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faith mindset motivation Dec 20, 2019


Is it bad that I don’t want school to be over? 

5 years ago my mornings were awful. I was rushing and barreling into work 2 minutes before I started or just right on time.... sometimes speeding and putting my life in danger to get there.

I’d have major panic and anxiety if I was running late. I couldn’t stand the thought of doing this for the next 30 years.

As soon as that collective agreement came out, I’d count how many days “I’d get off”....And always thought to myself.. is the all there is? Is this really it? 

Go to school. Get a job. Pay bills. Have kids.  Struggle. Rush.  Wait for vacation.  Dread going back....

Those whispers within of a life and career choice that wasn’t serving me, were true.

I hated rushing. I hated being that mom rolling in with panic trying to be on time. I hated yelling at my kids to hurry. I hated working to just pay bills.  

I didn't necessarily hate the work I was...

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The Best is ALWAYS Yet to Come.

Can I share something with you?

I wasn’t always a believer.

The day we found out we were pregnant with Elliott, 2 white little butterflies landed on our windshield.

To date, my 6th pregnancy was the most peaceful and healthiest. I’ve been blessed with 3 babies here on earth to care for.

A Sense of Spirit. You must have that inner sense that you can’t see… but FEEL you have a sense of PURPOSE and direction.

Her pregnancy was smooth. I wasn’t scared. I continued my workouts 5-6 times a week. I drank my superfoods, ate well, watched my portions. Enjoyed cookies when I wanted, and we scheduled her delivery by c-section. Healthy and strong she was.

I wasn’t always convinced. WHY would all these bad things keep happening to me?

From miscarriages, car accidents, financial hardship, a loved one with a hidden drug addiction, divorce, loss of a job, health scares.. WHY?

Today I know better. Today I’ve come out, understanding that life was in fact...

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Sunday’s are a day of faith and family. I wasn’t always a believer though, but now I look back. Things were happening FOR me. Not too me

I don’t need fancy things. Hand me a pressure washer and a cleaning cloth and I’m in love. There’s something so satisfying to me about cleaning. I’m weird like that.

Applied pressure to get built up dirt off, to make it clean and new again. To uncover the original beauty

When I left my marriage with a 4 month old I couldn’t believe that this was how my well “planned out” life turned out. Turns out the life I planned for myself, wasn’t the path I was meant to walk. I heard the whispers all along. But never listened.

The home I worked so hard for, was gone. I couldn’t afford it on my own.

I vowed never again to place my survival in someone else’s pocket. Self sufficient. I can pay and support myself. Move my own furniture.

I remember driving around with my baby boy in the...

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Bandaid Solutions

Took my office to the salon today. Wifi. Cellphone. I’m good to go.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to be up and out and somewhere for 9am. I seriously don’t miss the rush.

How do you know it’s time for a change? Let me tell you.

You’ll FEEL IT. You can change your hair. You can buy a new car. You can get a bigger home. You can change jobs. You can get a new lover. A new pair of shoes… but if you keep putting the SAME unhappy SOUL in those materialist things, you’ll FEEL the dis-ease and you’ll be BROKE AF.

Truth is I had amazing jobs. Amazing colleagues. Amazing bosses. Amazing Roles. I loved my role as a Program Coordinator, I loved my role as an Event Planner and Office Coordinator. I loved my colleagues, but there was always this DIS-EASE.. Something was not well with my SOUL... and I felt lost. Alone. Unfulfilled. Always searching.

I’d change jobs. I’d look for better titles. I’d get a pay increase. My own EGO...

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Trust Your Own Inner Power

faith meditation motivation Dec 25, 2018

 Do you trust in your inner power? Are you willing to wait out the storm and remain dormant of growth knowing that neither good or bad fortune will alter WHO you are meant to be?

Sometimes we have plans, but the universe has other plans for us. We have setbacks, harsh situations, and challenges in life.

 Instead of fighting setbacks, I embrace them and just go with the flow. I ask this question now.... ”What are you trying to teach me??” “Why have you thrown this in my path??”... “What have I yet to learn that needs to be dealt with?”...

I’ve been doing a lot of personal studying lately, as I’ve got something EXCITING coming up in 2019 and I heard this amazing quote by Deng Ming Do.... It was perfect and maybe you can use this in your life too.

