11 Fears To Let Go Of

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Every morning that you wake up it is an opportunity to rise above anything that is trying to hold you back in life.


You can either choose to walk in faith, or you can choose to walk in fear, but chances are for if you choose fear your life won't be very fun not to mention your health will be suffering greatly. 


Shining light onto your fears and changing the narrative you tell yourself will help you feel better instantly.


Most people have the same fears, but most people also choose to let those fears stop them from greatness.


Stand your ground and speak the truth over your life.


Don't let your fears stop you.  See them for what they are and rewrite the story you tell yourself. 


"I am NOT scared of losing money.  I fight for what is right and true and always have more than enough."


"I am NOT scared of what others think of me.  I do what God calls me to do, and that is all the matters."


"I am NOT scared of gaining weight.  I eat for health and if my body shifts and changes so be it."


"I am NOT scared of being alone.  God is always with me so I am never alone."


"I am NOT scared of my family being hurt.  My family is always protected by God and he always goes before them."


"I am NOT scared of my parents dying.  I know that whatever happens I will trust their journey of life.  I will always carry them in my heart and can speak to them, connect with them, and hear their guidance every day."


"I am NOT scared of death or dying.  Life is eternal and goes on forever."


"I am NOT scared of losing people.  I know the right ones will stay and will always be with me until the end."


"I am NOT scared of being seen by others.  My life is for the glory of God and so I choose to shine bright for others to see."


"I am NOT scared of speaking up or using my voice.  God gave me a voice, so I will always use it on things that matter."


"I am NOT scared of being taken advantage of.  That's impossible when you have nothing to lose and are worthy, abundant, and confident."


"I am NOT scared. I am strong, powerful, and mighty."


"I am NOT scared.  I am full of love, faith, and joy."


Today, let go of everything in your past, and all the fears you may have.


Step boldly into the person you were created to be and go be phenomenal today.


Share this with someone you love, and have an incredible day!






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