20 Steps to Feeling Good

anxiety and depression life transformation mindset overcoming anxiety work life balance Oct 10, 2022

There is no point in doing anything that makes you feel bad, for feeling bad surely won't change your life, or anyone's life for that matter.


Your only job is to wake up and do everything in your power to make yourself feel good.


So here are 20 things you can do to make yourself feel good starting right now!


1.  Place your hand on your heart and breathe.  You are loved, and you have been chosen to be here.  Don't ever forget that.


2.  Give thanks.  Especially to your Heavenly Father.  You came from a royal bloodline and you lack nothing.   Don't ever forget that either. 


3.  Close your eyes and whisper softly to every inch of your body that you love it.  Your body is your temple that houses your most precious gifts in life.


4.  Drink 2-3 L of water and take your vitamins, and supplements.


5.   Rise early so that you can see the sun rise.  


6.  Meditate and move to heal your body and to release any negative energy that could be stored up inside of you.


7.  Listen to good music.


8. Get yourself ready and always arrive early.  If you arrive on time, you're late!  The early bird always get the worm. 


9.  Eat wholesome foods and eliminate red meat.  


10.  Cut down on gluten and dairy or eliminate both completely. 


11.  Get outside in nature and let the sunshine on your face.


12.  Treat your family with the utmost respect.


13.  Smile at a stranger.


14.   Share you gifts with others. 


15.   Pray.


16.  Believe in Yourself. 


17.  Say no to anything and everyone that does not serve your highest good.


18.  Listen to your body and rest when you need to.


19.  Get over yourself and think of a way you can place yourself in the service of others.  


20.  Invest in yourself and make today the day you show up and do the best that you can do.


No need to rush, stress, or strive for perfection. 


You already are perfect in the present moment and when it's time for the flower to bloom, it just blooms.

But it can never bloom in the wrong environment so always make sure that your thoughts, feelings and friends are top notch and only want the best for you. 







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