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Fearless Friday ✨
The very first time I ever spoke on stage in front of 25,000 people my heart was beating so fast. My palms were sweaty, my whole body was shaking, and I was stuck in my own head.
This also happened the very first time I posted on Facebook about my new business...
My mind was going crazy the very first time I ever went live on social media too. You couldn't tell but I was trembling in my own skin.
It was awful, it was messy, it was terrible, it was imperfect… but I didn’t die.
After everything was said and done, I felt liberated!
I felt empowered, confident and even more ALIVE than ever before.
The same pounding chest, shaking hands and self-doubt was there when I approached my boss who was under paying me and I asked her for a raise.
I got the same feeling the day I snatched my OWN power back.
I spoke my authentic voice and truth for the very first time to a boss who kept dumping...
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Mental Health Day - What it really takes to transform your life

October 10th, 2021. Today is World Mental Health Day.
The answer is love, and you are the placebo.
A lot of people ask me, how did I do it.
How did I overcome obesity, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, PTSD, came off all forms of drugs and where did I begin?
I began at the bottom, for you can only go so high built on ego. If your home base (aka your body) is not sturdy and built on a rock solid foundation of love eventually it all comes crashing down.
The bottom is a beautiful to begin again.
It feels as if you are dying.
In a sense you are.
You will be reborn and the old you will be stripped away, and you’ll be like a brand new baby, deciding what to do with her life, and what the next right move forward will be.
If you don’t heal and return back to an authentic space of pure unconditional love for yourself and others, you will keep going around in circles.
For me,...
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That will be the greatest investment of your entire life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are "too much", or not enough. Most importantly don’t ever let that person be yourself.
Choose to keep moving forward. Choose to trust and believe in yourself like you’re worth it, because deep down that is the God’s honest truth.
✨2002 I quit my first official corporate job after I graduated from college. I didn’t have a “Plan B”. I was slowly dying inside every day because I was bored stiff, was paid peanuts and hated being “supervised” and micromanaged. I out grew that in pre-school.
✨2003 my manager told me I should have gone to university if I wanted to make more money after I asked why a coworker in a lower pay grade, doing way less work, was making more money than I was.
Truth is, I thought I wanted to be a nurse growing up, but most of all I wanted to be a mom, live a simple life, and be debt free. I chose a different route.
I thought I did...
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Wake up and open your eyes...

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during the pandemic.
She called herself a Covid Miracle because she was.
One day the palliative team came to my house to meet with us.
Both the Registered Nurse and the Doctor were obese. The Nurse was clinically morbidly obese with visibly a 100+ pounds to lose.
The conversation revolved around drugs, pain tolerance, inhalers and then I asked what they suggested about my Mom's nutrition and proper supplementation.
The Doctor gave me some lengthy response and suggested a Flintstone Vitamin.
You know the ones with the first ingredient being sugar, and the ones with artificial ingredients like FD&C Yellow 5 that is linked to causing cancer? Yes, that one.
Then she talked about Marijuana and what store to go to. You know the legal drug that after hundreds of thousands of brain scans confirms regular drug use damages your brain and visibly makes someone look 1000 years older than they...
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My Morning Practice

How I set myself up to win, and what I’ve been doing for years now.
How has a 5 am morning practice changed my life?
Well I can tell you that it’s not only changed my outside but most importantly it changed the inside.
Here’s what I do. Every damn day. Even on the weekend.
1. Alarm goes off. I get up. I always get minimum 7 hours sleep.
2. I go pee, I get dressed, I grab my clothes for the day, and head down to my kitchen.
3. I grab a piece of fruit, usually an orange, and maybe some cashew butter on a spoon, mix up my pre-workout and head down to my studio.  
4. I write out I AM affirmations while I sit in my sauna. Years ago when I was struggling with life, and pretending to be “good”, I was reciting, “I am tired, I am broke, I am busy”.... that kinda language does not look sexy on any grown woman.
5. I set an Intention for the day, which is always grounded...
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I went to a Therapist once...

I went to a therapist once for my mental health, but something was “off”.  

I was going through intense PTSD, anxiety, needed medication, and was scared to be alone after a pretty scary life event that shifted something “upstairs”.  

She told me I should be doing Yoga.  

I mean...  

How could she really be teaching and helping me about my own mental health when she herself was extremely overweight, and had bowls of candy in her office?  

Not judging. Just reporting facts.  

So I actually took my health and healing into my own hands.  

You see.....  

There are a lot of “fake” teachers out there.  

Talking the talk, but not actually walking the walk, for anyone who values their own mental health and well-being knows the importance of eating the right foods, being at an ideal body weight, moving their body and removing the sugar.  

So no, I actually wasn’t buying the “books smarts”...

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I am asked all the time. Do I get up EVERY morning to exercise? The answer is YES.

While it might not be to move my body and sweat, I do get up to exercise and train my mind.

Meditation and inner healing work started 10 years ago. Loss. Heartache. Disappointment. Anger. Fear. Grief .I’d listen to meditations at bedtime and find myself falling peacefully to sleep as I released tears and baggage weighing me down. To date. It’s been the most HARDEST transformation. Even harder than overcoming obesity.

7 days a week. 365 days a year, I now show up for myself for with a strong mind you can conquer anything. You can overcome it all.

Have you ever sat with your fears , doubts, anxiety, anger, resentment, unworthiness, sadness long enough to ask questions?? What are you here to teach me? What is it you wish for me to hear? What do I need to learn and how can I be FREE from it?

None of us are exempt from challenges and struggles. I’ve had my fair share of them, and...

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Believe it. Feel it.

Do you ever ask for a sign? Ever feel like you are being guided?
Truth be told I’ve been relying A LOT of my faith lately. Trying super hard to work on something, to heal, to make progress, but the pesky EGO always gets in the way.
You’re not good enough. You can’t. You don’t have the time. You don’t deserve it. When the EGO gets in your way it actually paralyzes you from progress. From growth. From Miracles. From JOY. From abundance.
Today just when I needed reassurance the most... That I AM good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, fit enough, worthy enough.... The SIGNS appeared.
At every tree that Elliott stopped at on the way home... sitting right on the branch that was just her height, was a feather.
Someone is watching over me, giving me that gentle reminder that I’m on the right path. You GOT this girl. ... and then you say the only prayer that is EVER needed.
Thank you

Whatever follows I AM is your reality friends. It’s hard...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey