Finding Your Voice - Is Your Throat Chakra Blocked?

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The throat chakra is your 5th energy centre and if you have a blockage you may find yourself with some interesting health concerns.  You might notice that you  have a puffy face, dizziness, weight gain, tension in your neck or shoulders, swollen lymph nodes in your neck, or that you are having trouble with your vision or even your ears.  You might even feel off balance. 


No drug or health supplement can help with inner energy work and healing so you must turn inward.


The throat chakra is located in the centre of your neck right near the thyroid gland and this regulates energy in the body through your temperature, growth and metabolism.  It is also linked to your mouth, jaw, tongue, shoulders and neck.


Your throat chakra is directly related to your true expression and has to do with truth, purpose, creativity, who you are as an individual, and your true identity.  Its focus is expressing yourself honestly in this world and being true to your own creativity.


When your throat chakra is balanced you will find yourself communicating better.  You will be calm, and relaxed and you will be able to manifest your ideas into reality much more easily.  You will truly honour yourself and won’t put yourself in a position to go against yourself.  You will be able to maintain balance within yourself and be in harmony with the world around you.


When you have a blocked throat chakra it means that you are in the process of finding your own voice, your own truth, and your own rhythm to your life.  Finding your own voice and finding your own rhythm of life is essential for if you don’t find your own personal power you will find that you are constantly arguing for your limitations or are stuck in a rut of negative self-talk or negative beliefs.


  • You might also be someone who experiences anger or is speaking out harshly or rudely to others.  This energy centre is all about being kind, calm, loving, patient, and slow to anger.
  • You might be someone who is shy or is scared to speak up when it truly matters.
  • You might be someone who has a fear of expressing themselves, or you are suppressing how you truly feel.
  • You might be experiencing doubt in your personal beliefs and opinions or scared to speak out out of fear or what other people will think of you.
  • You might be feeling frustrated and defeated by not being able to manifest your ideas into reality. 
  • You might have thought your identity rests in your job, what you do, what you look like, how much money you have, or how your body looks.
  • You might be someone who is talking too much and is not listening to others or has the tendency to interrupt others when they are speaking.
  • You might be gossiping or talking about others behind their backs.
  • You might be doing work that you don’t love and you are not expressing yourself creatively or doing what your soul longs for.
  • You might be someone who struggles to communicate your needs to others.
  • You might also be saying one thing in attempts to look good to others, but doing another behind the scenes.  Being in alignment and honest and truthful in every area of your life is essential and key if you want to live your life happy and be truly healthy.
  • You might be struggling with self-expression or lying to others about how you truly feel. 


In order to change your life you must pay more attention to what is going on inside instead of what what’s going outside.  Being true to yourself and mastering your mindset will be essential for it’s easy to fall into the trap of always thinking that something is wrong with you or care too much about what other people think of you.


First you must understand that in the realm of spirit and on the other side there is only health, love, peace, joy, and abundance.  If you are experiencing anything but that in your human form then you will know that you are disconnected from your true source.


Next, you need to understand that you will become what you are constantly thinking about, so you must pay very close attention to what you are thinking.  It’s easy to wake up and think about our problems, what’s going wrong in our life, what's not working, or to let our fears take hold of our minds.  It’s much harder however to take control over our minds and redirect our focus to what is right and true and keep affirming what it is you want for your life.


Using affirmations like “I am powerful”, or “I am perfect” can help you, but it can only help you so much as if you don’t truly believe it when you look in the mirror you will just be repeating words.  You have to believe it on a cellular level and you must be connected to a presence of love from within.


In order to see if you have a blockage do a body scan on yourself.


Are you experiencing any pain in your body?

Are you constantly focused on a problem in your life?

Are you looking at any part of your body and calling yourself mean names?

Do you have any deep rooted fears like you’re not loved, people don't like you, or that no one will hire you?

Are you feeling unsure about what your next move forward in life is?

Are you unsure about what it is you really want to do next in terms of your business?

Are you wanting to do something but stopping yourself from doing it?

