A Gorgeous Heart and Mind

anxiety and depression healthy lifestyle life transformation mindset negative self talk positive body image self love self worth spiritual health Oct 03, 2023

As a spiritual being having a human experience your greatest superpower is your mind and heart.

Once those two things are connected and aligned everything else will flow easily and naturally, and your life becomes super easy!   

You'll wake up feeling better, you will have tons of energy, your relationships will be thriving, you will be free of any body pain, good things will always come your way, and you will be passionate and full of life.  

When someone is out of alignment and is negative, has destructive thinking, is constantly complaining, is never at ease, is always showing up late, and is always looking for reasons to be offended there is a pretty good chance they are struggling with something on the inside and their ego has a strong hold on them.  


Not very many people love to feel negative, angry, bitter, or cynical, but you also must do everything in your own power to protect your energy, guard your heart, and distance yourself from such individuals.  

So here are a few tips for you. 


  1. Be very clear about your expectations and how you wish to be treated.  High standards only scare of people that are not meant for you.


  1. Don't let anything or anyone bring you down.  If someone is displacing anger or judgement onto you, it is a direct reflection of how they are living their own life and their own fears.  Other peoples fears and limitations are not your own.


  1. If someone is negative, rude, or abusive towards you or anyone in your family you speak up and send them packing.  Kindly show them where the door is.  People will always show you who they truly are the first time, so believe them.  You don't allow people who are not good for you or your family to be in your home or your life.  Period.  


  1. You continue to work on yourself and improve your own life.  (Aka you keep shining). Your job is not to save the world.  It's to save yourself and be the happiest and healthiest you can be.  Everyone has their own inner compass and intelligence from within which will direct them to the appropriate help if and when they are ready.  You protect your peace, stay true to your values, honour your boundaries, and say no to anything or anyone that's no longer serving you.


  1. Workout 5-6 times a week.  It is not only great for your body, but it's way better for your mind.  If you have any stuck and stagnant energy in your body you need to find a way to get it unstuck and moving out of your body.  Walking is great, dancing to some good music works wonders, a relaxing hatha yoga practice is a beautiful addition to your day, and lifting weights is also effective. 


  1. Always put yourself and your family first and join me here  if you're serious about changing your life.  30 days from now you could be entirely new person with an entirely new life, so sign up today!   






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