Trees  ... Think of the hash winds, the snow and the cold temperatures. The periods with no water, no rain. No sunshine.


“They stand and they...

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2 Butterflies - Faith & Belief

The day I found out I was pregnant with Elliott, I remember sitting in our van, and 2 little white  landed on the windshield. I trusted and had faith that this little babe was going to be okay.

I had always suffered from reoccurring miscarriages. When I eventually got pregnant again, I was scared to workout.
With Elliott though, there was something about just trusting and believing that the universe was on our side and that I could be at peace. That we were safe, supported, and all would be well. 
I didn’t miss a single workout in 40 weeks. To date the best pregnancy ever. I ate SO well. I enjoyed cookies. I drank my superfoods. I moved, and I never felt better.

During my mat leave.. instead of watching tv shows, and laying around. I would work in pockets of time, building my business. When she was born, Dennis came home, and never returned back. THAT was a huge goal of mine. Family first 

I used to wake up and feel a sense of dread every Monday. A sense...

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Give More

Easton has been asking for a little brother and he finally got one today.

Meet Carlos Rafael. A 2 year old little boy from Nicaragua.

We have so much, and while we have food on our table, clothes on our back, and fresh clean water easily accessible at our fingertips, some mothers need to walk more than 5k to get water for their babies.

This has been something that has been weighing so heavily on my heart for years now. It was on my vision board 4 years ago, and selfishly got pushed to the side.

Today as timing would have it, the opportunity to give more was placed in my path today at the moment I needed it the most.  

For less than a coffee a day, you can make a difference in this world, yet often we operate from NOT ENOUGH, and we get caught up in our own lives, when we should be looking outward.

We operate from a place of lack, and a desire for more, and I believe in my heart of hearts that the best gift we can give is to be in the service of others.  To help. To inspire....

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Happily Ever After

As a little girl did you ever read those books where you get to choose the path and pick a different ending? I loved those books.

Today is a pretty big anniversary day. We are approaching 3 years of marriage soon.... but this day is the one year anniversary of the day Dennis officially put in his notice, and we became a full-time family thanks to my coaching/online influencer business.

We’ve been a full time family since we had Elliott 19 months ago 

In my story. The first path I chose was also love filled. But as it turned out, it wasn’t the path where I lived happily ever after.

Love. Career. House. Marriage. Baby. Divorce. Single Parenting. Struggle. Loss. Heartache. Hurt. Capped Salary. Limited Vacation time. Stress leaves. Existence really.

I cringe at the fact that I almost NEVER chose this second path. I almost never chose it for fear. For uncertainty. For doubt. For insecurity. For not feeling worthy enough or smart enough.

I almost never started dating...

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Find Your Passion

What did you dream about as a little girl? What are you super passionate about? If you listen quietly.. It whispers.. It whispers especially if you are in a job that sucks the soul from you.
Someone tried to recruit me today to sell fitness gear. My response was THIS.. I SO appreciate the offer, but I’m not passionate about selling fitness gear to people. I’m just super passionate about helping women to change their life.
Yes I do have amazing products to sell that are LIFE CHANGING, and dramatically changed my overall health, but I don’t lead with that. I lead with love. I TRULY want all women to get happy, and healthy and that always starts from WITHIN
The LAST thing my ladies need is spending MORE MONEY on crap they don't need to fill a void... or at least that was the case for me... Buying THINGS for a tiny slice of temporary Happy. Was always short lived, and then I wondered WHY I was also so broke and miserable all the time
There’s a BIG difference...

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Believe it. Feel it.

Do you ever ask for a sign? Ever feel like you are being guided?
Truth be told I’ve been relying A LOT of my faith lately. Trying super hard to work on something, to heal, to make progress, but the pesky EGO always gets in the way.
You’re not good enough. You can’t. You don’t have the time. You don’t deserve it. When the EGO gets in your way it actually paralyzes you from progress. From growth. From Miracles. From JOY. From abundance.
Today just when I needed reassurance the most... That I AM good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, fit enough, worthy enough.... The SIGNS appeared.
At every tree that Elliott stopped at on the way home... sitting right on the branch that was just her height, was a feather.
Someone is watching over me, giving me that gentle reminder that I’m on the right path. You GOT this girl. ... and then you say the only prayer that is EVER needed.
Thank you

Whatever follows I AM is your reality friends. It’s hard...

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