ear knowing that while I can’t see her, she’s always with me.
Your loved ones are always with you too.  May you experience the miracle of stillness, when you get quiet and know they are always with you.
Believe it.
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Be Still and Know

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021

Be still and know that what lies ahead for you is far greater than were you are right now or where you’ve been.


Wake up and realize what an honour it is to be here on this day and the sacrifices those around you have made.


When you are stuck - you only see lack.  You only see what others didn’t do, and what you don’t have.  You only see what’s not working and what’s going wrong.  You only look to others and point out everything that’s wrong instead of looking in the mirror to see your own reflection to how you’ve been thinking, behaving, acting and showing up.  Your thoughts, behaviours, actions, and work ethic are all yours to control.  No one else is responsible. 


Often times it will take the gifts we took for granted to be taken away from us before we can come to the place in our life that all we are left with is all we will ever need.


After you’ve spent years working on...

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Change Your Life by Letting Go!

Right now someone is out there in the world building a case against you.
Why you don’t deserve it, why they don’t like you, what’s wrong with you, and they are failing to see their own actions as the common denominator of their own life sucking.
So who’s side are you on?
Well, I sure hope to God you’re on your own side, for those who truly get it only show up to give love, spread love and be love, because that’s all they’ve got left inside to give.
Are you on the darkside of life building a case against others, are you in the winning side and building a case as to WHY you freaking deserve a happy, healthy and abundant life?
Today’s Challenge: Cut the crap.
It’s a new day today and you have an opportunity to make it anything you want it to be right here. Right now in this present moment.
What if you accepted that where you are right now is exactly where God wanted you to be,...
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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey