Got Big Dreams but Scared to Start?

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Did you know the average age of entrepreneurs today is 40-50?
That takes a shift... a plot twist... a loss of a job.. a pandemic for people to wake the hell up and realize NO ONE is safe.
Companies closing after 20 years of service.. and guess what? Were you really going to wear that gold pin anyways?
Things are NOT going back to normal. If you’ve yet to study recessions, you either do 1 of 2 things.
Wait for things to get better, return back to “normal”, and blame people or things for your lack of growth, or you get the hell up, skill up, pivot, adapt, and DO something to make your life better.
Last time I checked... No one is coming to save you, and it’s a long ways to retirement doing shit you hate.
Best tips💗
Don’t let small minded people stop you, and most importantly don’t let that small minded person be YOURSELF.
Seriously people won’t get you... and they will think...
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Wanna Know A Secret

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Do you wanna know a secret?
It feels good to feel good. So to all those in their winning season, make sure you take a minute to FEEL that win, for I guarantee your losing season wasn’t pretty, and you can easily lose your winning streak if you dim your light because you’ve allowed others who aren’t winning in life to rub off on you.
If you feel as if you’re losing.
Fear not friend, for your time is coming too and it’s all unfolding perfectly for you, but you’ll never be a winner in life if you’re not cheering everyone on to win.
That’s what losers do… Trust me. I was one of them, and it never felt very nice. Your job is to get BETTER, not stay bitter.
So tell me.
Who would YOU be?
What would YOU do?
How would YOU speak?
What would YOU do with your life?
Or do you even know yourself or did you lose her feeling not good enough?
Are you being yourself or are you being who...
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Thanks, but NO thanks!

mindset motivation Sep 06, 2020
Living a life you don’t love? Um… No thanks!
Keep showing up and don’t quit until you’ve found that personal freedom!
💫Think of all the times you showed up and kept your mouth shut even though you knew better and wanted to speak up.
💫Think of all the times you did something above and beyond for others and they didn’t notice.
💫Think of all the times you knew something was off and you stayed longer simple because you wanted to make others happy, or do a really great job, and yet at the end of the day you were filled with frustration, resentment, bitterness, and anger because you gave too much away.
💫Think about all that time and energy you put out for others to not appreciate you and yet internally you were feeding yourself with all of the negatives emotions that went along with you not standing up for yourself, speaking your voice, valuing your time, or taking your power back.
You some how...
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Stress Free Living

mindset self love Aug 11, 2020

Ready to live stress free and full of life?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up and know that you don’t have to get anything, be anywhere, or do anything, but rather show up to be yourself, and give more of yourself than ever before?


You lack nothing. You need nothing.  You essentially are nothing but rather an energy source from within that you can’t see.


I took 2 stress leaves before the age of 30.  I would say a decade of stress, that kept compounding, and at the time you don’t realize how much you place upon yourself, but it all adds up.  Eventually you crack, for failing health doesn’t just happen.


Eventually you hit a brick wall, and you’ve got no other option but to change your ways and do life differently.


Everything outside of yourself won’t make you happy or make you feel secure, but rather it’s an illusion and a game the rest of the world can play, for players of that game will...

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Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

What’s the saying??.... You’ll be broke AF trying to save money. There is truth to that statement.

Why are you discounting yourself? Do you think you’re not worth it?

Do you not think the value you add to the world, or the service you provide is worth much?

Stop discounting yourself on all levels and start looking at your life and your future as an investment.

Years ago, I would give a lot of my transformation products away for free to help people, and do you know what happened?

People didn’t show up to do the work. People didn’t change their life because they had nothing to lose.

People only really change when they had real skin in the game! What do you think happens to free junk mail flyers that come in the mail?

I don’t want you to treat your life and future like junk mail, and I surely don’t want you ever to discount yourself.
Chances are if you’re not waking up happy, healthy,...

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I'm LOVING it!

mindset self love Aug 03, 2020

I’m loving it! I still vote McDonalds  for the best coffee ever. Anyone else?

Regardless... it’s Monday , and I’ve gotta a challenge for you.

It is much easier to do nothing, and way harder to not do the things you know you should be doing!

