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Took my office to the salon today. Wifi. Cellphone. I’m good to go.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to be up and out and somewhere for 9am. I seriously don’t miss the rush.

How do you know it’s time for a change? Let me tell you.

You’ll FEEL IT. You can change your hair. You can buy a new car. You can get a bigger home. You can change jobs. You can get a new lover. A new pair of shoes… but if you keep putting the SAME unhappy SOUL in those materialist things, you’ll FEEL the dis-ease and you’ll be BROKE AF.

Truth is I had amazing jobs. Amazing colleagues. Amazing bosses. Amazing Roles. I loved my role as a Program Coordinator, I loved my role as an Event Planner and Office Coordinator. I loved my colleagues, but there was always this DIS-EASE.. Something was not well with my SOUL... and I felt lost. Alone. Unfulfilled. Always searching.

I’d change jobs. I’d look for better titles. I’d get a pay increase. My own EGO...

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❤️ LIVE your LIFE.. Happy, Healthy, FREE ❤️

On Thursday’s it’s payday, so we generally connect and go over finances, and budgets, projections and investments into our business.


We’ve been married almost 3 years now.  I did EVERYTHING backwards the second time around.


Baby first.  No big wedding.  


We both are home full time now. Some would look at this as weird… Or different.  We are both busy. Both VERY sure and independent.  Yes we have 3 kids, and yes.. It’s amazing that we are both home. 


I love this man.  He’s a gift and from the moment I met him I knew that he Was someone I wanted around for a long time.  It’s easy now that we are both home. No stress, and I think that’s been the greatest gift coaching has given my family. TIME.


After my 10 year relationship ended, and I left my first marriage, I wanted to make sure I didn’t put the SAME me into the new relationship.  I had to change. I had to learn. I had to...

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Too Blessed to be Stressed

Moms do you find this time your stress level is super high? Like a big juicy pimple that just comes to surface and eventually EXPLODES.

Ya.. Me too, and yesterday that totally happened.

I don’t want you feel like you’re failing. You’re not. Life is BUSY!

Between kids, work, birthday parties, basketball, dance, a toddler, Christmas shopping, the homework, play dates, the permission slips.. There are seasons where I find the stress high and my anxiety increases.

THEN... Oh wait for it.

I had someone with no kids tell me they were “too busy” for a 30 minute workout. and I legit wanted to punch her in the face. Walk away Lindsay. Walk away before someone gets hurt here.

NO joke, How Do you do it all?

Well Moms I’m just going to tell you what works for me. The coles not version is I REFUSE to let this MOTHER SHIP SINK, and I have huge WHY that keeps me going!

1 I REFUSE to let being busy be an excuse to neglect my own self care. Tried that once....

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey