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anxiety and depression body confidence energy healing healthy lifestyle Dec 15, 2022



It's easy to be happy when you are winning in life.


But what happens when you're not?


What happens when it's a dark season, or you just feel so lost, alone, scared, frustrated, sad or afraid?


Well for some they will just pull the covers over their head and do nothing.


The warriors however, will get up, get dressed, take care of business, and keep going.



If you think life is meant to be "easy" and without struggle you've got another thing coming for you because when you're on path to purpose you will be slammed by life.


 Life will slam you, break you, rip your heart apart, test your faith, and then leave you alone in the dark for a little while so you can figure things out and find out what you are truly made of.


So 3 tips today.


1.  Hold On. This too shall pass and you must believe that whatever you are dealing with right now will all serve a purpose.  You won't see it until you're on the other side, so just keep going and let God explain it later.


2.  Take care of yourself.  No really, have fun and do everything in your power to FEEL GOOD.  Instead of focusing more on what's happening around you, or what your problem is use this as an opportunity to love yourself more, eat better, slow down, workout, eat well, go to the spa, update your wardrobe, take a vacation, go on dates with your spouse, take a nap, remove toxic people from your life,  stay off social media and surround yourself with loving, positive people. 


3.  Focus Forward.  Don't keep rehashing what's wrong with you or what happened.  Sure we must reflect, grief, cry tears if necessary, and turn inward to see if we caused the problem, then change our behaviours, but STOP focusing your time and energy on the problem.  Focus on the solution.  Focus on what your next move will be.  Focus on where you are going, want you want, and what you are going to do TODAY to create something magical in your life. 


Listen, it's easy to feel defeated by current situations and project that out into the world, but if you don't like what you see close your eyes.



You are the creator of your own reality, so stop telling yourself the story you are telling yourself right now and create a new one.


...A story that ends happily ever after.


...A story that excites you to wake up every day.


...A story where you have the victory.


...A story were you live YOUR life happy, healthy, and free.


Have the most beautiful day today!





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