Trust, Listen, and Honour Yourself

No boss, politician, or government official should be telling you what you should be doing with your health, your time, your body, or your business….
And IF you are sitting there scared, fearful, angry, and allowing it to happen, I’d like to shed some light ✨ Keep reading.
I have always used my platform for good, and I feel as if right now more than ever the world needs leadership, fresh perspective, and a heck of a lot of love.
Perhaps more leadership from people who are not so stiff just reading from teleprompters and “policy and procedures” manuals because at the end of the day, no politician will be calling you to check in on your mental health and checking in to ask if you can pay your bills on time.
Chances are they are just as sick and miserable as the guy next to him.
✨Today I’ll take the stand and speak up for the minority✨
Last time I spoke my truth, I was fired. Last time I didn’t...
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Resting in Peace.... While you're still alive

My mom decided to end her life on December 12, 2020.
5 days later she had a medically assisted death, and during the whole time of her cancer battle, she called herself a Covid Miracle... She was.
That Saturday I will never forget...
She had moved into my home during the last stages of her life so that we could care for her.
During that time we were also slammed with 3 kids being home full-time, home-schooling, caring for my mom, cooking, cleaning, appointments, running 2 businesses from home... and my Wake up and Live book deadline.
I felt like I was getting slammed in every direction possible, but I also knew God would never give me more than I could personally handle.
She had kept asking me..... "How long before your books edits are done"...
Earlier that week I told her that I was hoping to be finished by Saturday.
Saturday came, and she called me into the room..... and that's when I knew....
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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind. What would that be of WORTH to you?

Did you know that pills have no skills? That even IF you pop a pill, you still gotta do work to get better?

A moment of intense vulnerability here. But it’s going out there, as I know someone out there NEEDS this. Feel free to share if you know someone struggling too

The transformation I am most proud of in the past 6 weeks.. in my life?? Not abs. Not 80 pounds.

Let me tell you. Coming OFF of these anxiety pills hasn’t been fun. Brain zaps. Exhaustion. Irritability. Insomnia. Bloating. Indigestion. Moodiness. Confusion. Brain Fog. Fear.

This wasn’t the first time I was prescribed medication.

The first time was when my marriage ended, and I was battling LIFE, and Postpartum depression, situational circumstances made coping VERY heard.

The second time was I lost someone I loved dearly, and I took my second stress leave from work. I was so embarrassed, and ashamed. I felt judged, and honestly hated going back to...

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50% Complete

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey