5 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening spiritual health spiritual quotes Jul 19, 2023





When you haven’t grown, changed, or have been challenged in a very long time God will put you through a very dark, lonely, depressing, and gruelling process of self-discovery.







You're the chosen one to go through hell, but the good news is you're strong enough to handle it, and my gosh....



When you get to the other side, it's absolutely stunning and magical.




At first you might feel depressed, but there is a very good chance you’re not depressed at all.



It's just that you're ready for more in your life and you haven't felt in love with your life, yourself, or have felt joy in a very long time.



Or at all...



Hang tight and embrace this part of your journey and trust that what you are going through serves a purpose.



Today I wanted to share with you some huge signals that it's time for you to grow and do more with your life because while a spiritual awakening can and is very scary at times, you must know that you are never alone, and that all of the struggle and pain will in fact be worth it.





1.  You feel out of place.  You don’t fit in with your current circle of friends or co-workers and never have.  I'd even go as far as saying you're more of a loner or introvert.  Good news.  You were NEVER meant to fit it, and God will put you through a season of separation and loneliness.  Enjoy those lunch breaks or drives in the car alone and know that this too shall pass. 



You will meet your people.  The people who truly get you, love you, support you and don't judge you for being you.




2.  You’re having really bad negative thoughts.  Dark scary negative thoughts and even a voice inside your head is "normal".  At first when you become aware of this voice you might think you need to check yourself into a mental institution.   



Some people even try to commit suicide during this phase or fear they will hurt someone else as the voices are just too dark and powerful. 




PLEASE know this is not you and don't do anything stupid.



If you are in this stage of intrusive thoughts TELL SOMEONE... Anyone.  Call the mental health crisis line or 911 if you have to.  Just tell someone and know you are not alone.  If no one is there with you, cry out to God.  Just breathe.  He will come to your rescue and whisper to you that you that you're safe.   Cling tightly to that voice, because that will be the voice of truth and the voice of God.  That will be the voice you cling tightly too and trust, believe, and follow for the rest of your life.




You will soon begin to notice the mind of fear (EGO) that’s had a strong hold of you your entire life and likely ruined many incredible things for you.  See the fear and know you are none of those things and you are none of those thoughts.  




3.  Major debt, financial issues,  low back pain, body pain or digestion issues like bad smelling gas, indigestion and constipation.  All fear leads to dis-ease in the body and for many they have a fear around finances and not having enough.  Gut issues generally mean a blocked solar plexus.  Financial problems and low back issues are a root chakra problem and a very deep rooted problem of insecurity, rejection, unworthiness, and shame.   




All negative energy and all of your past trauma is held in your low back, hips, and gut and you have to release it.  You have to a shine light onto everything so that you can feel it and heal it.   This is where meditation and daily exercise becomes your best friend.




4.  Anxiety and panic attacks.  Your body is saying no more.  It's had enough and it's time to slow down and start listening to yourself, your body, and to be present with what you are doing.


If you have a lot of deep rooted trauma this will be your first awakening because your mind and body aren't even connected and you've been stuck in your head instead of in your body and present with what is.  Again, meditation and connecting to your higher self will save you.





5.  You lost something.  You might be in major debt, have lost your job, your health, are going through a divorce, have an eating disorder, lost a baby or parent, or you lost your business, or lost something or someone else of significance in your life.




Unfortunately with life, you always have to lose something in order to gain something else. 



You have to let something go in order to go higher.




A life built on fear and ego always comes come crashing down to rock bottom.  A life spent worshiping the wrong things like your job, your business, your body, another person, or money will crumble and fall apart. 





Anything you started from a fear, place of hate, emptiness, lack, neediness, stress, worry, neediness, or insecurity always comes crashing down.




Anything you fear will eventually manifest in real life, so you must never focus on what you fear. 



You must focus on your faith.



A spiritual awakening is an unlearning of your old world and a relearning and a recreating of a new world and a new life.   It's a tear down of your life, your old set of beliefs and limitations, and a restructuring of a new world and a new life.  A life where there is no lack, fear, limitations or scarcity.




That world and that life is only built on truth, love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance, and in harmony with the one who created you.




Whatever you do, do not quit or give up when it gets dark or you are struggling.  A spiritual awakening process could take years.  




Keep going, for the best part is always on the other side of your greatest fear.




Know that you are loved, and you are chosen for this, and you’re strong and you've got what it takes to make it to the other side.   Often times the one who is chosen to go through such a dark night of the soul is the one who will stop generational trauma from being passed down to the next generation.  So if you've had a history of addiction, rejection, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, mental health problems, fear, or poverty running in your bloodline, you might be the one who feels it all, and then ultimately heals it all and stops it from spreading.



You might be the one who your bloodline has been waiting for.


Consider yourself the lucky one.





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