...When you see something in someone else that you don’t like or agree with, do nothing, and send them love.

...When you are tempted to skip a workout and continue on your lazy ways. Do nothing and go move like you love yourself.

...When you are tempted to eat crap food, do nothing and continue down the easy road of eating like you love yourself.

...When you are tempted to attack or control someone else’s behaviour, do nothing, and carry on with your peaceful way of living life in harmony.

...When you are tempted to give unsolicited advice, do nothing and listen.

...When you’re tempted to strive, force, or push, do nothing and allow the goodness to come to you.

...When you’re tempted to hit...

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PTSD - Conquering with Love.

healing mindset Jul 15, 2020


One of my greatest teachers in life and she’s not even in Kindergarten yet💗
They can come in all shapes and sizes, and she’s one of them. We call her Elliott Jane... or as she tells us it’s Elliott Moose thanks to her daycare teachers. I also call her Janey... Tootie bum... and gorgeous.
In my latest book I talked about how at the age of 1, Elliott had a seizure that caused me into a spiral of deep scary phase of PTSD, stress, anxiety meds, trips to the therapist, and yes.. even a referral to the psychiatrist. In fact, I was so scared and fearful, I didn’t want to be left alone with my kids, and thank God, Dennis was home, for I don’t know what life would look like then...


Teachers come in all shapes and sizes, and she’s one of them.  In my book Rise and Shine I talked about how at the age of 1, Elliott had a seizure that caused me into a spiral of deep scary phase of PTSD, stress, anxiety meds, trips to the...

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The Better Half

love mindset Jul 10, 2020

I remember the day clearly.

It was a Thursday night, and I opened my laptop to go onto a dating site. Where else was I going to meet someone being a single mom with an 18 month old ??

I found him and reached out first, as I didn’t actually have a profile picture up.

I chuckled a little when he told me his name was Dennis... he told me that I could call him Den, but I’ve never called him that.

We met for the first time in a beer store parking lot, and I had a screwdriver in my purse... “just incase” he was some nut job.

I went to shake his hand, he laughed and gave me a hug instead.

From that moment forward when I got into his dusty car that he couldn’t be bothered to clean before our date....I KNEW that he was someone I’d want in my life for a long time.

When I told him my plans of building a business, he said do whatever you wanna do.. (Cause he knew I’d do it anyways)

Never once have I heard him complain.

Never once have I heard him yell or...

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Home Sweet Home

mindset motivation Jul 10, 2020

There comes a time in every grown woman’s life where she walks up the stairs in her home, and asks herself... What do I WANT for my life.

What would a perfect day look like?

Why am I doing STILL this of it doesn’t make me happy?

What’s the point really if I am always so busy, to not even enjoy the little things in life?

What must I do to make this life of mine exactly how I want it.

Then that ONE days comes where she turns In toward, says fuck it all, makes up her mind, and then gets busy creating the kind of life we wants.

Not the one she was conditioned to, or believed she had to live to make others happy.

A life all of her own.

A life she loves to wake up to.

A life that makes sense to her.

A life of meaning and contribution, and that feels good within despite what the critics think you should do.

I’ve walked up the stairs in MY HOME many times. That home of yours isn’t the one you pay a mortgage on... or are sooooo busy working for, to not even sit down to...

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A happy pill????

Today I want to talk about HAPPINESS, and your NEW story.

The story where you are happy, healthy, passionate, energized, free, full of LIFE and that spark again.

... 2 Years ago my story was PTSD, anxiety medication and complete burnout.

....5 Years ago my story was a tired, flabby, miserable corporate mom of 2 with a shift working husband who fought, and screamed a lot over scheduled and money.

... 6 Year ago my story was a boss telling me I made too much and put my salary on a freeze.

...9 years ago my story was burying my sons father who we lost at the age of 35 to cancer and taking my second stress leave.

...11 years ago my story was taking my first stress leave as I was going through a divorce and becoming a single mom.

... 12 years ago my story was a real life intervention episode, but walked around pretending to be "good".

...15 years ago my story was dieting, skipping meals, hopping on the scale, measuring my worth by numbers

...20+ years ago my story was obesity, bad back,...

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