Releasing Stuck Emotions and Negative Energy Trapped In Your Body

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In order to be truly happy and healthy we first must take honest look at our own energy levels and how we are feeling on the inside. 


When it's time to release old stored emotions and negative energy trapped in the body we also must focus on our hips and low back.  What might start out as sharp pain or an injury might actually be leading you to something so much deeper going on within and waking you up to your true self. 


While it can be easy to just blame an injury, sickness, weak abdominal muscles, or a fluke accident, it would be much wiser to look deeper into yourself to see if you have been rejecting yourself or going against what you know to be right and true within.  It might also be a good idea to ask yourself if you are truly happy in your life and if you need to start honouring yourself more by taking better care of yourself, or if you have to release and let go of some people in your life who are bringing you down.  


You will also need to dig deeper into yourself and figure out when the pain started and what was actually going on in your life at the time and how you were feeling emotionally.


This also could be the starting point of your true spiritual awakening, which is an exciting and sometimes scary adventure of self-discovery.


Our hips store old emotions and stagnant energy.  This negative energy can go all the way back to early childhood, so if you are someone who is overweight, and can't seem to lose the weight no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, it's time to dig deeper into spiritual healing. 


If you are carrying any negative energy within your body it will show up on the outside of your body or it will eventually manifest as pain, illness, or disease.  You can eat well, take your supplements, and exercise all you want, but if you don't clear and release stored negative emotions and negative energy you will continue to hold onto weight that's not even yours to carry, or will continue to experience pain in your body.


Because the low back and hip area is so close to the root chakra, it's important to understand that if you want to be pain free you must take a look at your own energy levels and see what it is you need to let go of and what is currently frustrating you or making you feel down. 


The root chakra has to do with wanting to feel safe and secure.  On a deeper level it has much more to do with rejection, fear, lack of support, and insecurity and is the leading cause to most back problems, obesity, eating disorders and addiction.  Most overweight individuals or even those who look to be in great physical shape and have lost weight can still experience back pain because they are holding on to negative energy and are still dealing with some sort of deep rooted trauma from their past whether it be a relationship issues, addiction, abuse, or some form of rejection wound or disappointment that they've yet to release from their system.  

This healing process can take a while, and it requires you to really turn inward to work hard on yourself to remove all the blockages.  It requires you to look deeper into everything you've ever been through so that you can stop living in the past, and start living joyfully while stepping boldly into your destiny to be the person that you were created to be.  That's why drugs and pills won't work long term for until you get to the root cause of the problem, the pain will always persist.


Letting go of what's not working, or what is keeping you stuck will be scary at first because it will require you to listen to your heart and go with what feels right and best for you.  It requires you to tune out the chatter of the mind, and pay close attention to your thoughts.  It requires you to be fully committed to your higher self, and to take greater risks and get outside of your comfort zones.  It requires you to make a move forward in your life even if you are feeling scared, stressed, busy, fearful, uncertain or worried.  It will require you to create something new in your life instead of reliving past events, or hanging on to people and things that no longer serve you.  It requires boldness, courage, and confidence.  Eventually we all get there because the pain of staying stuck becomes too unbearable, and we then decide that we are ready to do whatever it takes to feel our best and to be truly free.


Most importantly in order to get those old emotions unstuck and moving up and out of your body you must sit alone with yourself, move your body, and cry any tears that were not shed at the time of trauma, rejection, grief, heartache, failure, or personal disappointment.  There is no more brushing things under the rug.  It's time to clean the home in which you live (aka your body) and make it spotless and pristine!  Lasting transformation is going to require you to be a whole new person, and let go of the old you.  In a sense a "death" will occur as the old you will be cleansed with an unconditional showering of love and grace from within.


So where do you start?


Meditation.  Turning inward and breathing is always your first step, and for many it's the last step once a crisis hits.  When we are out of options our last pit stop is a spiritual one, and this is the path we will stay on forever because it's just that good!  There is no right way or wrong way to meditate, so simply sit with yourself, breathe in deeply and connect with your breath.  The goal is to quiet your mind of all the chatter and thoughts, and get connected to yourself so that you can hear your truth, (or the voice of your higher self/God).


