10 Warning Signs You're In Survival Mode

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There is a big difference between surviving versus thriving in your life. 



Thriving means that you are energized, happy, healthy, and you are enjoying your life. 



Thriving means that you have this sense of inner peace and connection to love. 



Surviving however is the complete opposite.  Your life is hard, everything is a struggle, and you are just trying to make it through each day.  Your days are exhausting, there is little to no happiness or joy and you’re doing whatever you can to just make it in this world.



There is a turning point where you must transition from survival mode to thriving mode. 




You’ve done what you can do, you’ve worked hard, and you’ve done everything in your power to make something work in your life, and then you simply can’t go on living that way anymore. 



You know you deserve better, and you know that you’ve worked your ass off, and now it’s time for you to flip the switch to relaxation, rest, happiness, joy, contentment and handing it over to a higher power.



If you’re not careful you can run yourself into the ground trying to survive.  In survival mode you make mistakes, ruin relationships, operate from ego, have anxiety, are disconnected from your body, and likely will plow over anyone who is standing in your way. 



That’s not the way to achieve victory in your life.  That’s simply the ego taking control over your life and doing what your ego does best...



Try to ruin your life and keep you miserable.


Here are 10 warning signs that you’re in survival mode.



1.  You can’t relax and you're always needing to be "productive."  You are constantly busy or thinking that you need to do something more in order to be better or get better. The real truth is that in the present moment you are a divine being who is perfect right now.  If you find yourself unable to relax, sleep in, or take it easy it’s a sure sign that you’re busy trying to get ahead rather than enjoying your life.  Or it's a bigger sign that you've got some unhealed trauma lurking that's keeping you stuck living in hell.



2.  You’re working harder than ever before, but nothing is working, and nothing is improving in your life.  If working hard and doing more actually worked, more people would be massively successful by now.  The truth is that when you are in a state of flow and you are producing your own magic into the world, your work never feels like work.  It’s easy, and it’s simple and it won’t drain you, but rather it will energize you and bring you joy.



3.  You are always tired, no matter how much sleep you get.  When you are in survival mode all that a person thinks about is what’s wrong and what they need to fix.  All they think about is what more can they do to make their life situation better.  When you are thriving, you are energized, and you can accomplish way more in a less amount of time because you are not operating from a deficient state.



4.  You find yourself angry or are having regular outburst of anger at loved ones.  When someone is miserable, frustrated, or their life is not going according to their plan, frustration mounts and that spills over into their relationships.  When you are connected to love and have inner harmony, trust, and belief you know that you are not in control and that you have placed your life in the hands of a higher power who will always take care of you.  When you are connected to love you have no room in your heart for anger and surely will not be treating others with disrespect.




5.  You waste a lot of time being distracted and you feel “all over the place”.  When you are in survival mode there never seems to be enough time in the day to do what you need to do or get done.  Your house will also be a mess and meal times will be all over the place. When you are thriving, you find yourself having more time, and you are more focused.




6.  You are not eating properly or taking care of your body the way, it deserves.  When you are thriving, your health, family, and your own happiness is your number one priority.  When you are trying to survive, making money is your number one priority.  Make sure you have your priorities straight, for you can’t take money to the grave when it’s time for you to go.




7.  You find yourself jealous or comparing yourself to others frequently.  When you are trying to survive it's easy to see everyone else around you doing better or achieving more than you.  When you are thriving you understand and know that you came here with a very specific purpose and that there is no competition when you know who you truly are.  When you are thriving you love everyone as you would love yourself.  




8.  Your relationships are nonexistent, toxic, or draining.  Thriving individuals prioritize connection, high quality people, and community.  Those trying to survive are often alone and isolate themselves from others or push others away.




9.  Everything has become so serious.  You find yourself no longer having fun or enjoying the little things in life.  Everything and everyone is "dumb", or "stupid" and you don’t remember the last time you’ve actually laughed.  Thriving individuals make fun, laugher, and joy a priority.




10.  You haven’t taken a break or a real vacation in a very long time.  Those trying to survive just to make ends meet or get ahead don’t take vacations.  They can't afford them, or will use their money on stuff that needs to get done around the house.  They don’t take breaks and they keep going and going.  Thriving individuals feel worthy enough to unplug, relax, go off the grid and they are not always working or hustling for their worth or next pay cheque.




If you find yourself relating to any of these 10 warning signs then here’s your best bet.  Shut out the rest of the world and really tune into yourself.  Shut your phone off, take a break from social media, delete your apps, and stop working. 



Start taking care of your own life, your own health and make sure that you are the healthiest and healthiest first.  Make sure that your responsibilities at home are in check and stop worrying about what comes next, or how to make money. 



Simply show up to be your best self, share what you love, and be the best person you can be on this day.  Day by day you’ll find yourself getting happier, healthier, and stronger and you will eventually come to understand that you are so much more than what you do, or what you have. 



You are an incredible divine creation filled with love, purpose, passion, and you deserve to embody that fully. 




Breathe in love and let it fill every one of your cells.  Breathe out fear, worry, stress, and any thoughts that you might have about not being enough of having enough.  You are more than enough on this day and deserve the very best life has to offer you. 



And yes, offer...



When you are healed, happy, and whole life freely gives and offers you everything.  You just need to feel worthy enough to receive it.



If you ready to thrive this year visit www.lindsayrose.ca/liveyourlife and sign up today.









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