Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

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When we stop and really look around, we are able to see all the good that has been freely given to us.  We can see the abundance in our life.  We can see the dreams that have come true.  We can see the beauty that surrounds us.  It is only when we truly go back through our lives with a fine tooth comb can we come to realize that we are the ultimate creators in our life.  Well... God is the ULTIMATE creator, but we are simply the vehicle in which he expresses himself through.


As humans we are here to create.  We are here to express the highest and fullest expression of ourselves and in the end that glory will all go to God.  


What that essentially means is that we are all a piece of God.  Every single person here on this planet has the free will to create what it is they truly want and that creation must only be used for good.  When we are hooked up and in sync with the source off all creation, then we can come to the knowing and understanding from a spiritual space that with God, all things are possible.


It's only as we journey through life that this connection to our true source becomes disconnected.  We then learn to drown out the voice of our own inner God and abundance source, and start listening and believing the lies, beliefs, and limitations that were handed down to us.  Tuning down and tuning out the voices of others and turning in and turning up the voice of your highest self will be what makes your life more peaceful, successful, easy, and enjoyable.  


Deep within all of us is a super power and a divine intelligence that has the ability to produce either a positive outcome or a negative outcome in our life.  We are all connected by this one divine mind.  When we become adults we need to take full responsibility over our own life.  If we don't like the results that we have produced or created in our own life, then we need to stop blaming others, and need to look in the mirror to see what thoughts we have been thinking or what has been going inside of our mind and in our beliefs.  We need to get to the root cause of any problem, patch it up if need be, shower ourselves with love and grace, and then continue to move forward, grow and produce more of what we do want in our life.

The final destination and where you end up ultimately is up to God.  Where you end up and how far you make it in your journey to personal freedom and liberation from all pain and suffering, ultimately will be determined by whether you are listening to your own higher self or you're listening to the mind of fear or the beliefs that were passed down to you by your environmental conditioning.  When we choose faith and we choose to act in accordance with our highest self, our health and life increases exponentially.  When we choose fear, our health and our life decreases.  


When it comes to manifesting or creating the things we want in our life we have to be brave and fearless. We have to listen to ourselves and we have to trust and believe in ourselves. We have to be courageous and relentless, and above all else we need to have faith.  We always want to be thinking about expanding and increasing and we always want to have an abundance mindset.  We all carry with us positive and negative forces but you can override any opposing forces by tapping in and using your connection to God, or asking your spirit guides for help.


Each person has a holy spirit within them and when you allow that spirit to lead you, your life then becomes fun, exciting, adventurous, and filled with love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and a deep appreciation for life itself.  Even when it feels like nothing is working, trust the process.


To tune into your spiritual assistance you must stop and be intentional about connecting and welcoming your guides to come into your mind and your heart.  If you have departed loved ones on the other side you can also call upon them at anytime to help you as well.  When welcomed into your life, they will guide you, protect you, and lead you to your next right move forward, but know they will not be able to come and help you if they are not invited to.   Evil spirits and negative intrusive thoughts are a common problem too, which means you must always stand guard of your mind and cast them out immediately.  They are not welcome.   They are not yours and you don't need to listen to them.   


This brings up the next important thing which is knowing what you want for your life and knowing where you are going with your life. 



If you are stuck the past, or stuck in negative thought pattern you will be going around in circles and will eventually come full circle as you recreate the same situation or problem but only in a different form.  If you are sitting there waiting on God to answer your prayers and wondering what he has planned for your life you'll be waiting forever.  God is waiting on YOU to make up your mind.  Look in the mirror and really ask yourself this one question and write down the answers.  "What would my perfect life look like?" 


When you are living in the present moment and you're not off in your own head thinking about the past or future you are whole, and are an abundant source that knows of no lack.  You then have the ability to receive spiritual guidance and trust your intuition and your own psychic abilities and your dreams and desires begin to come to you even quicker.  When you've made conscious contact with the divine source then it's a knowing and you need no further proof.  When you know something, you know something and it won't matter what anyone else says or believes period.  All that matters is that you believe.  You can relax and trust that what you want is already a done deal and that really is the beauty of a spiritual life.  It's knowing who you are, what God has spoken over your life, and being able to manifest and create your hearts true desires without the need of others, or the good old opinions of people who choose to not believe or who choose not to support you.  If God be FOR you, then it really doesn't matter who is against you so long as you are for you too!



