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What I am about to tell you might have the ability to set you free, or perhaps set someone you know free.

Read to the very end!

Whatever challenge you are currently facing right now, I guarantee the root cause didn't start with you.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you came here nestled inside your mothers womb.

Your mother was nestled inside her mother, and her mother was nestled inside your great grandmother.

What a lot of people don't know is that before you were ever born you were dealt a hand of cards.

A hand of "genetic cards" that was passed down from generation to generation and unless you learn how to play the hell out of those cards you were dealt in life, you will never win.

What do I mean by this?

Well someone who has an addition to something likely had someone in their bloodline who was addicted.

Someone who is obese or has a disordered way of eating likely picked that up from a family member in their immediate circle.

A person who might have poor spending habits, debt, and an addiction to going on luxury vacations they can't afford to pay cash for might have unconsciously picked that up from their grandmother.

A man who has anger or rage issues might have learned that from his father who had issues with someone in his past.

A person with suicidal thoughts could have unconsciously inherited that from a relative that carried the same frequency, or who took their own life. 

 A child who has anxiety and a fear of being left alone likely has a parent or someone in their life who has that exact same fear and insecurity. 

A mother who puts others before herself might have watched her own mother do the exact same thing.

A person who has deep rooted insecurity issues could have picked that up from a sister or an aunt.

A person with depression, or anxiety might have had a relative in a mental institution.

A person who has intrusive thoughts and fears around harm, child abuse, or their own children getting harmed could have had a parent or great grandparent who was abused or who was the abuser.

And someone who has deep rooted fears, or worries about money and not having enough could have had a relative who grew up in the great depression, or a broke parent who lived in poverty.

What I am saying is that whatever you're going through right now likely wasn't all your fault, and was picked up unconsciously, and there might be a pretty good chance that if you're not truly happy and free from all your pain you are unconsciously living past family trauma and history is repeating itself through you. 

But you see, most people will wake up today and look everywhere for the answer and a solution to all their problems.

They will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on quick fixes, fads, pills, special energy drinks, and things outside of themselves in attempts to find inner peace and happiness.

Not too many people will stop, sit with themselves, and do the deep inner work that will set them free and change their life forever.


You can't be too busy to do this work, and you can't say that now is not the right now.




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