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Fearless Friday ✨
The very first time I ever spoke on stage in front of 25,000 people my heart was beating so fast. My palms were sweaty, my whole body was shaking, and I was stuck in my own head.
This also happened the very first time I posted on Facebook about my new business...
My mind was going crazy the very first time I ever went live on social media too. You couldn't tell but I was trembling in my own skin.
It was awful, it was messy, it was terrible, it was imperfect… but I didn’t die.
After everything was said and done, I felt liberated!
I felt empowered, confident and even more ALIVE than ever before.
The same pounding chest, shaking hands and self-doubt was there when I approached my boss who was under paying me and I asked her for a raise.
I got the same feeling the day I snatched my OWN power back.
I spoke my authentic voice and truth for the very first time to a boss who kept dumping...
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Wake up and open your eyes...

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during the pandemic.
She called herself a Covid Miracle because she was.
One day the palliative team came to my house to meet with us.
Both the Registered Nurse and the Doctor were obese. The Nurse was clinically morbidly obese with visibly a 100+ pounds to lose.
The conversation revolved around drugs, pain tolerance, inhalers and then I asked what they suggested about my Mom's nutrition and proper supplementation.
The Doctor gave me some lengthy response and suggested a Flintstone Vitamin.
You know the ones with the first ingredient being sugar, and the ones with artificial ingredients like FD&C Yellow 5 that is linked to causing cancer? Yes, that one.
Then she talked about Marijuana and what store to go to. You know the legal drug that after hundreds of thousands of brain scans confirms regular drug use damages your brain and visibly makes someone look 1000 years older than they...
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Confidence 101 - What you need to know!

Ready to show up to this Monday Morning with my power of INTENTION.

In the mornings while I’m getting ready I always listen to some sort of Personal Development. A book on audio. A podcast. A training call.  Brain  Food!

The best advice I was ever given was on CONFIDENCE. Most tie confidence to their identity..: (things they have or have earned)... or others attention or approval... which is a big NO-NO.

Confidence actually comes from being intentional about how you are going to SHOW UP to your own life.

YOUR ACTIONS are demonstrating intention or LACK there of. You’re either being intentional or walking around like a zombie  responding and reacting to everything around you.

I’ll be delivering a call tonight about this to our teams  Leaders, and on Wednesday I’ll be going LIVE on my Facebook (Lindsay Martin Fitness), to go over this very subject and how it relates to your HEALTH and HAPPINESS!!

Wanna know the...

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When we lose our way... from LOVE

I love her innocence so much. I often say to Dennis I wish I could be a kid again. No stress. Not a care in the world.

She came down at the end of my workout, excited to start the day. Dressed for her first soccer game today that’s 4 hours away. She got glasses this week too. I see her looking in the mirror with pure love and acceptance of who she is. My wish for her is that she never loses that.

She loves life so much. She’s happy. She hilarious. She’s so kind. She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but every day we start again. We erase all of yesterday’s worries. All of yesterday’s failures and we start again.

As adults. We lose our way from LOVE. We lose the spark. So often we spend our days regurgitating all of negative instead of focusing on all the good that surrounds us. We focus on all the things we hate, all the things that are not working instead of focusing our energy in the right direction.


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SELF LOVE - Education 101

All of these years of education in our younger years and NO ONE taught us how to love  ourselves.

I hated people telling me I had to do things their way. Every day VICTIM traps.

In health class I learned that if I could PINCH MORE than an inch I should probably lose weight.

In gym glass I learned that if I didn’t run the 400m track in under 2:30 I wasn’t fast enough.

I learned that if I didn’t get an A in Math, I probably should study more.

In the corporate world I learned that if I didn’t have those “letters” behind my name, I wasn’t going very far.

I learned that the car, the title was a “status symbol”, and those people in the corporate world got the BEST parking spots and all the perks, but yet some really didn’t care to invest in others growth and wellbeing. More so trapping you by “POLICIES and PROCEDURES”, glass ceilings, grids, and their own personal agendas.

I learned that I should probably...

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Don't Play Small

Last week I found myself making myself small to make someone else feel comfortable. Why did I do this??

Who am I? Well first off I’m just a regular shy introvert. I’m a mom of 3. A wife. A dreamer. A bit of a dork. I help women every day reach their goals in both health and in business. I built a 6 figure online business from home  from the ground up in less than 2 years, and doubled that salary the following year. No. I’m not going to dumb that down anymore. I worked harder than I ever did in my entire life for that success. I continue to work hard for that as I’ve got BIGGER goals too.

For some reason this morning I found myself thinking about all those people who made me feel ashamed of who I was, or what I was doing. Shame on me for allowing that to happen.

When I broke out of the  box, and started doing things a little differently, all of a sudden people had an issue with me not conforming to the 9-5.

Those so called friends who got...

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Self Love First

My ex husband used to call me the Dream Killer. Kind of ironic that my career today, is to mentor women on how to chase their dreams, and get healthy and fulfilled. Still cracks me up.

Lindsay... The DK. Dream Killer.

After my ex-husband passed away, I opened our wedding time capsule, cause surely we didn't make it 25 years. My heart sank. His prediction of where we would be in 25 years... Divorced.

I knew it too actually if I'm being honest.

His reasoning... NOTHING was ever good enough for me, and he was right. To this day, Jeff was one of my greatest teachers. He's a huge part of my WHY. An amazing guy, who taught me many life lessons.

Self Love. I often thought that I'd be happy if I lost another 10 pounds. A cat you say? I got two. I hate cats. Maybe more money will make me happy. Better job title? Got that too.

A new car? Check. Vacation? Charge it. It was a constant desperate attempt to get MORE MORE MORE.

One day I decided that I was exhausted. Tired. Miserable. Cynical,...

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Bullies Suck

It's kind of ironic isn't??

For years of my life I was bullied, picked on, told I was fat, you name it... Even had my pants pulled down at a park once, and chased home after school.

25 years later, I still get it... Only this time... Not from school aged children, but from grown adults. Scrolling... We call those people Trolls.

What's wrong with this picture? Since when is this acceptable by any means??

You're too skinny... Eat a burger... Gain some weight... Where did your boobs go??

One thing that I have zero tolerance for is negativity, or judgment. I have no tolerance for allowing other peoples opinions of me to bother me. I'm too busy doing good in this world, and trying to build people up instead of tearing them down.

You see my friends. I've learned something very valuable over the years.

When you are 100% healthy and HAPPY with your own life, and you fully LOVE and accept the person staring back at you in the mirror, you really don't feel the need to cast your judgments on...

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey