10 Signs Your Morning Routine Isn't Working

Jul 09, 2022


A morning routine set up for you to win should make you healthier, and make you feel more alive, energized, enthusiastic, happier, confident and aligned with the truth of who you really.  

A morning routine should make you feel calm, grounded, confident, excited, empowered, patient, and above all else make you feel like you're who you were created to be, all the while honouring and taking care of yourself and those you have the honour of leading effectively.


Whether you are a mom, are going to a job and working for someone else, or are the CEO of your own business, setting yourself up to win each day is a must because either you are in the drivers seat of your own life and taking yourself where you want to go, or you're out of control and just along for the ride.


You will know and feel when what you are doing is no longer working, and then it's time to change things up and do something different.


Just imagine a life where you can wake up when you want, and do whatever you want because you've designed it that way.


I can personally tell you that you're going to have to do a lot of things you don't want to do at first...


But then you'll eventually get a life you don't need to take a vacation from, and you will have created a life that most people "wish" they had..  (Meanwhile they're still in bed hitting snooze and doing nothing to change or improve their current situation.)


Sometimes as humans we can get on autopilot, and that is a recipe for disaster, and a really boring life of monotony and existence. 


No one ever wants to wake up living the same boring life 20 years from now.


No one ever wants to wake up feeling as if their life isn't even their own.


No one ever wants to fall into the trap of following someone else's rules, guidelines, policies and procedures for how they should be living their own life.


No one ever wants to wake up and just do something for the sake of doing it even though they know it's no longer serving them or making them feel happy.


So here are some signs your morning routine isn't working.


1.  You're waking up tired, negative and depressed no matter how much sleep you get.

2.  You're always running late, showing up late to work, and constantly wishing for more time.

3.  You have no energy to get through your workouts, and/or you're just not loving what you're doing anymore.

4.  You're not happy and excited to wake up, and your family isn't getting the best of you.  

5.  No matter how hard you try, nothing outside of you seems to change, and you're just not enjoying your life anymore.

6.  You're hitting snooze every day, and you look in the mirror and feel and/or look older than you are.

7.  You're in debt and/or you're not earning the kind of income you and your family truly deserve.

8.  You're not able to sit and relax without feeling guilty or lazy, and feel as if you always need to do something productive, and/or you've lost yourself to the hustle culture of always striving and pushing to reach a goal.

9.  You're waking up with anxiety, checking emails, social media, and responding to text messages as soon as you wake up.

10. You're always waiting for Friday or the weekend to relax and have fun, and never have any time to do the things you truly love to do.


There is nothing worse than knowing deep down you are meant for more, and then every day you wake up it's the exact same.

Life is meant to be full of fun, beauty, joy, excitement, new opportunities and experiences, that are meant to bring you to life.


So if you're waking up and just not feeling your absolute best, try switching things up.


1.  Try allowing yourself to rest and do nothing for a week.  Give yourself full permission to relax, do nothing and let things go.   Shut your phone off, tune out the world and get reconnected to yourself.  Join my free digital detox here and challenge yourself!  Trust me, you won't be missing much if you stay off social. media for a week or more!

2.  Try switching up your workouts so instead of doing more, try doing less or if you're not moving at all, do more.  Instead of running, switch to walking outside.  Instead of lifting heavy weights, try yoga or pilates.  Instead of working out at home, go to a gym instead!

3. Listen to yourself and your body and align with what you really need.  Give yourself full permission to not give a shit, do what you want, wear what you want, and eat what you want without feeling guilt, stress, fear or worry.

4. Make sure you're eating enough calories during the day.  Most people are starved and deprived of love, and food, and have spent far too many years either restricting themselves from the foods they love, or overeating and not practicing self-control. You'll know what you need to do.

5.  Start dreaming bigger for your life and get rooted in a new vision of what your life could be, and who you could become this year.  Create a new version of yourself and journal about what you really want your life to feel like, and what you'd be doing if you could wave a magic wand.

6.  Try something completely new like joining me here and hiring someone who can really help you figure this out.

7.  Amp up your spiritual practice with more meditation and more prayer.  Learn how to pray effectively so that your dreams can come true.  What you think and what you believe will become your reality, so be sure to join my prayer promises challenge here.


Above all else, love, honour and respect yourself like you're the most important person in this world.  


Because you are.  (Especially to your family).


You can always wake up and make more money.


Choose to wake up and make a better life instead.  


Trust me, it feels so much better!


CLICK HERE to get started!


Your next level awaits the moment you decide to go all in on yourself.





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