A Love Lesson On Haters

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One cannot be truly healthy and happy in life until they are wishing everyone health and happiness.  



That means haters, internet trolls, naysayers, cynics and critics are simply people who have yet to wake up and see their own greatness and are blocking the flow of abundance from their own life.



A hater is someone who can’t let love it.  



As you know, you can’t combat hate with more hate, you can only overcome hate with love.



Haters are very hard workers.  



They have been through hell, have worked non-stopped to barely get by, they have been rejected and judged, they have been traumatized, have gone unnoticed, have been forgotten, have been undervalued, and are usually extremely underpaid.



They have suffered devastating losses, and look in the mirror and hate and blame themselves.




Haters have no self-confidence, don't believe in themselves, and have very low self-worth.  Despite looking and sounding tough, they are very weak and insecure on the inside.  




Haters rarely have anyone in their life breathing belief into them or telling them how proud they are of them. 




Despite working extremely hard, they can’t accept help.  They don't like to be noticed and just want to blend in.




They want to do everything in their own strength, never want to bother anyone, and sadly they don’t ever get the results they truly want and deserve.




Instead, they keep going around in circles, working harder but getting further behind, and further frustrated and angry at the world. 



When someone is really kind and nice to a hater, they won’t believe it. 



They can't stand happy people, and usually think that they've got a hidden agenda and have a very hard time trusting anyone.





They’ve spent years of their life thinking everyone is out to get them or is against them. 



So when someone is actually super nice to them they can’t believe it, and sadly eventually end up rejecting and pushing them away too.




You’ll never see a hater taking a sick day or time off.  They can’t afford to, and if they do, they will feel bad or feel guilty for calling in sick and taking care of themselves.   




You see, a hater is in pain and is just looking for someone to blame.  It makes them feel better and gives them temporary relief.  



Unfortunately because they have yet to see their own greatness and worth, they will do everything in their power to make your life miserable, bring you down, build a case against you as to why they don’t like you, what’s wrong with you and will even enrol and enlist their friends and family members to be part of the toxicity. 



Sometimes they will even start Facebook chat groups or even start YouTube Channels. 



No joke.  In their mind they think they are doing something good, when in fact, they are just hurting themselves. 



They will spend countless hours and even years thinking about someone and blaming someone else, and will allow that hate, anger and frustration to consume their whole life.




So if you ever experience a hater in your life, its best to just send them love, wish them well, forgive them, and move on.




They don’t have the capacity to see any goodness, for their whole entire world is dark and gloomy.




So many people will get caught up in fighting back or defending themselves against a hater.




They will talk back, lash out, and continue to waste their precious time trying to get someone to change, and that is a complete waste of their time and energy.  




People only change when they want to change, and when they are ready to change, so wasting your breath on someone who’s not there yet will only take away from what you are called to do.




When you have been called to do something and you know exactly who you are, what you are about, and what your mission in life is to help people, you don’t worry about the haters or what other people are saying about you.




You need only focus on what you’ve been called to do, and pleasing the one who called you to do it.



It’s not others who choose you, qualify you, or promote you to do something extraordinary in this world.




It’s not others who promote you to the next level or increase your worth and value in the marketplace. 




It’s the one who made you who does those things.  



Some people call that magical source God.




In the realm of spirit a calling comes from WITHIN.



It’s a knowing.

It’s a feeling.

It's an anointing. 

It’s a Divine assignment. 


It’s not based on titles, years of experience, age, race, religion, sex, credentials, letters behinds someones name, years of experience, social media followers, the number of likes on a post, or other peoples opinions of you.



It’s surely not based on how you look, where you live, what kind of car you drive, or what you wear.



So today, remember who you are and what you are truly made of.  


Rise up and keep shining.



If you’ve got haters in your life or people coming against you, that means you’re doing something right.



Chances are they were put in YOUR path to grow you into a better version of yourself.  

Chances are they were put in your path so they could have someone to look up to.




Never ever look down on a hater, because haters are just lovers in disguise.



They just haven’t woken up to realize that yet, and they aren’t ready to do the work on themselves to level up.





Keep shining, embrace your high standard of excellence, and don’t you dare dim your light or make yourself small for anyone.



Take up space, be confident, stand proud of yourself, and choose to be so full of love that people can't take their eyes off of you.





Got it?



Have the best day!







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