Is Your Heart Chakra Blocked? How to tell!

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Sometimes seeing a before and after weight loss picture on the internet can make someone feel like a sac of shit.


Especially when they are not where they want to be in their own body.

But those before and after pictures only capture what’s on the outside.

They don’t necessary capture the transformation (if any) on the inside.


So while someone could potentially lose weight, get super shredded and look amazing, it doesn’t necessarily showcase the kind of inner transformation that one is really after.


On the flip side someone could gain 15 pounds, have some extra fluff around their midsection, but be completely happy, healthy, confident, healed, grateful for life, and at peace with themselves.


A better body won't make your life better.  A better heart will.


The body is filled with energy centres called chakras and if one of those energy centres is blocked you're looking at a lot of inner dis-ease, physical pain, relationship issues, and financial disasters. 

So here's HOW to know if you've got some "cleansing and purging" to do in your heart centre.


1.  You're pushing others away or isolating yourself.  You are unable to accept attention or affection from others even though you want it, or you find yourself self-isolating rather than connecting with family and friends.


2.  You're always feeling anxious and stressed.  Your brain is overriding your emotions and you can't relax.  Someone who has cleared all blockages can easily relax, honour rest and recover, and are in complete harmony with their higher self and others.  Stress, rush, and panic are no longer part of our life when you're aligned with your heart and soul.


3.  You're scared of rejection.  You shy away from potential connections or new opportunities.  When your heart is open then you are completely open to what the world has to offer you.  Rejection is no longer part of your story because you accept and love yourself. 


4. You're not as empathetic.  You're experiencing emotional burnout and this is keeping you from connecting to others on a deeper level.  When you prioritize self love and self-care first, and you take care of yourself and your family then you are able to lead and serve with compassion and empathy.  You are able to hold space for others who may be in pain or are suffering and you have no negative judgements. 


5.  You've been procrastinating.  When it comes to making a move forward or improving relationships you've not taking action, and as a result you are not gaining progress in your life.  When you know what your purpose in life is, and you are crystal clear about what you want and where you are headed you will take the necessary action steps regardless of how you feel because you are excited about the life you are creating. 


6.  You're holding on to past hurts.  You keep going back to past experiences and you always expect something bad to happen again or you are operating out of fear, scarcity, lack, or hyper vigilance.   Or you find yourself hating someone or judging someone from your past who hurt or rejected you and can't let it go.  When you have let go and are residing in a space of love you have love for any and all of God's creations.  You no longer carry with you any form of negative energy for you know what what you give out comes right back to you so you choose love.


7.  You're defensive.  When you get defensive or feel the need to defend yourself it stems from previous emotional pain and trauma and you find yourself bitter and defensive around others, and then you close yourself off and shut down.  Or you feel like you have to prove yourself to the world.  When you know who you are and are reconnected to your higher source of love then you will know that you no longer have to defend of prove yourself to anyone.  You simply show up as the creator of your own life and are laser focused on your own life.  You are confident and certain in yourself and you no longer feel the need to defend yourself to anyone for that is a lower vibration and you choose to take the high road.


8.  People pleaser.  You can't stop focusing on others and putting yourself last, and eventually people expect it from you at your own expense.  When you are confident and secure in yourself you put yourself first.  You realize that your life is more important than anything else and you honour your life and your body. You no longer feel the need to please anyone but yourself and you understand that this is not selfish.  In fact, it's the best thing you can ever do for yourself, your family, and the world around you.


9.  Dwelling on past relationships.  It's over and done with and you can't stop talking about it.  You may find yourself clinging to old relationships, or old friendships and want to go back to the good old days.  When you have cleared all blockages you know that the universe is constantly expanding and growing and is always about new creation.  You accept that some seasons of life are over and that something better is trying to come to you.  You let go, and are thankful for everyone in your life.  Even if their season is over.


10.  Holding onto grudges.  You were hurt and yet you hold on and keep reinforcing the very thing you don't want in your life, and it's keeping you from experiencing true joy in your life.  When you have healed your heart you have no more room for grudges or grievances.  You have reflected deeply about everything and take full ownership for your part in the disagreement or dispute and you have moved on with grace and love.


11.  Trust issues.  You bring past baggage and trust issues into new relationships, and obsess over not being able to trust people.  In turn you continue to attract people who will betray your trust.  When your heart is open you are open to new love and new opportunities.  You carry with you a higher frequency and vibration of happiness, health, love, joy, and self-worth so you no longer will attract drama or low level situations into your life.  You also trust your internal instincts and recognize red flags and trust and listen to yourself.  When you trust yourself you are then able to trust others and will attract better quality people into your life.


12.  You're feeling shy.  Low self-esteem always needs to be looked at.  Negative self talk always holds you back and blocks your ability to give and receive.  Being overly critical of yourself can self-sabotage your ability to grow into the person you are truly capable of becoming.  When you are secure in yourself you no longer allow shyness to stop you from moving forward.  You challenge yourself to grow and work on your weakness and are willing to get outside of your comfort zones to try new things.  Confidence and inner conviction comes from within and you no longer allow insecurity to stop you.


13.  Feeling lonely.  You may be emotionally isolating yourself to protect against emotional turmoil.  Or you may be isolating or disconnecting from the world because you are blaming yourself for something, or are carrying shame or guilt.  You might have also been a child who had to deal with things alone or had parents who were not there emotionally for you.  Your higher self wants love, connection, and belief, but your lower reactive self wants to stay behind the wall festering in bitterness, guilt, blame, regret, shame or self-loathing.  When you are connected you understand you are never alone and you always have a loving presence guiding you and walking with you. You will also know that each and every failure or life event was needed and necessary to grow you into the person that God created you to be.  There are no such thing as failure in life class.  Only life lessons that you need to learn so you can rise higher.  


14.  You keep emotions bottled up or refuse to ask for help.  You don't tell people what you need or how you really are feeling, and then find yourself exploding with anger.  You might even think you can do everything alone because it's easier.  When your heart is open you do what is necessary to work through your emotions and are always asking for help when you need it.  You are open to having hard and honest conversations with others and will make difficult decisions to protect your energy or remove yourself from toxic environments.  You realize that you can't get anywhere alone and trust that the right people will be placed in your path.  


15.  Commitment issues.  You are scared to make a mistake or always wondering if there is a better option out there, so you never make any progress.  When your heart is cleansed and holy then you believe that you are guided and that you will always make the right decision.  You trust and believe in yourself and know that whatever happens you will be okay.  You are committed to your own life and show up with excellence.  You are honest, trustworthy and will always hold yourself to a high standard.


Your heart is the most precious gift you've got.  When it stops beating your time here on earth is over. 


When your heart chakra is blocked you may feel overly empathetic, concerned, jealous, have poor boundaries, are co-dependent, clingy, needy, overly sacrificing yourself and you're just not feeling any joy in your life.


When it's open, (or opening) you will feel unconditional love, happiness, joy, optimism, gratitude, a sense of belonging, compassion, happiness, inner peace, generosity and have the ability to receive.


So today, examine this list and then sit with yourself in meditation for at least 15 minutes.  Breath deeply and connect with your breathe and see what comes up for you.  


Your heart must be so full of love that it runs over and spills over into everyone and everything that you do.


What you give out, will always come back to you, so I sure hope that what you are giving out is only love and the only way to do that is to sit in meditation, renew your mind, work hard on yourself, and get reconnect with the truth of who you really are.


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