Got Big Dreams but Scared to Start?

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Did you know the average age of entrepreneurs today is 40-50?
That takes a shift... a plot twist... a loss of a job.. a pandemic for people to wake the hell up and realize NO ONE is safe.
Companies closing after 20 years of service.. and guess what? Were you really going to wear that gold pin anyways?
Things are NOT going back to normal. If you’ve yet to study recessions, you either do 1 of 2 things.
Wait for things to get better, return back to “normal”, and blame people or things for your lack of growth, or you get the hell up, skill up, pivot, adapt, and DO something to make your life better.
Last time I checked... No one is coming to save you, and it’s a long ways to retirement doing shit you hate.
Best tips💗
Don’t let small minded people stop you, and most importantly don’t let that small minded person be YOURSELF.
Seriously people won’t get you... and they will think...
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Wanna Know A Secret

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Do you wanna know a secret?
It feels good to feel good. So to all those in their winning season, make sure you take a minute to FEEL that win, for I guarantee your losing season wasn’t pretty, and you can easily lose your winning streak if you dim your light because you’ve allowed others who aren’t winning in life to rub off on you.
If you feel as if you’re losing.
Fear not friend, for your time is coming too and it’s all unfolding perfectly for you, but you’ll never be a winner in life if you’re not cheering everyone on to win.
That’s what losers do… Trust me. I was one of them, and it never felt very nice. Your job is to get BETTER, not stay bitter.
So tell me.
Who would YOU be?
What would YOU do?
How would YOU speak?
What would YOU do with your life?
Or do you even know yourself or did you lose her feeling not good enough?
Are you being yourself or are you being who...
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A season of struggle and growth

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020
If you want that better life and it will be for the benefit of your highest good, why the hell would you complain about the work required to get you there?
If something is on your heart, just start moving forward.
If a dream was planted, and you can’t stop thinking about it, why quit?
If you can’t stop thinking that you’re strong enough to handle it, perhaps that’s the truth.
If you believe things happen for a reason, best you trust and believe it.
In order for growth, change and momentum to occur you must get out of your own way and recognize the behaviours, actions and thought patterns that no longer serve you and take action to change.
Often times fear, self doubt, insecurity, rejection take hold of you, and it’s your job to do the work to fix that broken piece of yourself.
If your current life is not working for you, and if complaining is not working for you, then the only thing you need to...
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Thanks, but NO thanks!

mindset motivation Sep 06, 2020
Living a life you don’t love? Um… No thanks!
Keep showing up and don’t quit until you’ve found that personal freedom!
💫Think of all the times you showed up and kept your mouth shut even though you knew better and wanted to speak up.
💫Think of all the times you did something above and beyond for others and they didn’t notice.
💫Think of all the times you knew something was off and you stayed longer simple because you wanted to make others happy, or do a really great job, and yet at the end of the day you were filled with frustration, resentment, bitterness, and anger because you gave too much away.
💫Think about all that time and energy you put out for others to not appreciate you and yet internally you were feeding yourself with all of the negatives emotions that went along with you not standing up for yourself, speaking your voice, valuing your time, or taking your power back.
You some how...
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Your Winning Season is Coming

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2020
Your winning season is coming!
I know that if you’re in a dark season it might not make sense right now, and that it might appear you are in a tight spot or space of constriction but you must trust and believe that all will work out to your greater good.
Has it not before?
Have you not been taken care of up to this point and all of your needs have been met?
If so, then please trust that what is happening right now and what is on the way for you will also work out.
Chances are if you’re still stuck, you’ve let fear, negative thinking, self-doubt, hate and judgement get the best of you.
You’ve let your past wounds of the past poison your potential for a beautiful future and you’re still hanging on to something that you should have let go or dropped a long time ago.
Remember, once you let go and release , and understand that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you are meant to be with zero...
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Big Dreams Take Work

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2020
I wish I could tell you that it was easy, and you could just get everything you wanted instantly but life doesn’t work that way.
In order for you to get the kind of abundance and life that you want, you must be WORTHY enough to receive it. You must know at your core that you deserve it and that you are enough, and that kind of inner work is going to require years upon years of reconditioning.
It just doesn’t magically happen, and one day you don’t just wake up and love yourself and everyone else around you.
One day you don’t just wake up and find inner peace, contentment, and wholeness in your life, and you’re going to have to work at that daily.
Chances are you’ve been an ungrateful bitch. You’ve been waking up complaining and you’ve been unappreciative for all that you’ve been given, and somehow nothing is ever good enough.
Can’t you just be happy?
Can’t you...
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I am sorry

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2020
Hello beautiful soul....
3 words you need to say to yourself on repeat today on this beautiful Sunday.
💫I am sorry.
I am sorry all of those things in your life kept happening to you, and I’m sorry you took them personal.
I am sorry you sat there and gave your heart away when others didn’t want it and tossed your love around like it didn’t matter.
I am sorry someone hurt and disappointed you and didn’t show up the way you needed them to.
I am sorry you always made yourself feel not good enough.
I am sorry you attacked yourself and called yourself mean names.
I am sorry you sat there and prioritized making money and buying stuff, over love and health.
I am sorry they judged and mocked you when you talked about your dreams and goals and they couldn’t be happy for you.
I am sorry you never invested in yourself because you were too busy taking care of everyone else.
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Making Pour Decisions

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020
Have you ever been in an environment that is no longer serving you?
Whether that be your body, your work space, your circle of friends or your family...,
If you ever find yourself in a space that is not serving your highest good you will feel that from within.
So what do you do?
Well obviously you are continuing to make very poor decisions for your LIFE, and you need to get the hell out of there..or make a plan to STAT.
But please know this my beautiful friend.
👉There is NOTHING wrong with you.
There can be a slippery slope thinking that there is something wrong with you as a person, when in fact it’s just the environment you’re in that’s not SERVING you or feeding your soul.
We can find ourselves hating certain situations and then in turn that continues to POISON us, and rob of us joy in our lives.
If you’re feeling that within that it’s time for a change, time to leave, time to move, time to...
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Stronger than Yesterday

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020
You have NO idea what is in store for you, and if you look backwards, chances are you are only focusing on what has happened to you rather than focusing forward to what could be.
Sit with yourself.
Did you play a vital role in any of the bad things or challenges that happened to you?
Because when I look back over my life, I can take full ownership and responsibility for how I showed up. Let me tell you... When things were going sour, I wasn’t showing up as my BEST self that’s for damn sure.
Were you fearing the worst?
Did you affirm the very thing you didn’t want to happen?
We you operating from a space of negativity, bitterness, resentment and lack?
Chances are if you were, you might have made all of your worst nightmares come true.
Now imagine what COULD happen if you were to use your brain power to focus on the good. To focus on what you wanted to happen. To focus all of your time and energy on building...
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Stay in the light...

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2020

Every day I’m surrounded by angels.

Some in real life, some that can only be felt.

This is one of my most favourite pictures from COVID when quarantine first started for us back in March.

The sun was shining, and she grabbed some toilet paper and stood in the sunshine.

I looked at her and thought to myself….

While people are out there fearing the worst, stocking up on toilet paper, and raiding food shelves…..YOU my beautiful child continue to stay in the light, and your MOMMA is gonna get to WORK, getting busy teaching the entire world that FEAR is made up in the mind, and there’s actually nothing to be worried about, when you’re the one in control.

In this house we don’t have time to fear, or stress, or panic, excess, or hoards.


Solutions only.

I’d encourage you to turn inward, and ask yourself are you part of the PROBLEM breeding and sharing your fear, or are you going to find a solution or create a solution?

Only ONE choice will...

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