If you can dream it. You can do it!!

entrepreneurship mindset Jan 03, 2020

If you can dream it. You can do it. What is the transformation you are after in 2020??,

This is what I had in mind. We had missed our trip to the Bahamas as our little babe got sick. So instead when we got clearance. We dropped everything, booked a trip to the most magical place on earth. No permission needed.

5 years ago that wouldn’t have happened for a few reasons. We were both working jobs and had to ask for time off. We didn’t have the extra income to be able to go away. 5 years ago I didn’t believe it was possible for myself either to build a multiple 6 figure business from the ground up in less than 2 years.

Why? Because for years I was condition to listen to the lies, the fears, the what ifs. I could have started my business earlier, I WANTED to, but I was “scared” to make too much money while on maternity leave and didn’t want to pay taxes.

Here’s what I do know.

The hardest job in your journey is getting over your damn self so you...

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Turn your PAIN to PURPOSE

Monday Blues. They shouldn’t be part of your life...

I thought of my brother during my workout this morning. I haven’t seen him in 10 years. No idea where he is. In fact, my 2 youngest kids, don’t even know that I have a brother.

My parents adopted him when he was 4. Born to 2 drug addicts. He was bounced around from foster home to foster home. He didn’t finish school. He never held down a job. He went down a similar path. Drugs. Disability.

I found one of my journals last week, where he pushed my dad through a glass window and the cops came. I think I was 7 when I wrote it.

I often wonder what he’s doing with his life. I think of all the others out there suffering too.

But here’s what I BELIEVE. Actually. Scratch that. Here is what I KNOW for a FACT.

While you might not have been in control of the cards you were dealt in your life... but it’s YOUR JOB to play the hell out of ones you’re holding in your hand. There’s hope for us...

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entrepreneurship mindset Dec 16, 2019

Years ago I would have dropped my littles off at daycare and had guilt. Scratch that. I would have yelled at them first to hurry up, then dropped them off, drove to work an hour and cried in the bathroom after my boss yelled at me for being 2 minutes late… then waited until 4:30 so I could leave again.

This morning Elliott asked me if I had to go to work today, and I said

Yes honey…. I’ve gotta help people live”

Years ago I would have dropped my littles off and responded to that question with… .

“Yes honey.. I’ve gotta make MONEY”.

What are you getting up for on a Monday? Chasing a bigger purpose and passion or chasing a pay cheque??

That’s the BIG difference. When you’re going to work and you’re chasing the money, you lose. Oh man.. do you lose.

Trading your precious TIME for money. You lose.

When you go to work and chase the purpose. You are excited to embrace the day and have no guilt for you know you’re...

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Get Your Hands Dirty

I told Dennis our next employee will be a landscaper. I’m on a mission these days to stop  doing shit I hate. I love pretty flowers. Just hate weeding and cleaning the gardens. I want to ENJOY them.

On my 16th birthday, my mom took me for a tattoo and my drivers license. Sure... you can get a car  , but you will WORK.... and we’ll co-sign for the loan. I was SO proud of myself, when I paid that loan off. Would go to the bank EVERY pay day.

When it was time for post secondary school... Sure... Do whatever you want, but, you’re going to have to WORK. No loans. It was night shift for a year, bartending, and a greenhouse (  maybe why I hate cleaning gardens now)

You want to get married and buy a home? Sure. Better work and get saving kid.

After graduation, I landed myself a great paying job. Average salary was decent, but then came kids, the glass ceiling, and I had to work about 15 years to get some cheesy gold pin I’d never wear,...

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Safety & Security VS Fulfilment

Opportunity Alert 

Last night I hosted a leadership call with my team and told them WHY I started my business 4.5 years ago. I shared my vision. My mission. I want players only on my team who are in alignment with my vision and purpose to change lives.

I told them how years ago, how I felt alone, isolated, and that I simply wanted to create a community of support, so that other women didn’t feel so alone or were suffering in silence.

I wanted to help them get their spark back, empower and equip them with the tools to change their health. I wanted to share my mess, and turn them into messages of HOPE and Inspiration for others who might need to hear my words.

The day I was fired from my job and handed that free parking ticket, I had a choice. Go back to a place of security, or take a chance on FULFILMENT.

I felt like the biggest failure. Maybe I did speak my mind. Maybe I did stand up for what was right, and maybe I should have just done the job that “wasn’t...

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Create a Life you LOVE

5 years ago I saw a way out, I took a step forward, and I said.. I’m going to TAKE IT.

Easton was 4 months old when I became a single mom. I was Corporate Mom, GREAT job, commuting 2 hours a day. SCRAPING by. Needing assistance to pay my bills.

I received $555 in child support each month, but 2 years later, that ended when his father passed away from Cancer in a matter of 2 weeks.

There was no life insurance policy. Something we never got around to. It was on me to support our child every day.

Fast forward. I fell in love. Aria came along. We bought a bigger home. We started planning our wedding. I returned back to work. FIRED.

Tossed out with a free parking ticket. No savings. Did they care that I couldn’t afford to buy groceries that week? Nope.

That day I DECIDED enough was enough. I never returned back to the “corporate world” and built a business from home.

In fact my husband left his job too in 2 years when Elliott came along. We’ve been a full...

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Living with NO REGRETS

I was standing in line at the grocery store and overheard a lady.. 57 YEARS. She put in 57 years. She told the cashier.. “I’m SO glad to be outta there”.

But then she said, I don’t really like retirement either. I was instantly sad hearing this. I walked out of the grocery store and said to Dennis. This isn’t right, and it’s WHY I do what I do.

SO many people are going around this world, going to jobs, and just “putting” in time as if it’s a freaking DEATH sentence. 

So many people are just going to jobs, to see how they can squeeze out a longer lunch break, and that is going to eat away at you. I know it ate away at me.

So I’m going to tell you that there’s MORE. When I started my business I knew that I had to do some scary things. Learn some new skills, read more books, but there was something inside of me that KNEW there was more. There had to be!!

This morning as I was listening to THIS BOOK on audio (yes, I have...
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Battle Board - What are YOU working towards?

entrepreneurship vision Aug 04, 2019

The GOAL has always been to create a life I didn’t need to take a vacation from. Got the girls down for bed early and immediately came downstairs to my office to my battle board.

I always thought it was silly to only live for the weekends or long weekends. I think the entrepreneur seed was planted early in my soul. Always thinking... always dreaming..

I tried selling spices, candles, purses... but NONE of those things were my passion.

4 years ago I didn’t have an office. My husband wasn’t retired. I couldn’t go out and buy myself a new iMac when I wanted. I started my business on a clunky old laptop that was SO slow, and a tiny antique desk that sat in my living room.

Maybe I just couldn’t SEE the possibility when I started 4 years ago. Corporate mom of 2. Burnt out. I signed up to be a coach, paid my $20.28 coach fee. I was just after a 25% discount, and help some friends.

Soon it became a passion of helping people that fills my heart so much.


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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey