Be An Inner Peace Warrior

healthy lifestyle inner peace life transformation transformation expert Nov 05, 2023



Don't be a peace keeper.  Be a peace warrior



There's a  difference between wanting to keep the peace versus embodying a spirit of peace and shining brightly for the world to see.  



Peace warriors are strong.  They are calm, healthy, strong, confident, bold, courageous, kind, and they lead with their whole heart.



Peace keepers generally are often weak, insecure, silent, internally stressed out, constantly worried about what others think of them, and their hearts are often broken, empty, and unfulfilled.  They often silence their own inner greatness to appease others or to protect themselves from rejection, conflict or embarrassment.




Here is what you must know when it comes to maintaining your inner peace and standing up for yourself.  You cannot allow outside circumstances to rock you.  You can't allow the opinions of others, or fear of the unknown to steal your joy and keep you small and comfortable.  



You are here to grow, expand, and to do extraordinary things with your life.  You are here to enjoy the journey and live your life to the fullest.



In order to have inner peace you're going to have to be brave, have courage, and stand up for yourself because at the end of the day no one can ever do the inner work for you.


So to help you here are 5 tips on how to be an inner peace warrior.



1.  Always ground yourself in love, truth, honesty, intention, vision, purpose and passion every single morning.  When you take the time each and every morning to get your own mindset and heart set in the right place you'll be better equipped to handle things that pop up during the day.  Once you are connected deeply to yourself you can see things different or for what they really are and remain calm, cool and collected.



2.  If you encounter a stressful situation or someone that triggers you simply ask yourself if what you're giving your time, energy and attention to worth it.  You only have a certain amount of time each day.  Make sure you're investing your time into the things and people that truly matter to you.  What you give your focus and energy to will come into your life so focus on where you are going and what you intend to manifest.  Focus on health, happiness, prosperity, abundance, beauty, positivity, love, and kindness and you will see that everywhere you go.



3.  Be selective of where you spend your time and how you spend your time.  This includes removing or eliminating all distractions from your phone.  Unsubscribe from emails, unfriend people who are no longer bringing you joy, leave those social media groups, don't listen to gossip, stop watching the news, and be very intentional about how you live your life and spend your time.  Distance yourself from people who like to complain or always talk about the negative.  Bless and release!



4.  Always be kind to people.  Energy never lies so ensure your energy is positive, uplifting, loving, and cheerful.  That good will always come back to you.  



5.   Meditate often throughout the day.  Any time you need it, take a 5 minute breather.  Just go off alone and simply breathe and connect with yourself.  Once you get aligned with your own higher self again any and all stress will melt away and you can go on your merry way living happily ever after.


Above all else always remind yourself that you are only here for a limited time and that you want to be happy and healthy and always be reminding yourself often about what's truly important to you in this lifetime.





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