Are you speaking your truth or are you lying?

Have you been dumbing yourself down or playing small to make others feel more comfortable around you?

Without realizing it, all of these thoughts can cause stress on the body and it can cause your mind to continue to keep you in a negative loop.  Your goal is to move forward and it’s to change your mindset so that you can create new and different opportunities in your life and truly live a life that is exciting.


The words you speak are in fact creating your future, so you must stop thinking about the past, or what’s wrong, or what didn’t happen.  You must only speak words that are in alignment with the truth of who you really.  Your tongue is very powerful so only speak words that are in harmony with your highest self and stay silent when it comes to fear, sickness, worry, or what’s bothering you.


To release any negative stuck energy and fears lingering in your body you must sit with yourself and  breathe.  Meditation will be the only way you can truly hear your higher self and that higher self will be able to lead you to victory in your life.  So try this:


  1. Get up, get yourself ready for the day, eat a healthy breakfast, and spend time with your family.  Don’t rush into your day, and don’t worry about a to-list.  Simply try being at peace with what is currently going on in your life. 
  2. Move your body for at least 30 minutes to get your energy flowing.  Move your body in any way that you feel is best for you.
  3. After you have moved your body sit with yourself in meditation.  Tilt your head back and place your hand on your neck and slightly hum to produce a vibration.    Then ask yourself “What am I holding onto?”  “What do I need to let go of?”   You will hear the answers that only you need to hear.  This chakra has a lot to do with trust and belief in yourself, and to stop the need of trying to fix yourself or others.  It’s an energy level of total love and acceptance.  It’s an understanding that you don’t need to go around saving the world, but that everyone has their own saviour.  It’s also an internal power of honouring your truth, and removing anything (and anyone) in your life that is no longer serving your highest good.
  4. Cry and release any tears that you need to release and keep breathing deeply. A smile will eventually return to your face.  You may find that your lower region of your face begins to tremble if you’ve been keeping your mouth shut for far too long and not speaking your truth or doing the things that sets your soul on fire.  Allow your face to tremble and release any stored energy that it needs to.
  5. Smile, and then look in the mirror and know your own truth.  You are child of God, and with God on your side all things are possible.  You do not need to explain yourself.  You do not need to prove a point.  You do not need to defend yourself.  You do not need attention from others for you are seen, loved, and chosen by the creator of the Universe and with God on your side you are unstoppable. 
  6. If there is something that comes up for you that you need to do, then do it.  If there is something you need to let go of, let go.  If you need to rearrange your priorities and change things up a bit, do it.  Know that your higher self is always for you, and when in a challenging season, or a dark season of struggle you must have faith that it is all leading you back home to the truth of who you are, and working out for your highest good.
  7. Stretch your mouth and tongue.  You may find some extra tension in your mouth or throat area so open and close your mouth or stretch it out and move your mouth in any way that feels good or natural to you, and keep breathing deeply.  The Lion’s Breath is perfect to practice here.  Deeply inhale while lifting your hands into the air. Extend your tongue and open your eyes wide and breathe out and make a hissing sound or a exhalation of air.  Yes this looks quite ridiculous, but no one is looking, do it anyways. 


Often times we lose our way and we lose our voices because of fear.  We stop singing, we stop dancing, we stop speaking our truth, we stop believing, we stop speaking up for ourselves, we stop loving ourselves the way we deserve.  This process of being healthy and happy requires us to get back to who we truly are and standing strong and solid in our our divine truth. 


After you have cleared that energy centre and you have found your truth, from here on out there will be peaceful smile on your face.  You will know what is right and true for you.  You will also have mastered yourself and know when it’s right for you to speak up, and when it’s more appropriate to keep your mouth shut and simply stay in peace. 


When you are balanced you will be able to speak with confidence.  You will be a great listener, and you will be comfortable with yourself and how you express yourself.    You will be able to communicate easily and will feel free.  You also won't care too much about the opinions of others because you will know who you are, what you are about, and that's all that matters.


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