The Journey of a Lifetime

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Imagine yourself about to get on the darkest and scariest rollercoaster of your life.


You can either choose to feel excited...


Or you can choose to feel scared not knowing what's ahead.


Chances are if you were to know exactly how scary the ride really is you might not even get on out of fear.


BUT you run the risk of missing out on the most fun you've ever had in your entire life.


So you decide to get on anyways, and trust that you will be okay.


In the beginning it's dark, it's scary, it's going too fast, it's different, and it feels weird.


You scream a little and your heart races.


You want it to be over because it's taking too long.


You might even fear for your own life.


But you trust that you're going to be okay, and you sit back, hold on, and just breathe.


You connect to that soft voice from within that that whispers to you that you're fine, you're safe, that it's almost over, and that you're going to make it.


Then you are able to relax, smile, and laugh a little.


When the ride is over you are so proud of yourself because you now have peace, love, confidence, and joy in your heart.


You are so glad you got on that ride because it was filled with the most memories and the most fun you've had in a long time.



You see, that's your life.


Your life is like dark rollercoaster at times, and sometimes it feels like a never ending ride in the dark.


But that's where your faith is built and tested.


So many people don't even take a journey of a lifetime, or try make their dreams happen because they are scared of what's ahead.


They are paralyzed by their own fears, only to miss out on the best parts of their life.


Don't let that be you.


The wise ones always choose to face their fears and trust in something bigger than themselves.


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