Are You Eating Enough?

Jul 21, 2023

True story...

Back in the day when I was living downtown Vancouver I was standing in line at Starbucks and the guy behind me said to his friend who was about to order food...

"I've spent way too much money on food this past week, so I'm just not going to eat this week." 


What the fuck? I thought to myself.


You see...


That's how most people think. 


Cut, eliminate, cheaper, guilt, worry, stress, go without, do with less, slash the budget, price match and look for a coupon.


I want you to go in the opposite direction.


You should be able to spend a lot of money on good quality food if you want. 


You should be able to buy a fancy latte if you want to.


You shouldn't have to cut your budget, buy cheaper, or stock up and hoard food just because it's on sale.


But that's how this world works.  Most people think backwards.


You work hard for your money, and unfortunately if you're not growing and investing in yourself, you'll have to go without...


And sadly...  Maybe not eat for a week. 


Your body is your unconscious mind, so real lasting transformation, happiness, health, wealth, energy, strength, love, and joy doesn’t start in your body.


It starts in your mind.


If you’re not careful you can allow yourself to become preoccupied with your body, how it looks, what size it is, and imperfections and that can lead to hate, depression, low self-worth, eating disorders, over exercising, food guilt, food shame, and disordered ways of eating.


Your body is the garage that houses your heart and soul, so make sure you’re loving it and feeding it right.


Far too many people restrict, and under eat in attempts to look better, or lose weight.


Far too many download an app, set it to 1200 calories and they think that's gonna work.


It won't.


Under eating, deprivation and starvation is never the solution.


Knowledge is.


Here are some signals that you’re under eating and not feeding yourself enough calories throughout the day.


  1. You’re constantly tired.  Your body needs a certain number of calories each day to function.  If you’re someone that never stops, and is always on the go, you need calories to make your body operate.   You can do a simple google search for your basal metabolic rate. This is the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at REST.  You can track your calories and food intact to see just how much you are eating. If you're not eating enough, your body will go into starvation mode, and store food as fat.  If you've been dieting for years try bumping your calories up by 500 and start eating! 


  1. Your hair is falling out or you're constantly cold.  The constant need to diet, obsess, and worry about food or your body is STRESS.  Stress and health don't go hand in hand. 


  1. You’re not having proper regular bowel movements, or you suffer from constipation. When you’re not eating enough, or you're not eating carbs, you’ll have less food to convert into stools.  If you’re under eating you’re more likely to suffer from harder stools that are difficult or painful to pass.


  1. Your body is sore and you have no strength to finish a workout.  There are a few reasons your body can be sore, but if you’re not working out, and you’ve got back problems, leg problems, or are in constant pain, pay very close attention to your nutrition, the amount of calories you’re eating, but also your internal energy.  Just like food is energy, so are your emotions and how you are feeling. If you’re not feeling good, you’re in pain.


  1. Fertility issues, inability to get pregnant, miscarriages.  Being at a healthy weight, eliminating stress and fear, having good positive energy levels, and feeding your body the way it needs is so important when it comes to healthy conception. 


  1. You’re not losing weight or building muscle.  In order to get a sculpted body, you need to eat.  In order to build glutes, you need to eat!  Less is not more when it comes to being strong and building a body for life.  Yes, you need to reduce your caloric intake to lose weight, but if you have a lot of muscle on your body, and are very active, you may need to bump up your calories and eat more.


  1. You’re constantly cold.  You require a sufficient level of calories to maintain a healthy body temperature.  If you’re eating too few of calories it may cause your core body temperature to drop.


  1. Depression, moodiness, or irritated easily.  If you’re not eating enough, or restricting yourself so much in terms of food, you’ll be miserable, snappy, and depressed, and you'll be neglecting that little inner child who perhaps loves to eat smarties every now and again.  If you’re constantly focused on how you look, or your body, you’ll also be in a state of depression and consumed by ego.  When you eat better and fuel your body properly, you have better gut health.  When you feel better, you’re connected and aligned with your higher self, and you’ll be happier and more at peace. 


  1. You’re getting sick more often.  Healthy people don’t get sick very often.  If ever.  If you’re constantly getting sick, your body might not be receiving the nutrition it needs  to maintain a healthy immune system and fight off illnesses. 


  1. Poor or pale complexion.  Great skin starts from within.  If you’re experiencing breakouts and just don’t have that glow about you, check your nutrition first and upgrade the quality of foods you are eating.  Try eliminating gluten, and dairy, drink more water, and get more sleep!


Overall when you’re nourishing your body with real food, you’ll feel stronger and energized.  You will be able to think more clearly and you’ll start feeling and seeing immediate results in your mind, body and spirit.


Oh, and always ALWAYS meditate, listen to and trust your own higher when it comes to your health.


Your higher self knows exactly what is right and best for your own body.


Got it?








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