So how do we trust?  How do we believe?  How do we have faith?  How do we remain confident?  Well, it's easier than you think.  You can either choose to believe or you can choose to doubt.  I'd highly suggest believing in something bigger than yourself when it comes to this magical life of yours.   


When you choose to believe you can rest easy knowing that something bigger is working in your favour.  You can surrender and simply trust that you are in good hands.  But that knowing doesn't guarantee that you won't face challenges, heartbreak, failure, pain, suffering, or defeat.  No one is exempt from life lessons, but knowing and trusting that when faced with a challenge and believing that whatever you go through is being used for your advantage and is being used to help grow you into a better version of yourself, will keep you going even when it's uncertain or times are dark.  Consider those dark, uncertain times a time for an intense growth spurt.


When you trust and believe in yourself, others will trust and believe in you too.  When you don't trust and believe in yourself you will attract people and situations that will awaken you to your own truth and help you to trust and believe in yourself more.  Often times these situations are not fun or enjoyable in the moment, but sometimes learning through pain, rejection, suffering, anger and frustration is what a person needs in their life so they can learn how to truly love themselves unconditionally. 


Rewiring the subconscious mind through meditation or your spiritual practice is the only way to truly get the mind and body aligned and connected. This is where repetition and consistency comes into play.  It's an ongoing practice and you get better the more you do it!  Don't just try or affirm something for a week or a few days.  You must remain consistent with your meditation practice and keep your mind positive and focused in the right direction.



When you sit and connect with your spirit guides you can ask them for advice or to help you in a certain situation.  This will bring you comfort knowing that you are never alone and that you can talk to them anytime you wish.  Your guides and departed loved ones are always with you and they are alive and happy on the other side.  Once someone crosses over they are free of all pain and suffering.  If someone caused you pain while on earth, they will be made aware of the pain they caused you by their own unconscious behaviours and will be on the other side loving you unconditionally.  While it is completely normal to grieve the loss of someone or to hold grudges against someone who hurt you, it won't do you any favours hanging on to something or someone forever.  You need to let go.  A person on the other side is only filled with love and they want you to be filled with love and joy while here on earth.  


So anytime you are in need of assistance call upon your departed loved ones or reach out to God.  Ask for help, ask the to give you a sign.  You will surely be met with a soft little whisper that will direct your footsteps if needed, or receive that sign in a form of a feather, or a dime, or a light flickering, or a word spoken from someone else.  Keep your mind and your heart open to anything!



Whatever you need, ask for it.  Whether you need help with a problem you're facing, your health, your relationships, a financial situation, or whatever the case may be, go boldly to the thrown and ask for it.   Believe that you have received what you need and walk by faith.  You see, a lot of people ask for guidance and when they receive an answer and that answer is followed up by work or self-obedience they don't want to surrender to the work involved.   Know that while you can ask for whatever it is you want or need, don't think for a second that you won't have to do some work on your end in order to get to where you want to go.  You will have to trust and believe.  You will have to put in some work and effort.  You might have to change up what you are doing, or change how you are eating.  You might have to say sorry to someone or live your life completely different.  You might have to have difficult conversations or keep your mouth shut more.  You might have to walk away from people or leave toxic friends or environments.  You might have to move across the country.   You might have to invest or save your money differently than you have done in the past.  But that's the whole point of transformation and trusting in yourself.  The caterpillar comes out of the dark cocoon as a butterfly.  You too will go through a dark season and come out completely transformed and renewed as well and you won't be the same.



Worrying about what might happen is a waste of your time and energy, so you can relax and simply let it be.  Whatever challenges you face, whatever problems arise don't look at them as challenges or problems.  Look at them as opportunities to learn more about yourself and to grow.  Look at them with a trusting and a knowing that it's perfect and that all is meant to be and all coming together perfectly for you.  Good or bad you are fine and okay with what is and you are going to be happy regardless for no amount of worrying or stressing about a situation is going to make it any better. 


