My Post-Workout Spiritual Practice

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As you go about your day today stay laser focused on who and what is most important to you.


For myself that is putting God first, myself, my family, and those I have the honour to serve.


Hustling, pushing, striving, and grinding are words that are no longer part of my vocabulary.  I prefer to use the words alignment, harmony, peace, grace, love worthiness, and joy. 


Today I wanted to share with you my post-workout spiritual routine because that's just as equally important as a morning routine.


Priming yourself for the day will give you an extra boost in ALL areas of your life.


1.  After my workout I of course stretch and cool down.  But then I hit my knees.  Child's pose is where I  give thanks for my life, my body and surrender my life to God.   

Every day I pray, give thanks, and ask or strength, protection, courage, and whatever else I feel I need to get myself through the day and do what I am called to do.  I ask God how I can be of service and ask for anything I need.  Then I ask these questions based on the teachings from the Course in Miracles...


What would you have me do today?

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me say, write, or speak today?

Then I wait for the answers...


That is how I plan my day out.  I don't actually schedule, have a check list, or block time like your typical type A personality as I tried that once.  I have come to know that I love going with the flow and I love time freedom to be creative and to do what I want to do when I want to do it.   Some creative processes cannot be scheduled or planned out. 


I love having my own time and doing what feels right and best for me.  If I don't love something or it feels off to me, I don't do it.  I also don't sit down on Sundays, look at my calendar for hours, or plan my yearly or quarterly goals out.  I never preplan my social media content out either or follow someone else's rules or scripts for my business.  Everything I do is when I am in spirit and connected to my higher self.  Nothing is forced, everything is organic and it flows like magic.  I know what I am working towards, what needs to get done, and can relax knowing that when the timing is right everything will happen.


2.  Next up, I lay on my back in corpse pose and open myself up fully.  Picture Jesus on a cross sprawled out in all his glory.  I will put on some sort of soft music and just breathe.  Then comes the best part.


3.  I do a body scan.  From the tips of my toes, to the top of my head I ask to be filled with light and love.  I give thanks and send love to every single part of my body.  Including my private parts and organs.  I spent many years hating my body, and trust me, that will never work and never produce positive results in your life.


4.  If I feel any tension or pain in my body, or feel I am holding onto any negative emotions, I will stop and breathe into it.  I will ask the pain what it's there to teach me.  I will wait to hear for an answer.  Then if I need to make changes in my life, make modifications to my nutrition or workouts, I act in accordance with what I know to be true.  Be sure to read this blog post as well on how to release stuck emotions and negative energy from your body.


5.  When I get to my heart space I pause.  I breathe even deeper and then ask the little child inside of me what she needs, and what I can do for her.  Often times she responds with "I need your love, your acceptance, your praise and your belief".  Sometimes she responds with "I need some cookies, a nap, and a break".. lol -  So I picture my little 3 year old self and hold her.  In my mind I tell her how amazing she is and how much I love her.  I tell her that she is protected, loved, safe and that I've got her back and that I am so proud of her.  I honour her, notice and validate her.


6.  I will usually lay there a little while longer and if I feel like I need some extra guidance I will call upon my angels and my departed loved ones.  I connect with my mother, my grandmother, and even my sons father who is always on the other side.  If you are still enough you will hear their whispers.  You can ask them for guidance, advice or even a sign.  Trust that they are there, because they are always with you.  Always.


7.   Then I will get up, clean up my workout space, write or speak if I am directed from source to do so, and go make my post-workout recover shake.  Some days I prefer to workout first thing in the morning, other days I will move my body in the afternoon.  Other days I will move both in the morning and the afternoon but I always do what feels right and best for my body.


So, there you have it.


Do you have a spiritual practice? 

Have you tried any of the above yet?

Do you have some changes you'd like to make in your life?


Be open to trying something new!


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