If you have any pain or tension in your body lay on your back and breathe into in.  Your body is in fact a magical creation and it knows exactly how to move and how to get that stuck energy out of your body. 


You might discover that the pain in your body is stagnant negative energy that you are carrying because deep down you are feeling disappointment or angry over something that happened to you.  You might be constantly stressed, worried about finances, and you're feeling scared or worried about your future.  You might be grieving the death of a loved one or of a marriage that didn't work out.  You might be completely consumed with your body and how you look and thinking negatively about yourself every time you look in the mirror.  You might have a relationship issue that needs to be healed between you and a family member.  You might feel like you've wasted years of your life on something only for it to not work out.  You might be starting your life over again and are learning to find your footing again.  You also might find yourself wavering between going back to your old life or your old unhealthy habits.  You might have people in your life that drain your energy.  All of this stuff matters because everything can affect your emotions and energy levels and if not processed and filtered, it will get trapped in your operating system if you don't have a healthy way to release it.


Sit with yourself and wait for the answers to come up.  Cry any tears that you need to cry and move your body in any way that feels good to you.  When you get the energy flowing you will feel it being liberated and moving up your spine almost like a warm shower.  Sit, breathe, move, and cry if tears come up. 


Take however much time you need during your meditation sessions.  Finding alone time can be challenging but know that the time you are spending on yourself is healing generational trauma, breaking generational curses, breaking chains that have held you stuck in pain or a vicious cycle of suffering, and is stopping the flow of negativity into your bloodline going forward.  Find the time or rise earlier in the morning if you have to.  Rising early in the morning is in fact the most beneficial time as you are closest to your higher self with no distractions. Journal or write anything that comes up for you and then let it go.  If somethings keeps resurfacing allow it to keep coming up and go back to your meditation practice for eventually what has a strong hold on you will begin to soften and release, and your heart will begin to feel love and joy again.  


Sometimes letting go and releasing stored negative emotions and energy can take years.  Sometimes true healing and restoration of your mind, body, and spirit can take decades, but keep going with your daily meditation practice and don't quit.  Keep coming back to your mediation practice as many times as you need to throughout the day, and keep focusing on what it is you want to create for yourself, your family, and your life going forward.

It's important to process emotions and talk about the things that have happened with someone you love and trust, but in order for true healing to occur,  there will come a time where you need to stop talking about it because your soul wants peace, love, joy, happiness, and freedom.  The words you are speaking right now are creating your new life into existence so you will need to stop talking about the past, the pain, what's wrong, who did what, what didn't work out, and who's to blame, and you will need to start talking about how thankful you are, where you are going with your life, and how excited you are to get there.  Start dreaming bigger for your life and start using your imagination even more. 


I'd also suggest after you've done this work in your meditation for you to get up and move, shake your limbs, as well as lay flat on your back and stretch out.  You might hear some cracking or popping once you have aligned yourself again with a loving, positive energy from within.  Go for a walk, dance, do a workout, or just move your body in any way that it feels best.  Breath new air into your body, and allow the breath to go into every one of your cells.  You might even find your tightness or pain is gone completely.  


Often times we keep recreating pain in our lives because we are not listening to ourselves, and we are looking outside of ourselves for a feeling of love, acceptance, joy and relief.  Sometimes we create pain in our life because we need to shower ourselves with praise, love, attention, and affection.  That feeling of love, acceptance, joy and relief comes from within you and it's a gift you give to yourself every day by sitting with yourself in meditation, sifting through the muck of the past and allowing all the dirt to settle.  Soon with enough time, effort, consistency, and patience,  a new light will emerge from within that is filled with love, peace, exciting creative ideas, and exciting new life.


Have the courage to let anything go that's no longer serving you, and be proud of yourself for how far you've come in your journey.  Do not waste anymore time focused on the wrong things, or the wrong people.  Focus on the things in your life that truly matter and keep rising higher.  Ultimately all pain and suffering in our life is being used for a purpose and it's leading us all back home to who we truly are, which is love.


From here on out it's your job to be happy, healthy, positive, peaceful, and joyful, for you know the alternative is a life of pain and suffering, and you don't want that.  Trust and listen to your own body for it knows exactly what to do to heal itself and set you free.


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