Mom Guilt

Do you suffer from mom guilt?? The struggle is real isn’t it?

This morning I was thinking... Brain was going a million miles a minute...

Little babe will be ONE soon, and this year has flown by. Makes me sad a little..

I started feeling guilty....

Guilty for taking some extra time during my workout this morning..

Guilty for saying “THANK GOD”, it’s back to school today kids! ... now hurry along

Guilty for not planning a big 1st birthday party.. (she’s getting shafted)..

Guilty for not keeping up on her baby book.. (working on it)

Guilty for giving the kids Kraft Dinner..

Guilty for keeping her in her Jammie’s all day..

Guilty for not being more “Present”... Shit... With 3 kids is they even a thing???

Guilty for working a little extra this weekend

Guilty for not showering..

Then I snapped out of it. Thinking of all the good things.. The important things like how much my heart explodes with LOVE even though there are days I’m...

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