Give More

Easton has been asking for a little brother and he finally got one today.

Meet Carlos Rafael. A 2 year old little boy from Nicaragua.

We have so much, and while we have food on our table, clothes on our back, and fresh clean water easily accessible at our fingertips, some mothers need to walk more than 5k to get water for their babies.

This has been something that has been weighing so heavily on my heart for years now. It was on my vision board 4 years ago, and selfishly got pushed to the side.

Today as timing would have it, the opportunity to give more was placed in my path today at the moment I needed it the most.  

For less than a coffee a day, you can make a difference in this world, yet often we operate from NOT ENOUGH, and we get caught up in our own lives, when we should be looking outward.

We operate from a place of lack, and a desire for more, and I believe in my heart of hearts that the best gift we can give is to be in the service of others.  To help. To inspire....

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Be Awesome. Be Joyful. You Deserve That!

What if you buy a mug.. wear a shirt… and you just DON’T wake up Awesome. And you can’t bring the joy?

I spoke to 3 women yesterday. All left my heart a little heavy. I felt for them. I wanted to help them so badly, but they just weren’t ready. No point in trying to convince anyone that they matter. When they are ready. They will know.

One said that her 13 year old daughter took her diet pills. When I asked her WHY she was taking pills her response was “Because I’m FAT”.  SO much wrong with this, but it’s the kinds of messages I receive regularly.

The other had been on high blood pressure pills. She told me stress was always part of her life. But then proceeded to tell me she didn’t want to come off those pills. Why? I have no clue why anyone would want to choose to take pills or have stress be part of their daily life. This made me sad.

The other. Wanted to lose 10 pounds before the holidays? Why THAT date? Why...

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Self Love First

My ex husband used to call me the Dream Killer. Kind of ironic that my career today, is to mentor women on how to chase their dreams, and get healthy and fulfilled. Still cracks me up.

Lindsay... The DK. Dream Killer.

After my ex-husband passed away, I opened our wedding time capsule, cause surely we didn't make it 25 years. My heart sank. His prediction of where we would be in 25 years... Divorced.

I knew it too actually if I'm being honest.

His reasoning... NOTHING was ever good enough for me, and he was right. To this day, Jeff was one of my greatest teachers. He's a huge part of my WHY. An amazing guy, who taught me many life lessons.

Self Love. I often thought that I'd be happy if I lost another 10 pounds. A cat you say? I got two. I hate cats. Maybe more money will make me happy. Better job title? Got that too.

A new car? Check. Vacation? Charge it. It was a constant desperate attempt to get MORE MORE MORE.

One day I decided that I was exhausted. Tired. Miserable. Cynical,...

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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey