A Personal Update - Breast Explant Surgery

breast augmentation breast explant breast explant surgery breast implant illness explant surgery mommy makeover Aug 31, 2022


On Monday I had my breast implants removed and I felt called to write when I woke up this morning.


In all honestly I am just thankful to be alive, and I am so thankful for my amazing surgeon, my husband, and the nurses who took such good care of me.


It's been a crazy journey to get here.


There has been travel across the country, countless nights in hotels, tons of tears, sleepless nights, and many moments of stress and fear.


Fear, worry, stress, "what if's" can always get the best of us, but we also have the choice to move forward with faith and trust in our own inner knowing instead.


In case you're wondering...


I always go that route 100% of the time.  


Even when I'm terrified and don't know what's ahead, I always proceed despite what anyone else says, believes or thinks.  


I encourage you to follow your own heart, soul, intuition, and truth as well.



What came over me today was the thought that God always does his best work in the darkness.


Truth is after 5 years I can finally say that I feel like I'm back IN my own body again.  


After my surgery I put my hands on my chest and I just felt like myself again.  Tears rolled down my face and despite the pain, I feel at home.


It's been a beautiful thing to place my hand on my real chest. 


That's something I haven't been able to do for a few years and it's like a weight has been lifted off my chest.  Literally... along with 2 big fake plastic boobs.


If you have a moment, place your hand on your heart, and simply say thank you.  


A beating heart means you're still alive, and so many people take that gift for granted.


It’s never too late to realize what is most important to you in your own life and what to fight for.


Sometimes it's hard to even know what to fight for, but what I realized is that in order to know what to fight for in your own life, you first must go through hell and years of complete darkness.


I'm fighting for health, for strength, for vibrancy, for energy, and to be able to run around with my kids again.  


I'm fighting for happiness, for love, for purpose, and for peace.


It's that simple. 


Every day that we are alive it's a miracle.



And sometimes those miracles come through the form of pain, suffering, sickness, darkness, disease, despair, broken relationships, failure, challenges, loss, grief, mistakes, stupid decisions, and set backs.


It's in those moments of complete darkness we can call out for strength, love, power, hope, faith, connection, and the promise of brighter days ahead.


I know for me, when I am weak...


My God is stronger and that's what keeps me going every single day, for without that presence within I am nothing.


That presence, grace, and unconditional love from within is the only thing I will ever truly need, want, and desire.



So cling tightly to that small little voice from within saying that you're going to make it, that you're okay, and rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.


That you are prefect, beautiful, healthy, strong, divine, blessed, loved, cherished, chosen, brilliant, more than enough, and magnificent.  



Until next time I'll be here...


Practicing Gratitude. 


Saying my prayers.

Reading books (Currently re-reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle)


Watching Movies.


Drinking green tea and lots of water.


Taking my pain medication (as directed by the doctor).


Eating a whole foods plant based diet to help heal my body and give my digestion a much needed break.  (Eliminating gluten, animal products, corn, dairy, nuts, sugar, junk food, processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol )




Listening to God.


Filling my head with 101 Power Thoughts as I drift off to sleep. Thank you Louse Hay on repeat! 


Sleeping 7-8 hours.


Saying NO to anything or anyone that doesn't bring me joy.


Allowing my husband and family to take care of me without feeling guilty. 


Moving my body as much as I am able.


Staying off social media and removing negative garbage out of my life.


Visualizing brighter days ahead.


 Resting in peace.


If you've yet to try any of the above, make the commitment to your higher self to do whatever is necessary and required to restore yourself back to health and as always...


Keep fighting the good fight friend.








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