The wound is where the light đź’« enters you

Rumi once said that the wound is where the light enters you. Let that sink in for a hot minute.

What if today you simply drew the line in the sand and accepted yourself, flaws, imperfections, wounds and all, and showed up to LOVE them?

What if you made your goal simply show up on this day and operate from a place of gratitude and respect for all of your imperfections and wounds?

What if you decided to change the story you’ve been telling yourself for years that is making you feel dark on the inside?

What if you put yourself back together again, by love, instead of hate? If no one told you lately, you are more than enough. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy, simply because you are here.

As a expert in Transformation there’s nothing I love more than to help women to find themselves again. To crack them open and expose them to their TRUE potential so they can live... Happy, healthy, and WHOLE.

But you my dear friend most do that heart work to put yourself...

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Wake Up Call!!

I had a FULL circle moment last week. Ending up in the doctors office in tears. Wake up call needed.

Changing your life from the inside out is hard freaking work I tell you. The hardest work you’ll ever have to do.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and not recognized yourself?

It was the same wake up call I received 10 years ago when I left with a prescription for sleeping pills and anti-depressants.

Have you ever found yourself struggling?
You’re feeling lost? you’re at war with yourself? There’s resistance, and you can’t put your finger on it but you feel out of alignment?

What I know is this. If what you’re doing is not working...go the OPPOSITE direction of the one you are choosing... ASAP.

The first step to transformation is becoming aware of all your delusional self defeating thoughts that are keeping you stuck in a heart space of hate, judgement, self doubt, anger, stress, fear, and reactions

Your need to control. Your need to do...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey