Healthy people think differently

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Healthy people think and speak differently. Even long before they see what they want to see manifest in their life.

✨The truth is, someone who is overweight, out of shape, miserable, angry, outraged, anxious, depressed, addicted, broken, or broke did NOT create their current reality speaking LOVE over their life.

They created a nightmare, passed it around, contaminated the world, or are still living a nightmare and the only way to overcome that is to change your mind, thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

From the INSIDE out first ✨ I’m thankful my momma and one of my greatest spiritual teachers taught me this valuable life lesson of transformation 20 years ago.

Only YOU are responsible for the thoughts you think, so don’t be like most people who are stuck in fear, and hate. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

They’ve yet to wake up and realize they are the ones stopping themselves from a life they truly deserve.

I AM healthy
I AM strong
I AM beautiful
IAM unique
I AM worthy
I AM confident
I love my body
My body loves me
I AM at a perfect weight
Excess weight just melts off of me
I AM long, lean, and sculpted
I can eat without stress
I AM never bloated
My bowels work perfectly
My skin is flawless
I feel so good
I AM energized
I never get sick
My family never gets sick
I always respect my body
I only eat wholesome foods
I love my breath
I love my life
I AM perfect health
I AM free
I love drinking water
I sleep like a rock at night
There is nothing wrong with me
I AM safe
I AM supported
I AM secure
I AM love
I have amazing friends
Everyone in my life loves me and I love them
I AM connected
I AM empowered
I have no pain
My mind is clear
I AM focused
I AM so organized
I always arrive on time
I AM sexy
I AM confident
I AM present
I AM capable
I AM happy
I can eat whatever I want
I AM courageous
I AM wealthy
I AM prosperous
I AM fulfilled
I AM fearless
I AM flexible
I AM fun loving
I AM funny
I AM absolutely stunning
I AM alive
I AM blessed
I AM victorious
I AM healed
I AM whole
In this moment I AM perfect

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