Finding Forgiveness - A True Warrior Spirit

Oct 06, 2023


If you don’t learn to forgive there is a 100% chance that you will be carrying around emotional dead weight that is no longer serving you. 

Whether you like to believe it or not, everyone you meet plays a vital role in leading you back home to yourself.  It’s often the most challenging, difficult, heartbreaking, and gut-wrenching circumstances that play the most important role, and sadly it’s those people in our lives that might have hurt us, left us, stolen from us, neglected us, betrayed us, disappointed us, or lied to us that we need to forgive and let go of the most.


It could be someone in your family that should have been there for you.  It could be a spouse, a colleague at work, or a random person that came into your life for a brief moment.  It could also be yourself, but coming to know that you collided for a divine reason and that everything serves your highest good will help you on your path. 


Holding on to past hurts will only poison your spirit and weigh you down. 


Being angry or jealous of someone will only dimmish your own health, wealth, and vitality.  


Feeling upset, or disappointed about the way someone treated you will only stunt your own growth. 


Holding onto guilt, resentment, self-hatred, insecurity, or grief over something you can’t go back and change will only lead to pain and diseases in your body such as chronic low back pain, digestion issues, and  cancer.  Not finding forgiveness in your heart will only ever rob you of your own health, inner peace, joy, and abundance.  


You don’t forgive someone necessarily because they deserve it.  You forgive someone because you deserve it and you are worthy of an incredible life. 


But on the flip side, taking full ownership over your life going forward is essential, otherwise you will continue to attract low level individuals into your life.



You must stop, sit with yourself, meditate, and ask yourself why you might have attracted such an individual in the first place and what the lesson is for you to learn.  In the end each lesson loops back around to unconditional love for yourself and others, confidence, positivity, wholeness, acceptance, self-worth, trust, belief, and God.



In the end you will discover who you truly are.


Chances are if you are still reading this, your life hasn’t come easy for you, and perhaps you’ve been through hell and back.  That's because you've got a huge calling and purpose for your life. 



I know if you are reading this you want more for yourself and your family, but you might be holding on to something or someone that you need to release and let go of. 

Do yourself that gift today.  



Thank them for all they have given you.  Thank them for all they have taught you about life and thank them for making you a better person.  Thank them for opening up your heart and making you more caring, more loving, more compassionate, more empathetic, more wise, more honest, more trustworthy, more aligned, more successful, more connected and more of who you truly are. 


Visualize the person or people you need to let go of on a boat in the middle of the ocean drifting far far away from you.  Send them off in the oppositive direction of where you are headed.  Wish them well, wish them happiness, wish them the very best, send them love, and then let them go.  Bless and release them.


Then get up and go do something phenomenal with your life.  Prove yourself and that small little whisper from within right.  If it helps you to find that inner strength, belief, confidence, conviction, and power from within do it for a “fuck you too”, for loving yourself and having massive success in your life is always the best kind of revenge. 


Claim your own greatness and decide to shine so bright with so much love and determination in your heart.



Cheering you on and giving you full permission to be wildly successful.






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