Attract Excellence Into Your Life - 10 Tips for a Winning Team

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If you are going to get anywhere further you can’t get there alone or on your own.  You need a team and you need people who are in your corner to help you .  Asking for help when it’s needed and having the right kind of people in your life is everything. 


Here are some of the most important things you need to know when it comes to who you allow into your life, and the kinds of people you want in your life.  Aim to be this person first and you will begin to attract excellence into your life.  It all starts with you first, and once you lead the way you'll begin to attract people into your life that value the same things as you and have the same kind of standards as you.


1.  Unconditional Love.   You want people in your life who have a solid foundation of unconditional love for themselves and others.  This should be a top priority because no matter who you are, what you do, or where you’ve been, unconditional love is everything.  You want people in your life who are self-aware, self-confident and know who they are so that they can allow you to be who you are without any judgement.  You want people to see you, value you, and support you and that can only happen when you are truly around people who love themselves first.


2.  Great Listeners.  You can tell when someone is with you or if someone is just taking up space and off in their own head thinking.  If you are going to have a someone in your life that is there for you and there with you, you need to have people in your life who are present, connected, and who are there to listen to you.   By listening that means they hold space for you and listen without chipping in and telling you how to fix your life or what you should be doing in order to change.  Sometimes you will need a good sounding board and someone to talk to and you want that person to just be there with you and to listen.


3.  Trust, Honesty, and Mutual Respect.  You always want to have people in your life you can trust and rely on and who respect you.  If there are people in your life who gossip and talk about others behind their backs chances are they will do the same thing to you too.  Distance yourself from people who like to talk about other people and gossip and don’t be part of this kind of energy any more.  The people you surround yourself with should always have your back, even when you’re not in the room.  You also need some guidance every once in a while from someone you can trust and who you highly respect and you should have full confidence in that person to not go and spread what you shared with someone else. You want people in your life who you can count on to tell you the truth and to will tell you like it is.  You want someone to tell you when you've got spinach in your teeth, or  when you've really messed up and need to do something about it.  You don’t want people in your life who don't get offended every time you are honest with them, or that are too insecure to tell you the truth.  If you are going to go places in your life you first need to be honest with yourself, and everyone around you.  You’ve got no time for people pleasing or telling lies.


4.  Supportive.  When you are going after big dreams or doing something different with your life you need support and you need people who believe in you.  Don’t allow other peoples small minds or limitations to stop you from doing what you’ve been called to do because there will be people in your life who don’t get you, believe in you, or supportive.  Keep moving forward anyway.  Those in your life should be on board with you 100%, and if they aren't kindly ask them to leave so you can carry on your way without someone dragging you down.  They should trust and love you enough that they will support your decisions and help you in any way possible if you should need or ask for their help.


5.  All Inclusive.  Your team, circle, friends, and community should be all inclusive.  You want to be around people who love and accept everyone.  You have no time for hate, discrimination, racism, pettiness, drama, or anything that has to do with causing separation and division among people.  At the end of the day we were all created equally and we all have the same love within.  We all get buried in the same ground and we all bleed red.  Leave those people who think they are better than anyone else and let life become their greatest teacher.


6.  Positive.  You only want to hang around people who are positive and who have good things to say.  That doesn’t mean you won’t experience some difficulties along the way and that you need to vent our talk about something that’s bothering you every now and again.  It just means that the people you are with have great positive energy regardless of what is happening around them. They are independent, confident problem solvers who are energized, excited, and don’t always talk about what’s negative or wrong in their life.  Energy is everything and you always want to be around people who fill you up and super charge you, not drain you and make you exhausted every time you are with them.


7.  High Standards.  You will become who you choose to surround yourself with, so having a circle of friends, team, or community with a standard of excellence is necessary. From how they spend their time, how they take care of themselves, how they eat, how the honour their bodies with exercise, their relationships, how clean and tidy they are, to how they live their life every single day is a reflection of what is going on within and how well they choose to value themselves.  Surround yourself with people who have high standards for their life and who choose to be excellent.


8.  Growth.  Your circle should be growing and be on a path of constant self-improvement.  Just because someone get's older, doesn't mean they are improving, changing and growing in the life.  You want the people in your life to be doing extraordinary things and working towards worthwhile goals.  You want them to keep growing and improving their lives.  You want to make sure you are on a path of growth and constantly thinking of new ways to create or improve your life.  You are an unlimited expression of God and have unlimited creativity within.  Always be learning and taking care of yourself so that you can grow into the person you were created to be.


9.  Family.  You want people in your life where family is important to them.  You want those in your life regardless of whether or not you’re related, to love you and treat you like family.  You want those in your life to care for you or your children like they would care for themselves or their own children.  You want to feel safe and secure around them and you want to feel good in their presence.  You wan the people in your life to treat those they love with respect and to love and take care of their of their family the way that they deserve.


10.  Faith.  When it comes down to it, you really have nothing if you don’t have faith in something bigger than yourself.  Nor will you be getting very far in life.  Those you choose to have in your life should be connected to something far greater than themselves.  When you have people in your life whom you can pray with, laugh with, love with, celebrate with, and share with, you are connected to something bigger and have faith.  When you have people in your life who support you, believe in you, trust in you and are positive, you are connected to faith.  When you are with people who truly listen to you, trust you and respect you, you are connected to faith.   When you are around positive, honest people with higher standards you are connected to faith.   

Having a team, friends, community and relationships in your life that are thriving takes work, and it takes effort on your part.  Most importantly it takes you knowing yourself and loving yourself unconditionally and being fully healed from within of anything in your past that is holding you back or preventing you from having those connected and thriving relationships in your life.


Make these 10 things a top priority for yourself first and work harder on yourself than anything else.  Then as you continue to grow and evolve you will meet with people who have similar values and who are on a path of growth as well.  Keep your friends and your standards high and keep being the amazing self that you were created to be.


"Dear God

I thank you for this wonderful life of mine. I thank you for all of the wonderful people in my life who I can trust and count on.

I ask that you bring the right people into my life and remove the people who are no longer needed. 

I ask that you bless and release anyone in my life that is no longer fit for where I am going and that you fill their life with love.  I ask that you bring to me the people who I need in my corner to fulfil your purpose for my life and that you open us up to love, connection, purpose, passion, excellence, and trust.

Lord, thank you for taking great care of me, my family and my community.  Thank you for filling us with your love and guidance and thank you for always being with us to support us and to keep us safe. 



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