Fast and Furious

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Fast and furious isn’t something to admire.


It’s something to be feared and today I am thankful for God, and my angels that watched over us.


Yesterday started out with an appointment to renew our car insurance.


I sat there annoyed that the meeting was taking too long, that the guy was "too slow" for my liking, was over explaining very basic details, and I was anxious to get the hell out of there and get on with my day.


In fact I was pissed off at my husband that most of the details weren't handled before our meeting, and felt that with more prep work and communication, the meeting could have taken all of 10 minutes.


Not an hour.


I felt my time was being wasted and I was pissed off and annoyed.


(I know what you're thinking... I'm a real piece of work.  Perhaps a spoiled little bitch).  Ridiculous. I know.


I probably should have handle this myself instead of allowing my husband to do it. I thought to myself....


I was also hungry because I skipped breakfast, as I was too busy taking care of everyone else, and ensuring all their needs were met.


I was short tempered and complaining that my kids were bugging each other and bouncing all over the place.


On our way to the most beautiful destination for a little family getaway, I felt in my gut that something bad was going to happen.


I can’t explain these things. I just feel the dark energy and know.  


My great-grandmother also had this spiriutal gift, super power, and psychic ability.  She always knew when someone was going to die because a crying nun would always appear beside her bed.


I felt that the cars in front of me were driving too close.


But I didn’t say anything to my husband out of fear he’d get annoyed by my back seat driving.


So I kept quiet.


Instead I prayed to God silently with my babies in the back seat.


I gave thanks in advance for allowing us to arrive safely, and for keeping my family protected.


I focused only on the desired outcome I wanted to have happen.


Then it happened.


In slow motion.


The car in front of us slammed into another car.


I could see the windows shatter.

I could see the car parts flying.

I could see the lost control and swerving.

I could see the transport truck behind us trying to stop.


I remember saying to my babies to hold on, and kept saying we are going to be okay.


We are not going to hit this car.


We are safe.


God please.


Then by the Grace of God, my desired prayers were answered.


It was as if God was proving a point.


The magic to never doubt.


The magic to trust and believe.


You see everything you experience in your life comes with a lesson, and while some people will leave the scene of an accident blaming others...


I leave the scene of an accident with self reflection to see what I was carrying with me on the inside to produce and manifest such a result.


You are like a magnet and your inner world is always reflecting back to you.


If you’re anxious, stressed, rushed, annoyed, lacking, insecure, annoyed, angry, and fearful you’re going to attract more of that into your life and it won’t be pretty.


But if you change and you’re full of faith, love, vision, focus, peace, grace, gratitude, abundance, calmness, worthiness, confidence, faith, and God, you’ll attract more of that into your life too.


So this is just a reminder to give thanks in advance for everything you want to see tomorrow, and always focus on what it is you want for your life.


It doesn't mean that we don't fail and slip up from time to time... We are all human.


But taking full ownership and responsibility over our life and what we see in this world is the first step to transformation.


When you know better {{first_name}}, you can 100% do better.


Some people call me "crazy" and "weird" but the crazy and weird ones always end up waking up and living their life HAPPILY ever after.


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