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Fearless Friday ✨
The very first time I ever spoke on stage in front of 25,000 people my heart was beating so fast. My palms were sweaty, my whole body was shaking, and I was stuck in my own head.
This also happened the very first time I posted on Facebook about my new business...
My mind was going crazy the very first time I ever went live on social media too. You couldn't tell but I was trembling in my own skin.
It was awful, it was messy, it was terrible, it was imperfect… but I didn’t die.
After everything was said and done, I felt liberated!
I felt empowered, confident and even more ALIVE than ever before.
The same pounding chest, shaking hands and self-doubt was there when I approached my boss who was under paying me and I asked her for a raise.
I got the same feeling the day I snatched my OWN power back.
I spoke my authentic voice and truth for the very first time to a boss who kept dumping...
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Wake up and open your eyes...

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during the pandemic.
She called herself a Covid Miracle because she was.
One day the palliative team came to my house to meet with us.
Both the Registered Nurse and the Doctor were obese. The Nurse was clinically morbidly obese with visibly a 100+ pounds to lose.
The conversation revolved around drugs, pain tolerance, inhalers and then I asked what they suggested about my Mom's nutrition and proper supplementation.
The Doctor gave me some lengthy response and suggested a Flintstone Vitamin.
You know the ones with the first ingredient being sugar, and the ones with artificial ingredients like FD&C Yellow 5 that is linked to causing cancer? Yes, that one.
Then she talked about Marijuana and what store to go to. You know the legal drug that after hundreds of thousands of brain scans confirms regular drug use damages your brain and visibly makes someone look 1000 years older than they...
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A Jealous Friend

Have you ever lost a friend? I did.. this week, and it really hurt my feelings.. Then I blessed and released.

This is me. Saggy loose skin. Deflated boobs. I never shared THIS piece of my story, or plastered in on social media. Maybe I should have. I didn’t because I was shameful of it. WHO ARE YOU to inspire women without a 6 pack? As hard as I tried... I just could love this loose skin and saggy mom boobs. 
Nope. I don’t care what ANYONE tries to convince me of of social media...I didn’t love it, so I saved all my pennies and knew I’d get it fixed when I was done having my kids. 
WELL.. I had met someone. She too had lost a lot of weight, and she messaged me once saying OMG, you just had my DREAM surgery. A total mommy makeover.
If you just walked in on this chapter, back in December, I had 1 pound of loose skin removed and had my boobs brought up past my belly button. 
This week I went to message her and she was GONE. I was...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey