The Ultimate 30 Day Prayer Challenge Designed Specifically to Help You Conquer Your Mindset, Transform Your Life.




What you think and what you speak will in fact come into existence. 

That means you must be very intentional about your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth as whether you focus on the good or bad, it will be a self fulfilling prophesy.  

Since your future is built in the present moment you must pay no attention to what you see.  You must only focus on the unseen and speak that over your life.

These next 30 days will focus on conquering and overcoming the biggest mountain you've ever climbed.

Your mind.

Join me for my 30 Day Prayer Promises Challenge.

Every day I will send you an email and a daily prayer that will help you to change your life.

How much does it cost?


That means for $1 a day you can get busy changing your life the right way, from the inside out.

Prayer Promises Challenge


One Time Payment

  • Self paced online challenge where you will receive a total of 30 days worth of spiritual guidance and a morning prayer designed specifically to help you conquer your mindset and transform your life.

  • Deepen your faith and your connection with yourself. Receive the tools you need so that you can rise above your greatest struggles and challenges in life.

  • Receive all training and morning prayers in your own private member's area so that you can access the content and prayers any time you wish.  

  • You will also receive one email per day for a total of 30 days as part of the challenge.
  • Most importantly you will receive the mentorship you really need to excel and breakthrough to that next level in your life.


Conquer Your Mind.  Transform Your Life.



Start your day off grounded in something bigger than yourself.  You'll stay motivated and most importantly will learn how to think differently and pray effectively.

You'll begin to deepen your relationship with yourself and God and tap into the healing powers from within. 

All content of this challenge has been personally created for you by Lindsay Rose Martin.

Get the support you need to journey through all the realms of your life.

Build a solid daily prayer practice.

Learn Lindsay's secrets to overall health and well-being.

Lock in a solid spiritual practice to support you as you go through dark times.

Develop better boundaries in all the relationships of your life.

Learn the art of manifesting your future and how to let go and release any negative energy you could be holding onto.

Discover how to attract abundance in your life, and how to start the process of loving yourself unconditionally. Learn how to finally free yourself, and lose the emotional dead weight you might be hanging on to.

20 years of transformation insight from Lindsay Rose Martin.


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