10 Life Rules to Live By

business confidence entrepreneur life transformation spiritual awakening spiritual health May 22, 2023


If you haven't noticed, the world is so sick right now, and they need you exactly as you are.


You don't need to sell yourself, because when you don't fit into a world that wasn't meant for you, all you need to do is stand out, be different, and shine.


From here on out you'll decide to do life differently from the rest of the world, because walking up, feeling half dead, and losing yourself to digital distraction and mediocrity isn't an option for you.


To keep you on track here is your personal power playbook!


1.  From now on you will not, and I repeat, you will not doubt yourself.


2.  You will social distance yourself from energy suckers and vampires.  


3.  You will show up to serve whole heartedly regardless of who likes or approves of you.


4.  You will continue to honour, love, and respect your body with wholesome foods, fitness, and limit junk food and alcohol.


5.  You will never partake in gossip, drama, slander, or harsh judgements towards others and embody the spirit of love.  You will speak up when something is wrong.


6.   You will honour your moral compass, integrity, personal values, and keep your word to yourself and others.  You will not breech confidentiality  when someone trusts you with their heart.


7.  You will let go of ego expectations and your need to win or come in first.  There is no competition, so rest easy and simply show up to serve.


8.  You will let go of your past and anything that is no longer serving you.  Every day is a new beginning.


9.  You will give up your need to control, strive, push, fix, stress, and simply allow.  When the timing is right you will be delivered.


10.  You will trust and believe in yourself.  When you do that you give others permission to trust and believe in themselves too.


Above all else, love wins.  Every single time.


Have the most beautiful day!






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