Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

What’s the saying??.... You’ll be broke AF trying to save money. There is truth to that statement.

Why are you discounting yourself? Do you think you’re not worth it?

Do you not think the value you add to the world, or the service you provide is worth much?

Stop discounting yourself on all levels and start looking at your life and your future as an investment.

Years ago, I would give a lot of my transformation products away for free to help people, and do you know what happened?

People didn’t show up to do the work. People didn’t change their life because they had nothing to lose.

People only really change when they had real skin in the game! What do you think happens to free junk mail flyers that come in the mail?

I don’t want you to treat your life and future like junk mail, and I surely don’t want you ever to discount yourself.
Chances are if you’re not waking up happy, healthy,...

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Faith Statement.. Why are you even here?

I’ve been writing a FAITH statement for years

Even when you can’t see the road ahead, you put all of your trust and belief that it will all work out, and it’s been my faith, trust and belief that has always kept me going... even in the hard seasons.

It’s a knowing deep in your belly, and you can show up to your life without anxiety, knowing that whatever you want is actually on its way.

As we go through life we ask ourselves deeper questions, for at the end of our life we will be sitting there either fulfilled and happy knowing we played FULL OUT or we will be left with regrets.

We may say things at the end of our life like:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

I wish that I had let myself be happier.

These are the regrets generally at the end of life.

There are 3 words that you need to know. Purpose....

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Victim or Victorious

But HOW do you do it with kids?

One would need to ask themselves this question...

If you can’t stop THINKING about it, deep down at your core of who you are truly CAPABLE of becoming  is a heck of a lot better than how you are choosing to SETTLE.

Maybe if you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s because it was planted on your heart for a reason.... That maybe it’s possible!!

Ain’t nothing worse than settling for less than you deserve and that you’re currently tolerating in your life right??

I found myself asking how I can achieve all of these big dreams and goals I have sewed in my heart , as I laid on the floor in tears struggling to find balance and time.

A gentle whisper from within came over me. You just do it Lindsay.

That’s it.

End of story.

It was the same question I asked myself when I was commuting to a job 10 years ago.... looking for a way out to balance it all.

But the cool part? When I had that idea in my mind...

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Getting FIRED. I don't HAVE to work. I WANT to...... There's a BIG difference now.

entrepeneurship mindset Mar 26, 2020

To be ENTIRE career these past 5 years as an Entrepreneur, I feel has led to THIS  moment in time. 


Social distancing… Figuring out how to impact and change the lives of MILLIONS…. Shoes and bra optional.


I’m a homebody, an introvert and 5 years ago today it was the first time I actually LISTENED to that faint whisper within and spoke MY truth.


Guess what happens when you speak the truth?


Some times, people don’t like that, and I was fired.  EPIC Failure... or hmmm was a redirection on the RIGHT path??


But that was the day, I TRUSTED my own inner compass instead of the opinions of others, and weren’t ALL in on MYSELF.


Truthfully, I was so tired of being handed more work of the same pay. So tired of rushing my kids out the door, yelling at them to hurry up, only to put on fake smile for complete strangers.  So tired of that emptiness inside and waiting until the weekend. 


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Always Take the Leap

If you can DREAM it. You can do it. We took a LEAP this week. I’ve been taking A LOT of scary leaps lately... and as scary as they are. I love it.

My book is currently in the works, as I’m working closely with the publisher... and we registered our business name which took me YEARS to come to a place in my heart that felt right.

The Personal Development and Wellness Empire I’ve been waking up EARLY to build for years. Online courses.... Online Life and Wellness Coaching.... and another book soon to be added to the library. That book I started writing over 3 years ago... in the wee hours of the morning.

But that’s the STUFF and years of dedication and consistency that you don’t see. The late nights. The early mornings. The sacrifices. The relentless action day in.. and day out. EVERY damn day to build my dreams.

More to come from me in 2020 including a new Podcast and some other top secret things 

MIND over Matter. It really is a beautiful journey...

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Depressed From Scrolling??

Have you ever found yourself caught up in the worm hole of scrolling?

The other day, I wasted HOURS.... looking, scrolling, questioning, and comparing myself. I felt depressed. I felt not good enough. Later on I felt pissed off at myself that I wasted so much time doing nothing of service.

Nothing of service to my community. Nothing of service to myself. Nothing of service to my friends and family. It was like I couldn’t stop. I was picking up my phone every 18 minutes. . It was like I was addicted to it.

10 years ago that was my story. Sitting there feeling not good enough. Not smart enough. It affected my health so much. My mental state in particular.

So what do you do when you find that you’ve given your power away? Well let me tell you what one of my business mentors taught me. I read it daily.

There is ONLY one you in all of time. A life force. An energy, and if you block it, it will never exist. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine...

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Millionaire Mindset

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but felt stuck?  You’ll want to save this post.. share this post.. and tell all your friends.


The best book I read in 2019, hands down was Millionaire Success Habits from Dean Graziosi.  I can stay that a shift happened, and I’m pumped for 2020.


The thing is we all have the same 24 hours in the day, but the most successful people in the world have a DO NOT do list..  Sure we are all busy. Christmas is coming, but you do have a choice, and as I hear from moms tell me they are soooo busy with no time, I call bullshit.  You’re not busy, you’re just too do much BUSY work, but not anything productive in making your life better.


On my 38th birthday I made a list of all the things I DO NOT have time for.


It goes like this.


Dear Lindsay you are abundantly blessed with time and resources, but you DO NOT have time for the following in your life.


No time for.



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The COST of your DREAMS

Mommy, Why is your face red?

Well honey.. I was frustrated, feeling defeated, and needed a good cry. Leadership.

Being an Entrepreneur. The COST of your DREAMS. Going a different way than a capped salary and limited time off... HARD AF.

Truth is, I cried last night as I thought I’d be further along. PERFECTIONISM, Self Doubt, and FEAR reared its ugly head. Wanting things on MY timing, on MY schedule. I feel it. I recognize it. I keep going.

When things are MESSY in the middle and we want a QUICK FIX because we don’t like the uncertainty, WHO are you?

Are you someone who quits and phones it in, and says it’s “too hard”, makes up some lame bullshit excuse at the expense of your happiness.. OR do you keep going with faith and courage, and resilience, knowing deep within you’re meant for more?

There are NO QUICK fixes to success. In fact, it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked in my entire life.. Going after freedom.

We all know that if our...

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Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I skipped dinner last night and ate half a bag of dill pickle chips alongside a glass of red wine. I could have ate the entire bag... until I looked at the calories for 14 chips and said.... oh shit I’ve eaten about 100 ... The math started... 100 divided by 14 x 270 Letting it go now.... Letting to go.
One could say that is an epic failure from a health coach. The ladies in my accountability groups will know this is real life here. Chips happen. Our soul needs it sometimes, but what matters is what we do AFTER that failure.

Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I’ve missed out on over $200,000 in quarterly bonuses this year. A goal I set. I failed. A goal I didn’t hit.... yet.

I reflected on this last year. Questions I asked myself:

What’s preventing me from growth? 
What’s stopping you?
I missed goals I set for myself, my team, and my business. 
I had women quit on their health journeys. I have has coaches quit when they told...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey