Endless Energy - 35 Ways to Generate More Energy

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If you look up the definition of energy you will find many meanings.  One that makes me smile is the fact that energy is unlimited, inexhaustible, and literally has no downside.

So if we know that energy is an unlimited and renewable source then why are so many adults these days complaining about exhaustion and being so tired and busy all the time?  


It's easy to look outside of ourselves for some miracle solution, more caffeine, or a supplement that will help us feel our absolute best, but generating energy and keeping that energy high is an inside job. 


Most often times increased energy levels are a result of how we are living our life on a day-to-day basis, the thoughts we are thinking, what we are feeling in our heart, and who and what we are giving our attention to.


So here are 35 ways to generate and maintain high energy levels!


1.  Do the best you can right where you are.  One way to ensure you are the master of your energy is to be present and do the best you can wherever you are.  So whether you are in the shower, doing a workout, cooking dinner, working, or spending time with your children be there with them and do the absolute best you can!  


2.  Be happy anyways.  Choosing to be happy is a mindset superpower.  You get one life and you can choose to be happy whatever is going on in your life.  Being happy and thinking good positive thoughts will renew your energy levels.  Thinking negatively or staying stuck in the past will diminish your energy levels so choosing to be happy will not only help you feel your best, but make you super healthy too.


3.  Meditate, breathe deeply and connect to that loving presence from within.  One of the best ways to get caught up on your beauty rest is meditation.  One hour of meditation when done properly is the equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.  Anytime you feel your energy levels depleting go off by yourself in a little time out and just breathe.  Renew your strength by connecting with your higher energy source.


4.  Listen to uplifting music.  Sing and dance like no one is watching and allow yourself to let loose.  Crank the tunes and have a little dance party in your kitchen. It works wonders!


5.  Practice gratitude for all that you have.  The secret sauce is gratitude and being thankful for everything that you have.  So making a habit out of stopping and giving thanks throughout your day will keep your heart filled with love and your energy levels higher.


6.  Surround yourself with positive influences.  Positive, happy, and healthy people will give you energy.  Those who are negative will be draining for you to be around so choose to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.


7.  Drink plenty of water and get some sunshine in your life.  If you find yourself extra tired before turning to caffeine, turn on the tap and drink some water instead.  Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.  Also be sure you are getting outside in nature to soak up some sunshine for at least 15 minutes or take to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement.


8.  Be smart and responsible with your finances.  Sometimes people look outside of themselves for things to make them happy and make very poor choices.  The thrill and the high of something new and shiny is always short lived so be mindful of your purchases and be thankful for all of the abundance in your life.  Being responsible, financially secure, and in charge of your finances will help you sleep soundly at night.


9.  Clean, declutter, organize and make your home, living spaces, vehicles, purse, makeup or glam station  a beautiful clean reflection of your calm inner world.  Purge old junk that is lying around the house and keep your living spaces clutter free.  Clean and organized spaces are a result of a clean and organized mindset.  Always pick up after yourself, and pick your clothes up off the ground and clear surface messes.  The universe will never give you more if you're not honouring and taking care of what you currently have.


10.  Visualize brighter days ahead.  Nothing is ever perfect, so if you ever find yourself stuck simply take your focus off of the problem and start focusing on the solution and where you are headed instead.  Where do you want to be a year from now?  What would you love to make happen?  Having a compelling vision for your life is essential so visualize the things you will have, see, and do!


11.  Ask for what you want, pray and walk on faith as of it’s already happened.  Part of living a spiritual life is trusting and having faith.  Be courageous enough to ask for what it is you truly want, pray and give thanks and walk in faith that what you want is on the way or has already happened!  You are then able to manifest your hearts true desires a lot quicker.  


12.  Trust that you are divinely guided and that you are safe and secure wherever you go.  Confidence, trust, and belief will give you energy.  Fear, insecurity and doubt will literally suck the life from you, so always trust that you are divinely guided and protected wherever you go.  


13.  Watch your tongue and what you are thinking and speaking into life.  God, The Universe, or whatever you choose to believe is always for you.  So that means you will get what you want whether you want it or you don't want it.  That's why it's super critical that you watch what you are thinking and speaking out loud.  You never want to think a thought or say something that you'd never want to come true.  You are creating your future by the thoughts you think and the words you are speaking so extra mindful of this.  


14.  Get your rest and know that you are worthy of deep relaxation and peace.  If you are tired take a nap or get some sleep.  Your body will know when it's time to slow down and rest, so allow yourself to rest and recover without feeling like you are being lazy.  


15.  Plan fun adventures and find reasons to celebrate.  Life is meant to be fun and you don't always need a special reason to celebrate, get dressed up, or go out and have fun.  Plan something fun to do with those you love and enjoy yourself without thinking about the future, or what needs to get done. 


16.  Exercise your body and do workouts that make you feel great like pilates, walking, yoga or barre.   The workouts you do should give you energy and make you feel great.  If you are overdoing it and you find yourself not being able to move or enjoy your life because you're so sore, then it might be time to change up what you are doing.  Looking great is one thing, but feeling great is a whole other level.  Listen to your body and incorporate a mix of lifting weights along with more restorative exercises as well.


17.  Eat healthy food and enjoy your favourite junk foods and drinks from time to time without guilt.  There is a time and place for everything so ensure you are eating whole foods as part of an ongoing healthy diet, but don't feel as if you need to completely deprive yourself of all of your favourite treats.  Aim to eat 80-90% healthy wholesome foods and leave the rest for wiggle room.  Ensure that you are eating enough calories to fuel your body and practice mindful eating so you're not overdoing it.  You will will always know what is right and best for your.


18.  Take your vitamins and supplements.  Always consult your own higher self, healthcare provider or naturopath before taking supplements and vitamins.  Get bloodwork done to check your levels before taking any unnecessary vitamins or supplements.  These days it's so easy to go on social media and be influenced by marketing tactics designed specifically to trigger your pain points.  Don't buy into it.  If you're feeling bad at the time of purchase you'll continue to feel bad.  Marketing and sales copy write are geared towards getting the consumer to buy their products and they specifically target consumer pain points to get your money.  Consult yourself or your doctor first before spending your money.


19.  Have sex and keep things spicy and divinely respectful in the bedroom.  Make time to be with your partner and aim to keep things interesting, exciting, different, and fun.  Communicate opening with your loved one about your wants, needs, desires and expectations.  


20.  Cry tears to release old stuck energy, and let go of anything or anyone that’s no longer bringing you joy.  Keeping things bottled up won't do anyone any favours.  If there is something that is bothering you then speak it out loud or write it in a journal.  Be brave enough to let go of anything or anyone who is no longer bringing you joy.  


21.  Be kind, generous, snd giving to others.  What you do to others is already done to you.  What goes around always comes back around so you want to make sure you are leading your life with positivity, integrity and respect.  


22.  Dream bigger for your life and then aim higher.  Use your wild imagination and embrace the notion that all things are possible.  Trusting the timing of your life and be willing to challenge yourself to try something new and different.  You are a divine creation that was put here on this earth to create.  Create something magical in your life and keep working hard until you see those dreams come to pass.  Also aim higher.  Sometimes we don't get want we want because our goals and dreams weren't big enough, so that means if you want more you're going to have to become more and then meet that frequency that it's possible.  Understand that this could take some time so be patient with yourself while working towards those big dreams.


23.  Take care of yourself by going to the salon, getting your hair done, or going to the spa to get your nails or have a massage or facial.  That's right.  Treat yourself like royalty and give yourself the royal treatment often!


24.  Take care of your skin and moisturize it daily.  Invest in high quality products and only put high quality products in your mouth and on your body.  Wear perfumes and scents that you love and feel great in your skin.  When you take better care of your skin and your body you will feel much better too!


25.  Take pride in how you look.  Update your wardrobe and throw away any old and worn clothing.  


26.  Focus on health, happiness, wealth, love, joy, abundance, and prosperity.  What you focus on expands so be mindful of who and what you are giving your time, energy, and attention to.


27.  Take great care of your family and make your home life a peaceful retreat and sanctuary that you love to come home to.  Your home is a reflection of the love you have for yourself.  The energy in your home is also a reflection of the love you have for yourself so make your home and where you spend the most time a peace and relaxing retreat!  


28.  Spend quality time with your kids.  Be mindful that you are the leader of the pack and others will feed off of your energy.  Let go of time and the need to rush or get anywhere.  Be positive, uplifting, encouraging and be someone you'd look up to.  Ensure family time is protected and you make a conscious effort to do things that you all love and enjoy.


29.  Stay off of social media as much as possible.  Having a sacred and private life is luxury these days.  Do what you need to do on social media for work and being social, and then get busy creating a life for yourself.  Life is not meant to be lived sitting behind a screen.


30.  Take care of yourself first.  Keep the commitments and promises you’ve made to yourself.  This allows you to manage your time effectively and not leave the house in a rush. When you take care of yourself first you can ensure that will be showing up with a higher energy level.  When you put yourself last place you will feel rushed, stressed and like you have no time.  Honour your own life first and rise earlier if need be to get yourself ready.


31.  Be your own influence and buy things that you love.  You were created unique and different.  Find and embrace your own style and allow yourself to be yourself.  When you are wearing clothes that you love and feel confident and comfortable in, you will feel great and you will have an abundance of energy because you are staying true to yourself.


32.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Mistakes and failures happen, and part of learning is failing.  Those who don't fail really aren't trying anything new and exciting so be the one who risks failure or risks looking silly for you will be the one who finds their ticket to personal freedom.  Life is what you make of it, so have fun along the journey and be willing to be the weird one or the black sheep and keep going.  Greatness is within each and everyone of us but in order to be great, you also must be willing to be a failure too.


33.  Arrive early and be respectful of your time and others time.  Being respectful of your time is everything.  Don't expect others to respect your time if you don't respect your own.  Don't expect others to show up on time if you're always late.  Always arrive early and give yourself some extra time wherever you go. 


34.  Make your life easy as possible.  You can either choose to make your life hard, or you can make it easy.  Both options are up to you.  Since having more time and more peace of mind is a worthwhile goal do everything you can to save yourself time.  Time is money so order your groceries online, use delivery services like Amazon, or have someone prep your meals for you.  


35.  Get up and try again.  As you go through life you will experience difficulties and dark seasons.  Those seasons are meant to help you grow into the person you were created to be so honour those times.  Life won't always be easy or perfect, but you can always expect the best and you can always get up and try again.  If you fall, stumble, or have a bad day, month, year, or decade it's never ever too late for a new beginning, so get up and try again.


As you go journey through life there will be times when you will get exhausted, tired, and weary.  You will want to give up, but the deeper part of you wants happiness, health, strength, energy, and peace.  That deeper part of you is your truth and it will keep you going even when you don't feel like it. 


So stop looking outside of yourself for the solution to more energy and start generating it from within by taking a good honest look at how you've been living your life.


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