Trying to force or control an outcome to make you feel better inside only insinuates that you're not whole and perfect in the present moment which will keep what you truly want at an arms distance.  Simply relax and don't worry.  If you are in need of help, support, or guidance turn inward and call upon your guides.  Feel what you must feel and then surrender to some spiritual guidance and help.  Call upon the holy spirit or a departed loved one on the other side.  Ask them for help or simply have a loving conversation with them.  Connect with your breath and wait until your mind quiets down and you hear a soft whisper.  Immediately you will be at peace and know what to do or what not to do.  Stay in faith and trust that whatever is meant to be will be.    



To live a spiritual life is to know and understand that what you see is temporary.  What is unseen is eternal.  The energy force that is beating your heart is everlasting and cannot be destroyed.  Knowing this will allow you to be at peace with death and it will allow you a sense of deep inner peace that your loved ones are always with you.  While you can't see them, you can hear them and you can trust that you carry them with you wherever you go.  You don't need to go to a cemetery or a church to feel this deep sense of connection.  You simply need to sit right where you are and breathe in the goodness that is within you and around you always.   


Every day that you are alive, pray and give thanks for this beautiful life of yours.  Pray and affirm that each day that you wake up is going to be a great day and do your very best to remain present, happy, and positive.  Always remember that your life has a limited time span so don't waste it on things that don't truly matter.  Ensure you have your priorities aligned and you are doing what feels right and best for you and your family first.  



When you are connected to a presence of love you will feel that connection to everything and everyone around you.  Getting out in nature, breathing in the fresh are, hearing the birds chirping, looking at a beautiful sky is a way to get connected and aligned with everything.  Please know on those days where a cardinal, hummingbird, butterfly, or feather finds its way in your path and you get a sense that it was sent from your loved one, believe it.  You will feel it and you will know it and it's a beautiful gift from the other side that should bring a smile to your face and warmth in your heart.



Never forget that all you have experienced up to this point in your life has made you exactly who you are today.  Where you are today is exactly where you are meant to be in your journey.  There is a perfect timing for everything.  Even if we don't necessary think we are where we are meant to be, or we feel like we are behind, let it all go and trust the timing of your own life.  You will surely arrive right on time, and all of your dreams will surely come true if you keep going.  When you take a step back you might notice that in your attempts to control things, make something happen, or be someone different than who you truly are, its only made the process that much more difficult.  When we surrender, relax and allow ourselves to be guided some how our lives become more peaceful and we are more aligned with what our heart and soul truly longs for.  

If ever you find yourself overcome with emotions of frustration or anger, simply allow yourself to feel those negative emotions and then ask for spiritual guidance on the situation.  Your way of doing things might not be the best way and you might need to surrender to a new way of doing life, which will make your life that much more easier. 

So take some time to really figure out what it is you really want.  When things aren't working out, trust that maybe it's because what you are doing and what you are truly wanting to do aren't in agreement and you are going against yourself.  Trust that something bigger and better is out there waiting for you.  The mind of fear and ego will make demands and get us to believe we must do things a certain way and that's a lie.  

Our spirit is free and that free will is our very own.  So first, get very clear about what you want for your life, and then ask your spirit guides to guide you.  Have the courage to stay true to yourself and trust that your life unfolding perfectly for your highest good.


Who you are today is different than who you were yesterday, last week, last year, or even 10 years ago.  When you remain present your past is over and you simply need to embody the truth of who you truly are today.  Sit in meditation and simply breathe.  Connect with that loving presence within and ask yourself some deeper questions about who you really are and what your purpose in life is.   The answers might surprise you.   You are here to find out and discover who you are and simply extend that truth and love to everyone else you meet.



When in doubt, always do the right thing, and always choose love.  When given the choice always take the high road.  Yes, you will experience life situations or people that will do their very best to bring you down, but you always have a choice.  You never have to go lower.  You can always go higher.  At the end of the day all that is on the other side is love, and you are love.  All that you should carry within you is love, happiness, peace, grace, joy, hope, faith, and kindness.  Anything else isn't worth it and will weigh heavily on you.


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