How to BE Happy and Change Your Life

Authentic happiness, health, freedom, and a life of purpose is possible!
But these days with everyone’s busy lives, increased responsibility and the demands of caring for their families, not too many people are authentically happy, healthy, whole, or living the life they dream of when they were little.
Despite working really hard, and saying they are good, deep within they feel overwhelmed, stressed, lacking confidence, exhausted, constantly rushed for time, and miserable.
90% of people these days are simply not enjoying life anymore, and actually say they are in jobs they don't even love.
Their days are mundane, boring, and their health, relationships, and family life is suffering greatly.
You can feel their lacking energy when they are around you, and you can even see it on their faces too.
Years ago I found myself on the back porch of my home I was about to lose smoking a cigarette.
My marriage was ending and...
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40 Things I Wish I Knew Before Turning 40

Today is a little bit of a longer read, but worth it.  So go grab a coffee, relax, shut the office door, lock yourself in a bathroom if you have to, and read this right to the very end, and be sure to forward to your friends and family too!


I put together 40 things I only wish I had known before I turned the big 40!  I hope that it serves you, or someone you love well today. 


 1.  A better body will never make you truly happy or more successful in life, but know that if you focus solely on your body it is a sure way to failure.  That being said, if you don’t honour that temple of yours, you will never reach your maximum potential in life or live long enough to fulfill your true life’s purpose.  While abs are nice to have, your kids don’t need you to have abs, they need you to be alive, happy, healthy, and living your life on purpose.  


2.  You will never have external worth, riches or...

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BE Different


You are powerful, you are amazing, and you are so worthy and capable of success!


We all know those people who "talk the talk" but when it comes down to "walking the walk", and doing what they said they were going to do, they are nowhere to be found.


And oddly enough, those kinds of people do a beautiful job of telling YOU how you should be living your life.


You know who I’m talking about...


The employee who has been in an organization or a dead end job for way too long and is waiting to retire.  She is the one who always complains about the hours, the pay, the government, the commute, and constantly gossips about her boss and coworkers behind their backs.


The relative or friend who is super nice to everyone’s face, then talks about everyone behind their back once they are out of the room.  Often starting each conversation with “don’t tell anyone I told you this but...”


Or the...

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Mental Health Day - What it really takes to transform your life

October 10th, 2021. Today is World Mental Health Day.
The answer is love, and you are the placebo.
A lot of people ask me, how did I do it.
How did I overcome obesity, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, PTSD, came off all forms of drugs and where did I begin?
I began at the bottom, for you can only go so high built on ego. If your home base (aka your body) is not sturdy and built on a rock solid foundation of love eventually it all comes crashing down.
The bottom is a beautiful to begin again.
It feels as if you are dying.
In a sense you are.
You will be reborn and the old you will be stripped away, and you’ll be like a brand new baby, deciding what to do with her life, and what the next right move forward will be.
If you don’t heal and return back to an authentic space of pure unconditional love for yourself and others, you will keep going around in circles.
For me,...
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That will be the greatest investment of your entire life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are "too much", or not enough. Most importantly don’t ever let that person be yourself.
Choose to keep moving forward. Choose to trust and believe in yourself like you’re worth it, because deep down that is the God’s honest truth.
✨2002 I quit my first official corporate job after I graduated from college. I didn’t have a “Plan B”. I was slowly dying inside every day because I was bored stiff, was paid peanuts and hated being “supervised” and micromanaged. I out grew that in pre-school.
✨2003 my manager told me I should have gone to university if I wanted to make more money after I asked why a coworker in a lower pay grade, doing way less work, was making more money than I was.
Truth is, I thought I wanted to be a nurse growing up, but most of all I wanted to be a mom, live a simple life, and be debt free. I chose a different route.
I thought I did...
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Wake up and open your eyes...

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during the pandemic.
She called herself a Covid Miracle because she was.
One day the palliative team came to my house to meet with us.
Both the Registered Nurse and the Doctor were obese. The Nurse was clinically morbidly obese with visibly a 100+ pounds to lose.
The conversation revolved around drugs, pain tolerance, inhalers and then I asked what they suggested about my Mom's nutrition and proper supplementation.
The Doctor gave me some lengthy response and suggested a Flintstone Vitamin.
You know the ones with the first ingredient being sugar, and the ones with artificial ingredients like FD&C Yellow 5 that is linked to causing cancer? Yes, that one.
Then she talked about Marijuana and what store to go to. You know the legal drug that after hundreds of thousands of brain scans confirms regular drug use damages your brain and visibly makes someone look 1000 years older than they...
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Hope - A spiritual solution to health

Often times when we are looking for an outside transformation or solution we come to the breaking point of asking for help from a "greater power'...
We’ve lied to ourselves. We keep going around in circles. We are out of options...
Rock bottom is a beautiful place to build a solid life upon.
We are horrified by what we are doing to ourselves with food and become obsessed with diets. Some so terrified to gain weight they went to great lengths to restrict what they ate.
Our weight went down, sometimes to a dangerous level, but we still felt fat.
We lost control, overate again, put the weight back on, and often gain more.
We’ve spent money on weight loss schemes, quick fixes, appetite suppressants, the latest trend, we join clubs, gyms, groups, contemplated surgery, have gotten drastic bypass surgery that alters the way you eat for life.... and we’ve gone to the doctor for some magical cure to our misery.
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Resting in Peace.... While you're still alive

My mom decided to end her life on December 12, 2020.
5 days later she had a medically assisted death, and during the whole time of her cancer battle, she called herself a Covid Miracle... She was.
That Saturday I will never forget...
She had moved into my home during the last stages of her life so that we could care for her.
During that time we were also slammed with 3 kids being home full-time, home-schooling, caring for my mom, cooking, cleaning, appointments, running 2 businesses from home... and my Wake up and Live book deadline.
I felt like I was getting slammed in every direction possible, but I also knew God would never give me more than I could personally handle.
She had kept asking me..... "How long before your books edits are done"...
Earlier that week I told her that I was hoping to be finished by Saturday.
Saturday came, and she called me into the room..... and that's when I knew....
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A Jealous Friend

Have you ever lost a friend? I did.. this week, and it really hurt my feelings.. Then I blessed and released.

This is me. Saggy loose skin. Deflated boobs. I never shared THIS piece of my story, or plastered in on social media. Maybe I should have. I didn’t because I was shameful of it. WHO ARE YOU to inspire women without a 6 pack? As hard as I tried... I just could love this loose skin and saggy mom boobs. 
Nope. I don’t care what ANYONE tries to convince me of of social media...I didn’t love it, so I saved all my pennies and knew I’d get it fixed when I was done having my kids. 
WELL.. I had met someone. She too had lost a lot of weight, and she messaged me once saying OMG, you just had my DREAM surgery. A total mommy makeover.
If you just walked in on this chapter, back in December, I had 1 pound of loose skin removed and had my boobs brought up past my belly button. 
This week I went to message her and she was GONE. I was...

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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey