My Spiritual Awakening - How I Saved My Life

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I had been experiencing excruciating low back and body pain for years.  


I would say things like it was because I was morbidly obese as a kid or had weak abdominals.  Come to find out, the pain was much deeper than that. 


One night while lying in bed I felt a surge of energy come up from the base of my spine and travel towards the base of my neck. 


I later found out that I was in fact experiencing a spiritual awakening


At the time I was completely consumed with how my body looked (I was in the fitness industry back then).  I was very insecure on the inside, compared myself to others, talked negatively towards myself every time I looked in the mirror, was a people pleaser, my relationships were a mess,  and I was constantly basing my worth on how much money I earned.


OH, and I was working non-stop running a business from home all while pretending to look happy on social media but treating my loved ones like shit behind the scenes.


One traumatic event shifted everything for me.


I couldn't take control over my thoughts or my mind and it was the most terrifying experience of my life.  I couldn't be alone, and was having regular anxiety attacks.  


Hearing voices in your head?  That took on a whole new meaning for me.


For about 5 solid years I sat in deep meditation every single morning and cried.  It was like my whole world was falling apart.  (Which is the whole point of an awakening)...


I had to learn HOW to take control over my mind and listen to my own inner voice.


I had to unlearn a lot of things that I was taught to believe growing up. 


I had to learn how to truly love myself. 


I also had a lot of inner healing from past to do that I just brushed under the rug. 


I also had to learn that my own thoughts and actions were in fact creating my own reality and that I was 100% in control of my life and ultimately my destiny.


A spiritual awakening can be the darkest time of a persons life.


Some refer to it as the dark night of the soul and I can tell you that there were many dark nights where I didn't think I was going to make it.  


I still remember the day I cried out to God to help me.  Sure enough, I heard that still small voice from within and eventually discovered who God really was.


During this time of my own inner transformation and hard work on myself, I documented everything for I new that one day all my pain and suffering would serve a purpose.  


Hopefully that purpose would be to help save someone else's life.


It was during this period of intense pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, fear, panic, and isolation that I was able to completely transform my life and write this book.


What saved my life the most though? 


Meditation.  God.  Myself.  This Book.  This Program.  Prayer Power.


Without my meditation practice I don't know where I'd be, or most importantly WHO I'd be.


I know I wouldn't be the happy and healthy person I am today, and I know that my husband and my children wouldn't have an amazing wife and mother either.


You see, a lot of people don't make time for themselves to do this work. 


Most are probably like the old me...

Not taking care of themselves properly simply because they are working super hard to get a head all while being completely disconnected and distracted from the truth of who they really are.

There is a better and a much easier way to do life and I can teach it to you in less than 30 days...



If you'd like to do this work and want all the shortcuts to massive success, health, happiness, inner peace, purpose, abundance, love and joy then I invite you to join my Life Worth Living Program today.


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